Title: I Saw Mommy Kissing Santa

Pairing: Jack & Kate

Rating: T

Author´s Note: Written for glory19 as a part of LF´s Secret Santa. ;) Russ, I wish you a very Merry Christmas and I hope you´ll like it. The theme might sound a bit childish, but, hey, it´s Christmas, we all get to be childish on that day :)

I Saw Mommy Kissing Santa

Chapter 1

He dialed the number and waited for her to pick up, flipping the pages of a file he had in front of himself and occasionally scrambling down some notes. He heard her voice on the other side of the line and stopped with what he was doing, leaning back in his chair and relaxing for the first time that day.

˝Kate, it´s me. ˝he said softly.

˝Hey. ˝she replied back, trying to sound cheerful; but he knew she must be exhausted.

Aaron had come down with chickenpox a couple of days earlier, so she had been spending days with a miserable four year old who was itchy all over his body and, on top of it, had been forced to spend Christmas period locked inside. He was grumpy and needy and Jack wished nothing more than to be able to stay home with them and help her out, but he had an important surgery on a nine year old scheduled for the day after tomorrow, so he had been spending days at the hospital, returning home late at night when both Kate and Aaron would be more than spent. He felt guilty for leaving them to deal with it on their own; but at least he would have the Christmas day off, and he was looking forward to experience the holiday through child´s eyes again.

˝How are you? ˝he asked, knowing the answer before she even said it. She´d always tried to appear tougher than she was.

˝I´m fine. A bit tired, but I´ll live. ˝she said with a small smile. ˝You? ˝

˝Okay. Going through the case once again and then I´ll go to check on the boy, see if he needs anything. How´s Aaron? ˝

˝Physically better, he´s not as itchy as before; but mentally…poor guy, you should see him. He´s crushed that he can´t go to meet Santa in the mall. He thinks Santa will be mad that he didn´t come and won´t leave him any gifts. It´d actually be funny if he wasn´t so down. ˝she said and Jack chuckled slightly. The boy had the most adorable pouting face he had ever seen, so he knew it couldn´t be easy to Kate to watch him mope around the house all day.

˝Listen, about that…I have an idea. ˝he said and heard her perk up on the other side of the line.

˝What kind of an idea? ˝

˝You´ll see. I´ll be home around eight – just make sure he´s still up, okay? ˝

˝Okay. What kind of an idea? ˝she repeated.

Jack chuckled. He knew he´d stirred her interest and that she wasn´t the one to give up so easily.

Luckily, he was saved from any further interrogation by a knock on the door.

˝Dr Shephard, sorry for interrupting, but Dr Morrison would like to talk to you. ˝his assistant, Jayne, said, peeking through the half-open door.

He nodded and motioned her to wait a little; then turned his attention back to Kate.

˝Nice try, babe, but it´s not going to work. Listen, I have to go now. Just make sure he´s still awake, okay? Love you. ˝

˝Love you too. ˝Kate replied; and the next moment she heard the line going dead.

She put down the phone with a frown. What could he possibly have in mind?