Story Title: Dungeon Monk Xander Rewrite

Version: 1.2

Crossover: Buffy the Vampire Slayer/ Stargate/ Percy Jackson and the Olympians/ Phantom Brave/ Charmed/ Multiple

Disclaimer: I do not own any of the characters or plots from the TV show, Buffy the Vampire Slayer and Charmed, all rights belong to their creators for which I am grateful because they were some of my favorite shows. I also do not own any of the characters, items, and concepts of the Dungeon Monk which I had taken from the Phantom Brave game created by NIS America. The concept of the Dungeon Monk was fleshed out into something suitable for the story so no part of the story should be used as a guide for the actual content of the game itself.

Last of all, this is a work of fanfiction, done without profit, and just a fan's way of saying how much he liked the TV shows and games enough to spend his time out of work and studies to write something to carry on the memories of the shows and games.

Author's Notes: This is a re-write of Dungeon Monk Xander. After reading through the first version of Dungeon Monk Xander, I've discovered that the story lacks purpose, a central plot so to say. Not surprising as I originally wrote the story without thinking too far ahead. This re-write is my attempt at adding a central story line to the story, and the end result... well it would certainly be much different from the original.

Chapter 1: Birth of the Prophecy

In the twilight of darkness, the child shall be born,

Son of Apollo, Protector of Humanity.

He shall be the one to find back the Losts,

and forever shatter Olympians' force.

The Supreme Lord would be laid low at his might,

as he vanquish the Asgard Loki and bring back the light.

Demeter's Scepter and Poseidon's Trident shall be his to wield,

To grow, to destroy, to use in his flight.

Warriors will be gathered from different realms,

given life by the child's heart, brought to fight.

Child of The One who Sees,

unlike his father he shall see through fate and realities.




~ An Olympian Great Prophecy, dated 8th B.C., during the Treachery of the Asgards

14 April 1981, Streets of L.A

Jessica gasped in fear as she ducked into an alley. Her right hand tightened around the golden lyre, her only weapon against the monster that was pursuing her, even as her left hand laid gently on her budging belly. She had felt the child she was carrying kicked a few times during her flight through the crowded streets of L.A.. But she could not simply stop running, because no human could save her from the monster that was chasing her. She doubted normal humans could even see the creature, it was too powerful and had hid its presence by a thick layer of mist. Jessica suspected the reason she could even sense the creature ahead of time was due to the child she was carrying inside her.

The smell of sulfur and hot air grew stronger. Quickly Jessica began plucking a soft tune on the golden lyre. Her frightened mind tried to push aside her niggling fear and focus on the image that she was not here, that this alley was empty, that the monster would not sense her.

A shadow and a loud growl crossed the opening of the alley. Jessica quickly shut her eyes, praying to her lover for help as a large red eyeball stared into the alley, trying to search for her whereabouts. Jessica pressed her lips together to stop herself from gasping. Now as the monster stood at the entrance of the alley lighted by day, she could see clearly what it was, a Cyclop and a very large one at that.

And Cyclops eat humans. The frightened thought crossed Jessica's mind even as she continued playing a sweet soft tone on the golden lyre. The golden lyre had been a gift from her lover, a powerful magical artifact that played out magical tunes. I am not here. I am not here. Jessica desperately willed into the magical tune that was being played even as a shiver crossed her spine. If the Cyclop spotted her now, there was no where else she could run to, the alley was a dead end.

After a long moment, the Cyclop gave a huff and walked away. Jessica did not gave any motion of relief however. She knew how devious Cyclops were and she kept playing the magical tune that hide her in case the Cyclop came back. For the next ten minutes, she played the tune in cold fear, and gave a frightened shriek as something grabbed her shoulder.

"Jessica." A strong soothing voice called out causing Jessica to relax and swirled around instantly.

"Apollo." Jessica said, a sob trapped in her voice, relief evident on her face as she turned and saw the lean and muscular blond haired man standing behind her. "Oh Apollo, I've been so scared. Monsters have been hunting me almost everyday since you've left me, I've fled from Manhattan to L.A. I don't have much funds left, and I am just tired, so tired... I don't know how long I can go on like this."

"Our child is strong." Apollo said, a look of grief crossing his face. "His powers are already manifesting from the womb, drawing all the powerful monsters in the area towards you. My presence will confuse them for the moment, but not for long. Jessica... My father, the other Gods, they have made a decision. I am ordered to leave you permanently, they are forbidding anymore contact between the two of us. They don't care what happens to the child... they would rather wish he died."

"How can they do that? He is one of you! If not in power than in blood!" Jessica raged in anger. Fear temporarily leaving her as she glared at her lover.

"They already know that the child is a boy. They also know that he is more powerful than any of my existing demigod children. His power level might be equal to a child born to either Zeus, Poseidon or Hades, who are the three greatest powers in and out of the Olympians." Apollo said, a tone of steel in his voice. "They fear that he might be the one spoken of in one of the Olympians' great prophecies, the child born of my blood who would shatter the powers of the Gods."

"I don't care about any of your stupid prophecies!" Jessica seethed in anger. "The only thing I care about is the safety of my son! If you're not going to help me protect your child, then at least don't hinder my way."

"The Gods can prevent me from seeing you. It doesn't mean I can't give you all the help possible right now." Apollo said pleadingly as he grabbed Jessica's arm when she turned to leave. He took out a gleaming golden pendant, a pouch, and a vial of liquid from his pockets. "I've called in a favor from Hephaestus, the pendant contains a portion of my power, it would hide you and the baby from any monsters in a 5 miles radius, but the power is only enough to last for a few days. A few days should be enough to get you to the nearby town of Sunnydale however, you can hide there."

"You want me to flee to Sunnydale?" Jessica said as she stared at Apollo as if he was crazy. "I have a major in mythology, covering the power nexus in the world was my university side project. That place is known as the Mouth of Hell in the legends of the Spanish settlers! It is supposed to be a very dark aligned place!"

"The so called Hellmouth is actually a hole that was sealed up in our reality. It is also a place of massive magical power because of the dimensional energies that occasionally seeped through the seal on the Hellmouth. Even the Gods' powers are diminished in a place like this, only a few Gods bear exception to this rule. Once you and our child entered the cloud of high dimensional energies, his powers will be suppressed and none of the monsters would be able to sense you." Apollo said, pain in his eyes. "It is dangerous, it will strip our child of his demigod abilities and leave him powerless, but it is also the only way to save him. My father, Zeus forbids me from granting any other help to you. He would rather our child be de-powered should he live, so that he would not be a threat to the Olympians. Hiding in that place is the only way the two of you will be safe. The pouch contains gold for you to start a new life there. The vial is a gift from Aphrodite. She asked me to smuggle it to you while she distract the other Gods, so that I can pass all this to you as we meet... one last time"

"She's the one that brought us together. It is good to know she has not abandoned me in my toughest hour." Jessica said softly as tears brimmed in her eyes. "Thank you for all you've done..."

"The child is of my blood... I'll do whatever it takes to protect him... Jessica, about the vial from Aphrodite, it contains a love potion. She wants you to start a new life in Sunnydale. Forget about me, forget about the Gods and have good life ahead." Apollo said heavily. "She's the only one of the Olympians who thinks our son is not the destroyer of the Olympians as named in the Prophecy. She took a great risk distracting the other Gods so they would not be looking in on our meeting."

"Tell her of my gratitude Apollo... I guess I should make a move then. Aphrodite probably couldn't keep the God's attention from you for long. But before we depart forever, you need to do one thing for me Apollo." Jessica said, tears streaming down her face as she accepted her lover's gift, carefully storing them in her carry bag.

"What's that Jessica?' Apollo asked, gazing at her with pain filled eyes.

"Our son, he needs a name." Jessica finished in a soft voice.

"A name..." Apollo said before giving an ironic laugh. "Then let's name him Alexander... Protector of Man..."

31st October 1997, Sunnydale Highschool, Halloween Night

Buffy looked around the school hall which was packed with children and the student volunteers that were supposed to take them treat or tricking tonight. She had not seen Xander the whole day after saving him from Larry's bullying, an act that had wounded the pride of her best male friend. As she searched the crowded school hall, she paused as she sighted someone familiar and did a double take.

"Willow... is that Xander?" Buffy asked with a bit of hesitation, pointing to a robed figure standing in a corner with his group of rug-rats for the night.

Willow head instantly swiveled up, turning her attention away from her crowd of children, who were dressed as little demons, and stared at the direction where Buffy was pointing at.

"Where did you… Oh!" A look of surprise crossed Willow's face as she paused in shock. "Why did Xander have tattoos all over his face and hands? He looks like a gangster!"

"I don't know. You think he's going through a phase?" Buffy asked with a grimace. "Maybe I hurt his pride more than I thought this afternoon."

"Oh guys are so fragile... Come on, let's go find out what's wrong with him." Willow said resolutely as she began gathering her children, and then striding quickly towards her childhood friend.

Buffy rolled her eyes as she looked at Willow's departing back and turned to her own pack of kids. Stifling a groan at having to spend her evening watching over a group young children when she could be relaxing at home, Buffy began to round them up.

"Alright kids, follow Big Sister okay. Don't get lost." Buffy called up as she turned and lead the way, following behind Willow and her group as they cut a path through the crowd, towards a tattooed Xander.

He might have overdone it... Xander's thought as he stared remorsefully at his heavily tattooed hands. He had tattooed his face as well. Judging by the reactions of the children around him, he probably looked like some escaped convict. The bunch of them were staring at him with wide opened mouths, a few were even cowering from him. One of the children was sniveling, though whether from allergy or fear, Xander had no idea.

"Xander!" A voice called out, cutting through Xander's moody thoughts.

Lifting his head, Xander turned and saw Willow in her ghost outfit storming through the crowd straight at him. Oh it was pathetically obvious who that white sheet covered figure was even though he could not see her face. Willow had dressed as a ghost for all Halloween nights since grade school, small wonder she would carry on the tradition this year. Buffy on the other hand looked gorgeous as she led her children behind Willow, dressed in her princess outfit.

"What did you do to yourself?" Ghost Willow demanded as she stopped in front of Xander, her eyes peering from the two holes cut into her ghost sheet as she leaned forward to get a better look at the tattoos.

Xander laughed nervously as he began backing away from Willow's intense glare. "They are just washable tattoos Willow. I went to the new Halloween shop quite late and the shop keeper was getting ready to close the shop, so he gave me a packs of tattoos he couldn't sell, bundled together with my costume. They were free so…"

"So you used all of them?" Willow stared at him incredulously. Her tone implying that she doubted Xander's sanity.

"Well there's only one Halloween night every year, and it would be a waste if I don't use them tonight…" Xander trailed off as he saw the exasperated look in Willow's eyes.

"So what did you dressed up as?" Buffy interrupted from behind Willow as she looked at Xander curiously.

"Well the shop keeper told me that the robes belonged to a game promotion. Apparently I am a monk type character." Xander explained, grateful for the save as he turned to Buffy, trying to divert Willow's attention away from him.

"Oh... The overall effect is… striking…" Buffy said, fumbling for a diplomatic way to describe Xander's unusual outfit.

Xander rolled his eyes at Buffy's tactful words. "Come on, I think it's time to lead the children into the streets for trick or treating. If we don't get a move on, we'll be late."

In back room of Halloween Shop

Ethan Rayne sat at the back room of his newly opened Halloween shop, chanting in old latin as he tried to summon the powers of chaos through the statue of Janus before him. His plan was perfect and without flaw. All the costumes in his shop was marked and tainted with chaos energies, and once he launched the spell tonight, everyone that were wearing costumes bought from his store would be turned into their costume itself. Of course, he alone did not possess the massive magical energies needed to power the spell. But during the night of All Hallow's Eve, when the veils between realities are the thinnest, and backed by the latent energies of the Hellmouth, there is more than enough magical essence to power up the spell.

If anyone wore a demon costumes, they would turn into demons, anyone wearing fairies costumes would turn into fairies. Ethan smiled to himself, thinking of the chaos and mayhem that would be unleashed by his spell tonight. He thought back to his last costumer, a young man who had bought a monk outfit, and out of goodwill, Ethan had passed him a bundle of 'stick-it' tattoos of symbols from popular cultures that unfortunately he could not seemed to sell.

Now that Ethan had sometime to think about it, he hoped that the young man did not put on all the tattoos on him this night. Each of the tattoos was marked with his Halloween magic. If a person was wearing two or three different types of costumes, the more dominate personality of the Halloween persona of one costume would take them over. There were close to twenty tattoos in the bundle he had given the young man, each with different Halloween personalities, if the young man put on all of the tattoos…

Ethan shook his head. At worse the conflicting personalities triggered by the Halloween spell would ripped the young man apart, killing him instantly and at best he would survived it… changed. Ethan grinned, he could not stop his spell just because one person might die, but if the young man did survive, then he would be one hell of a kid to keep a watch on.

Ethan grinned and poured all his magic into the spell, it is time.

In the streets of Sunnydale

Willow groaned as she got up. She felt light, as if she was floating…

"Argh!" Willow cried out as she looked down at herself. She was floating a few feet in the air and her body was transparent.

Willow looked down at the physical body clad in a white sheet crumbled on the floor below her and moaned.

"Oh God, I've turned into a ghost!" Willow whimpered in fright as she began to turn and look around her.

In the streets of Sunnydale

The Dungeon Monk looked around his surroundings with a critical eye. Then he stared down at his hands, which were obviously not his. They looked far too young and solid…

He had been a ghost for five hundred years. During that time he had polished his inert powers to a very high level, enhancing his skills in the art of seeing. Right now, he could see the tendrils of chaos magic surrounding him and the children around him, turning them into creatures bonded by some kind of spell.

The Dungeon Monk frowned, he do not take kindly to being manipulated by dark magics, especially by some minions of chaos. From what he saw of the energies that made up this spell, he was most likely a copy of his spirit self that was still in another reality. That also meant that he possessed the body of someone living in this world.

The Dungeon Monk looked within himself and his eyes widened.

"Great divine, who is this kid?" The Dungeon Monk exclaimed in astonishment.

In Xander's Mindscape

"Ok, this is weird." Xander muttered as he looked around the grey-blue space he found himself in.

One moment he was leading his children trick-or-treating, then the next moment, he found himself… here. Aside from the wide expanse of grey-blue space, there were people and things here and there. Some of them were even glowing, shooting out pillars of light into the dark sky. Xander blinked as he spotted something that looked like a spaceship in the air. Rubbing his eyes, he looked again, and the damn thing still remained in view. Xander gulped, somehow, he didn't think he was in Sunnydale anymore.

Xander walked forward cautiously to investigate one of the pillars of light near him and paused at the sight of three slightly transparent young women joining hands, staring unflinchingly at the sky. Xander shivered, so far in all the years of demon hunting, this was the first time he encountered anything ghost like.

Something caught his eyes, a symbol of some sort floating in the air in between the three young women. He recognized it instantly, it was one of the many tattoos he had stuck on his body. At that thought, Xander quickly looked down at his arms which were clean, no sign of any tattoos. In fact, Xander realized belatedly with shock that he wasn't even wearing his Halloween costume anymore, he was dressed in his favorite Hawaii T-shirt and pants with no knowledge of how they got there.

"Ok this is major spookiness." Xander said looking around him nervously. "Where am I?"

"If I am right, we are in your mind right now." A voice said from behind him.

Xander whirled around quickly to see who it was. Unfortunately, his legs where tangled up and he fell through the three transparent young women and the floating symbol. A wave of calming energies swept through him before the three ghostly young women and the symbol blinked out of existence.

"That's interesting." The voice said in wonderment.

Xander looked up with a groan and saw a middle age man with dark sunglasses, dressed in his Halloween monk get up, staring down at him. As Xander quickly get up, he noticed that the man was bald.

"Who are you?" Xander quickly asked, looking around for any possible weapons in case the man turned out to be not so friendly.

"I am the Dungeon Monk." The man said simply looking at him.

Xander blinked. "Dungeon Monk as in leather, whips and chains?"

The man did not look amused. "No, Dungeon Monk as in I can see the energies of various realities and transport anyone to another reality which can serve as a dungeon, a training ground."

"Ah… I see." Xander said hesitantly. Though he had no clue what the man was talking about, it was probably not a good idea to question anyone who might tell him where he was at the moment. "You wouldn't by any chance know what happened would you? It's just that one moment I was in the streets and the next moment I found myself here."

"Someone, a chaos worshipper in your reality cast a powerful spell. I was created from part of your soul, with the chaos magic using my real self as a template." The Dungeon Monk said with a frown. "It's a wonder that you are even still alive, the spell had cleaved many parts of your soul into the costumes you had dressed as. If I am correct, all those pillars of lights and objects out there are actually created from parts of your soul, molded into a copy of their original self from other realities."

Xander gawked at him. "Can I say that I am terribly confused?"

The Dungeon Monk sighed and explained patiently. "I am a piece of your soul that the Halloween magic separated from your true self. Through chaos magic, I am created to have the powers, memories and abilities of my Dungeon Monk counterpart. Here, perhaps this will help."

Xander quickly back away as the Dungeon Monk moved towards him. However, the man was faster, grabbing hold of Xander's arm before he could run away. Xander screamed in shock as a flood of energy swept into him, this time much more powerful then the previous time. A part of his brain registered that the Dungeon Monk was fading away before his eyes even as he was assaulted with memories of the Dungeon Monk himself, and then he knew everything that had happened.

In the streets of Sunnydale

The Dungeon Monk was a man born with great powers in seeing the energies of reality itself. There are many different realities, alternate realities and realities that are vastly different from one another. The Dungeon Monk had spent years unrevealing the mysteries of the multi-verse and was able to walk across them. He was even able to create sub-realities, called dungeons, that exist outside of time. Which led him to his title, the Dungeon Monk.

The sub-realities, or dungeons, are extremely fragile to the energies of its primary neighboring realities. Let's say you have realities A and B, and a dungeon was formed from their residue energies. It would result in objects, creatures and monsters that existed in the two realities to be created in the dungeon when it was formed through the powers of the Dungeon Monk. The creatures that were created in the dungeons were usually aggressive energy constructs that need to be destroyed. Though the creatures seemed to be alive, in actuality, they are just the raw energies of the dungeons taken form. The various items that appeared in the dungeons however could be taken and put to use.

Each dungeon that was created would last for a few days before being destroyed by the more powerful energies of the larger and more stable main branch realities. If the Dungeon Monk so chooses to, he could expend a significant portion of his spiritual powers to maintain a dungeon permanently, making it his home base. Only those dimension or reality walkers who knew the location of the base could travel there, granting him a degree of security.

He began to make a living by hiring out his services to powerful denizens of other dimensions and realities by creating 'dungeons' or sub-realities where they could be used for hunting creatures and item gathering. Once these 'dungeons' were cleared of any hostile monsters, he either left them alone to be destroyed in a few days, or proceed to make them his hideouts. He was not the only one with the ability to walk across realities, there were others out there, many of them dangerous. To survive his encounters with them meant that he must have places to hide from dimension walkers more powerful than him.

When he died, he became a phantom and still continued using his powers for profit. It was not because he was greedy, but rather he was seeking a way to reincarnate himself with all his memories and powers. For that purpose he needed to amass enormous wealth to bribe one of the overlords of the demon world. He had encountered lots of weird stuff through his time in the different realities, but now, this beats the cake…

Because now, he was a copy of his original self created from a Halloween spell. He was a fragment of a child's soul which had split into so many different and powerful parts. He had looked into the child and realized the child possessed great spiritual energies, greater than many of the dimension walkers he had seen. To be powerful in the spirit was one of the per-requisite of being a dimension or reality walker. That high spiritual force was also one reason why the child had not died when his soul was split into so many different fragments.

The Dungeon Monk realized that he would cease to exist once the spell ended and came to a conclusion that would ensure his survival. As the child had merged with the three transparent women who were created from a fragment of his soul, the Dungeon Monk would do the same, but with one difference. He would ensure the child gets his full powers and all his memories from the merge, and thus create a new person.

Now, Dungeon Monk Xander stood in the streets of Sunnydale breathing heavily and gazing at the chaos around him.

"Oh hell." Xander said as a second wave of memories hit him, as well as the stirrings of new powers.

In the streets of Sunnydale

Willow wandered the streets of Sunnydale frantically, she need to find Xander fast there was no telling what trouble her Xander shaped friend might get into. She had found Buffy first, a helpless eighteenth century girl lying on the grass screaming at the automatic water sprinklers. Willow had looked at the girl in shock before realizing that normal Buffy had been replaced by 18th century noble woman Buffy, who was virtually useless in dealing with the chaos around her.

After much arguments, Willow managed to convince Buffy to follow behind her. She had began searching for Xander then, dreading the worse. A flash of light had gotten her attention. Willow had quickly floated to the source and gasped as she saw Xander glowing with pure white energies that surrounded him like an aura. He stood in the middle of an empty street, the horde of mini demons who were close to him were doing their best to scamper away from the light.

"What is that?" Buffy shrieked in fear as she looked at the glowing teenager.

"He's our friend." Willow snapped, bemoaning in her mind for the fifth time why Buffy could not have dressed as a Xena type warrior for the night. It would certainly be better than a useless noble woman. "Follow behind me closely."

Willow swallowed instinctively as she floated closer to her best friend. She could feel a very powerful energy wave washing over her ghost form, warning her of impending danger if she went too close to Xander. But Willow put aside her reservations and floated until she was face to face with her childhood friend.

Xander's eyes were squeezed shut as though in pain. His face encased with pure white energies that gave him an ethereal appearance.

Willow whimpered as she glanced at her friend in horror. "Oh Xander, what had happened to you?"

She had to do something, but she was transparent right now and unable to touch any solid objects. However there was still the not quite useless Buffy.

"Hey you! Try to shake him awake!" Willow said in a commanding tone as she turned to face Buffy.

"What! I am not going to do that!" Buffy protested strongly. She whimpered as Willow floated menacingly in front of her.

"You better do it or I'll… I'll possess you!" Willow fumbled for a threat.

Buffy screamed and quickly compiled, snaking out an arm to shake Xander. As soon as she touched Xander, Buffy let out a pain filled shriek as the light jumped from Xander onto her.

"Oh my God!" Willow cried out, reaching unthinkingly for Buffy.

That was when Willow realized that she had made a mistake. The light leap from Buffy onto her, encasing her in white light. Willow screamed as a wave of purifying energies crashed into her spirit self, burning her up. There was a flicker and Willow disappeared from sight.

In the streets of Sunnydale

He was Prue Halliwell, a curator of fine arts and artifacts of several years. She also happened to be one of the three witches that made up the powers of the Charmed Ones. Her powers were telekinesis and astral projection, offensive powers that she put to use as she battled against demons to save the innocents.

Then he was…

Then he was…

Xander snapped back to himself with a start, looking around him dazedly. The second and third set of memories and powers had disappeared from within him as if they were never there in the first place. He looked around the empty street and shook his head. It might seem that he had gained one more set of powers as well.

He looked at an empty drink can lying on the street and waved his hand, grinning as the can flew into his outstretched hands. Oh yeah… Somehow he had the feeling that the days of him being the Zeppo were over. He looked down at his hands, the tattoos had disappeared. In fact using the powers of the Dungeon Monk, he was not able to see any trace of chaos magic on himself. It might seem that he had broken the spell on himself.

Xander gave a blink, backing up as he saw the crumbled figure dressed in an eighteenth century costume before him.

"Buffy? Oh my God!" Xander cried out as he ran forward quickly, kneeling down in front of Buffy trying to wake her up. "Buffy are you alright?"

He gave a sigh of relief as Buffy gave a groan and opened her eyes.

In the streets of Sunnydale

She was Piper Halliwell, a great cook and the second sister of the Halliwell family. She was part of the three sister witches that made up the Charmed Ones as well. Though she was not happy about her destiny which was to put an end to evil demons, her powers proved useful in battle as she was able to stop the very passage of time itself.

Buffy felt the essence of Piper Halliwell merging with her Slayer self, even as her eighteenth century Halloween self was consumed by the two more powerful spiritual essence. Someone was shaking her. Buffy opened her eyes groggily and saw Xander looking down at her worriedly.

"Xander!" Buffy cried, getting up quickly, the combined memories of her costumed self completing the merger with her current self. "You were glowing just now and I touched you and… Willow!"

Buffy looked around frantically, but Willow was nowhere in sight.

In the streets of Sunnydale

She was Phoebe Halliwell. Third and youngest of the Halliwell sisters, the last power in the Charmed Ones. Her powers were passive, the powers of precognition which she put to frequent use to turn the tides of battles against the demons. Knowing the future and sometimes the past can be a useful thing. Because of her lack in offensive and defensive powers, she had taken up martial arts to aid her in the battle against the demons, and she is proud to say that she is quite a competent fighter.

Willow Rosenberg snapped back to reality as the flood of powers and memories ended. She felt suffocated as she fumbled her way out of the white sheets she was entangled in. Tearing off the sheet, Willow breathed the air in great gasps, looking down at her hands. She was solid again. What had happened? One moment she was trying to touch Buffy, and then the next minute she was back in her body with memories that was not hers in her head, and she felt strange.

Willow reached down for the ghost sheet to throw if she passed by a rubbish bin. She gasped as visions struck her, overwhelming her mind...

Buffy and Xander, back to back, surrounded by little demons. Trying to stop the demons yet not hurting them…

Willow came back to herself with a gasp. What was that? Did she just have a vision of the future?

But there was no time to think about such matters, she needed to reach Buffy and Xander. Willow quickly ran down the streets searching for her friends.

In the streets of Sunnydale

Oz slammed on his brakes, quickly halting the van as someone ran out into the streets. He had been doing that quite often tonight. Everyone seemed to have gone crazy. Only just now, he had to brake suddenly as a group of little demons ran past his van. If tonight was not Halloween night, he might have thought that they were real demons. The costumes and make up were just so real. But they were most likely little children in dress up celebrating Halloween. After all, everyone knows that demons do not exist.

Right now, instead of little demons running past his van, he was looking at a vision of red haired beauty. Oz found himself gaping at the girl who gave him a quick nod before running across the streets, moving in another direction.

Holy… Who was that girl? Oz thought as he started his van and continued his drive down the crazy streets.

In the streets of Sunnydale

"Argh!" Buffy gave a startled cry as she looked at the demons in front of her who were all frozen in mid step. She had unconsciously flicked out her hands when the mini demons had began closing in on them. There had been a surge of powers bursting out from her hands and then the little demons were frozen.

"You have Piper's powers!" Xander said in surprise looking at her as he waved a hand at the little demons, sending them flying into the nearby bushes.

"And you have Prue's powers." Buffy blinked as she saw Xander's telekinetic skills. "I… I have Piper's memories too, she was a cook so now I have all these memories of dishes that she had created…"

"Buffy! Xander! You're safe." Willow's voice cried out behind them, interrupting Buffy's words.

They turned and saw Willow dressed in an eye catching top and leather pants running towards them. Xander raised an eyebrow at seeing Willow decked out in tight fitting clothes, it was so against normal Willow character that he wondered what had happened.

"Oh thank God! I had a vision of all of you surrounded by demons." Willow said looking at the streets devoid of life. "It must have been a hallucination…"

Willow paused as she spotted the little demons in the bushes.

"It wasn't a hallucination was it? You were attacked just now." Willow said slowly as she turned to face Xander and Buffy.

"You had visions, so that means you got Phoebe's powers." Xander said with a sigh. "Alright, just what actually happened just now?"

In the streets of Sunnydale

"So you saw me glowing with white light and got Buffy to touch me. When the light reaches for Buffy, you reached out to her." Xander mused as Willow go over what had happened. "Piper and Phoebe's powers must have jumped onto the two of you then. Man… talk about having girl complexes in you."

Willow watched as Xander gave a sigh. Her mind still in a turmoil at now having possessed Phoebe Halliwell's memories and powers.

"It just feels weird that part of my combined personality is now feminine in nature, especially after Prue's powers and memories are merged with mine." Xander groaned wiping his hand across his face. "At least her powers are cool, and she is a very good appraiser of antiques and art."

"But what happened?" Buffy asked, looking at her hands in wonderment. "How did we get these powers, and why was I taken over by my costume just now? On a side note, whoever did this is going to pay, I don't appreciate being made a spineless woman in the middle of so much chaos."

Xander grimaced as he looked at the girls. "I'll explain everything later, let's just say this is one complicated spell and I got to stop it. You and Willow need to stay here and do damage control. Make sure that the children turned demons or whatever their costumes are, do not hurt one another."

"What do you mean? If you know how to stop this we're going with you." Buffy argued looking up.

Xander reached out a hand and gave Buffy a soft telekinetic push.

"Buffy, I am not helpless anymore, the three of us possessed the innate powers of three of the most powerful white witches ever." Xander reasoned. "And your ability to freeze time would be a great help to freeze up some of the more hostile Halloween creatures and protect the rest."

"Well I suppose it makes sense... Alright." Buffy said grudgingly. "But stay safe, and I expect a full explanation when everything is over!"

In the Halloween shop

With the power of Sight given to him by the merged soul of the Dungeon Monk, following the tendrils of chaos to its source was an easy matter to Xander. He had run part of the way and came to a stop in front of the new costume shop, the place where he and many others had bought their Halloween costumes.

"Well, what do you know? The Halloween shop keeper is a dabbler in chaos." Xander said with a wryly sigh. "What's it about Sunnydale that attracts these types anyway?"

He tested the looked door and frowned. With a violent sweep of his hands, Xander summoned his powers and threw it out of him in one concentrated burst. The shop door splintered and snapped inward, swinging by its hinges precariously. He navigated his way through the dark shop as the back door to the shop burst opened and the shop keeper stepped out blinking in the darkness.

"What is going on?" The shop keeper demanded when he saw Xander. "Breaking and entering is illegal…"

The shop keeper never finished his speech as Xander blasted out with his telekinetic powers and slammed the shopkeeper into the wall. He watched coolly as the shop keeper slide down the wooden planks unconscious.

"I've no time for this." Xander muttered as he followed the tendrils of chaos into the back room. His eyes came to rest on a statue on the floor that glowed with concentrated chaotic energies.

In one swift move, Xander telekinetically slammed the statue into the wall, smashing it to pieces, thus ending the Halloween spell.

In the Library

The aftermath of the Halloween spell resulted in pure chaos on the streets. Children and teenagers had come to their senses when the spell ended to find that they were separated from their groups with various injuries on their bodies. Luckily, there had been no major casualties, though there had been a lot of lost children and frantic student volunteers searching for their little charges.

It was understandable that everyone was feeling quite irritated by the time they reached school to return the children to their parents. Cordelia had also tagged along demanding an explanation as well after Buffy had apparently saved her from a dog man.

That was why Xander found himself the center of attention once everyone had gathered at the library.

"Well Xander, you seemed to know what happened." Buffy said looking at him. "What the hell is going on tonight?"

In the Library

Giles listened in shock to Xander as he explained how the new costume shop keeper had cast a chaos spell to turn everyone into their costumes. The spell had worked by cleaving a part of everyone's soul into the characters they were dressing as.

Xander had put on the costumes of a character called the Dungeon Monk who had realized at once what was going on once he took over Xander's body. Knowing that he was a copy of the original and that he was actually part of a soul belonging to Xander, he had merged back with Xander, leaving him with all the powers and memories of Dungeon Monk.

Because of the tattoos Xander had put on, Xander also merged with the essence of Prue Halliwell, gaining her abilities as well. Buffy and Willow intercepted and merged with Piper and Phoebe Halliwell's powers when they touched him during the soul merge.

The Dungeon Monk was apparently someone who could manipulate the fabrics of realities itself, with the ability to create new sub-realities as well as walk between the different realities. The Halliwells on the other hand were powerful white witches, with Prue Halliwell having the powers of telekinesis and astral projection, Piper Halliwell had the ability to stop time, while Phoebe Halliwell could see the past and future. Just the thought of Xander, Buffy and Willow possessing all those powerful abilities was giving Giles heart burn.

He paused as he listened to Xander explaining how he had stopped the spell. Xander had offered a theory that the soul merge process must have somehow allowed Xander, Buffy and Willow to keep their powers after the Halloween spell was broken.

"This is just incredible." Giles muttered, rubbing his forehead. "But then dabbling in chaos magic always produced unforeseen results. I will need to talk to the council on this. What happened to the shop keeper though?"

"He disappeared after I had destroyed the statue." Xander said with a grimace. "Sorry about that."

"This is just terrific, the number of superhuman freaks in Sunnydale just went up by two, and we got a psycho mage on the loose." Cordelia said sarcastically, rolling her eyes. "Well nothing that matters to me. I'll be going home then."

"Actually I was thinking of trying Dungeon Monk's reality creation powers. Want to stay and take a look?" Xander asked, looking at Cordelia with a smirk as if daring her.

Cordelia hesitated before glaring at Xander, accepting the silent challenge. "Fine then, make it quick, I need my beauty sleep."

"Xander, are you sure that's wise?" Giles asked trying to be the voice of reason.

"Oh come on G-man, I got all the Dungeon Monk's memories what could possibly go wrong?" Xander asked even as he reached out with the powers that the Dungeon Monk had given him, wrapping them around everyone in the library. "Hold your breath and be amazed…"

His words trailed off as they disappeared in a shimmer of lights.

In Xander's Sub-Reality

"This is your idea of amazing?" Cordelia snarled at Xander as she waved her hands around her.

Because of the random nature of dungeon creation, Xander had no control over what kind of landscape, objects or creatures would appear in them. He did strive to keep the amount of energies used to create the dungeon low leveled. That would ensure that the dungeon created would be a very be a small confined place with not much powerful monsters.

Currently they found themselves in a barren wasteland kind of place, littered with giant animal skulls, refrigerators and a few dried up trees. A grey sky giving out a soft grey glow hang above them, and just a few feet away from their group laid the edge of the dungeon Xander had created. A sea of reddish brown colors danced at the edge.

"Well the creation part is pretty random." Xander winced scratching his head. "What I did was to use my spiritual energies to merge a portion of the residue energies from two different realities. Any objects that exist in both realities would have a chance to appear in this new dungeon that was formed."

"Great gods, to think of such powers in your hands…" Giles trailed off shaking his head.

"Oh by the way, don't go over the edge of the dungeon, you might end up trapped in the wild energies of the multi-realities. It would be a pain trying to get you back out in one piece." Xander cautioned as he began to look around. "Why not let's look around and see if any of the items lying around could be brought back with us? There shouldn't be any dangerous monsters because this is a low level dungeon."

"There shouldn't be dangerous monsters?" Cordelia's voice rose up by an octave. "You mean there might be monsters here?"

"Well there's that possibilities." Xander said with a grin. "It's better to just keep a look out for anything nasty."

Cordelia gave him a frosty look as she quickly picked up a thick and hefty tree branch, arming herself with a weapon. Buffy caught everyone's attention when she suddenly shouted.

"Look at this!" Buffy said excitedly as she dug out something from beneath a pile of rocks. She held it up and everyone gasped at the large gemstone in her hand. "Is this thing real?"

"A ruby." Giles said as he peered at it intently. "However I am unable to tell if it's the real thing."

"Well let's just take it with us when we get back." Xander said brimming with excitement as he faced everyone. "Let's see if we can find anymore valuable stuff around here."

"Erm Xander…" Willow said hesitantly as she looked at something behind him. "Why are there rabbits armed with axes behind you?"

"What!" Xander turned around and gulped at the horde of axe wielding rabbits that had creep up on him. The rabbits stared menacingly at them. "Ok… this is so not good."

"You think?" Cordelia shrieked whacking him over the head with her tree branch.

In the Sunnydale High School Library

A bright flash of light flickered in the middle of the library before Xander and the others reappeared back in their own reality. All of them were battered and bruised, but clutched in their arms were bags of stuff.

"Those stupid rabbits ruined my cat costume!" Cordelia complained as she put down her sack bag on the table and check the tears and rips on her costume. "I am never going to get my deposit back!"

"Well, if what we gathered from that dungeon is the real stuff, then we had more than earned back the deposit of your costume." Buffy said as she opened her own sack bag which was gleaming with gemstones of all kinds.

When the crazy rabbits had attacked them, Xander had been unable to focus and get them out, especially after the hard whack on the head Cordelia had given him. It meant that they had to fight the rabbits, with whatever weapons they could get their hands on. With Buffy's freezing powers and Xander's telekinesis, they had somehow managed to push the hordes of rabbits off the edge of the dungeon and survived the encounter. They had also decided to explore a bit, which led them to a cave that was apparently the crazy rabbits' hideout. The place was littered with gemstones and weapons, as well as several sacks which they had quickly put to use. Anything that looked valuable was stuffed into the sacks before Xander had teleported everyone back to their home reality.

"The trip is certainly worth it. I've got a few cool looking daggers and swords out of it." Buffy said in a satisfied tone of voice as she admired the weapons that she had taken out of her sack.

"I don't know why you would waste the space in your sack for weapons when we could fill it with more of the gems." Cordelia remarked as she peered in her own sack which was filled with gemstones of all kinds. "But how are we supposed to verify if they are real? And more importantly, how are we supposed to sell them?"

"The Watcher's Council do have a few contacts in L.A that specialize in the under table conversion of assets into money." Giles offered hesitantly. "I could contact them and everything would be converted into cash in a few days time, provided that they are real gems of course."

"Well what are we waiting for then?" Xander said excitedly as he hefted his sack over to Giles. "Let's get started tonight."

"I'll give them a call to come down to appraise the gems." Giles said with a sigh. "Since this is a huge assortment of assets, they might be persuaded to come down personally for us."

"We are going to be rich." Willow said breathlessly, in a voice of amazement as she looked at her own sack of gems.

"Wait a minute, this just doesn't seem right!" Cordelia suddenly called out, noticing something as she pointed at the clock. "We must have been in that dungeon for at least an hour, but the time now is only a few minutes after we had left!"

Buffy blinked as she turned to look at the clock. "You know, you're right!"

"That's because time is under my control in the dungeons." Xander put in with an apologetic grin. "I forgot to tell you guys that. I can make time in the sub-realities, or dungeons, faster or slower. We could stay days, months or years in a dungeon and only a minute or a second would have pass in our home reality if I so wish. The important thing is all organic life forms remained ageless in the dungeons, so no matter how long you stayed in them, you'll still look the same age as you first went in."

"So you mean I could stay in the dungeons and amass riches for a few years before coming back here to spend everything I've collected and still remain my current age?" Cordelia asked, her eyes shining with an unholy light.

"And I could train in the dungeons fighting against monsters, improving my skills and not grow older?" Buffy asked, bouncing excitedly.

"I could read all the books I wanted to in the dungeons without trying to cramp everything in the limited amount of time we had." Willow said softly with an under lining tone of amazement in her voice.

Giles just looked like he was suffering from a serious headache as he began rubbing his forehead.

"Good lord." He moaned. "What am I going to do with these teenagers?"