Summary. . . . . . . . It started off as such any easy con, they should have realized there is no such thing.

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A.N. . . . . . . . . What can I say I'm a sucker for a great character, and Eliot Spencer is a great character! So I'm dipping my toes into the fandom world of Leverage, please be gentle! Warning this will be an Eliot whump with a difference and at times could get a little dark for some readers.

It started off as such an easy con, they should have realized there was no such thing. The Petersons, had owned a winery, and lost everything investing in a company who promised to promote and sell their product to the more lucrative European market; only the company took the money and vanished. So Hardison had infiltrated through wires and hard drives, and found the companies new home base, procuring the information needed to allow Sophie a way in as the middle man for a new face who wanted a bigger part, a more international part, of the wine industry.

Grifting better than she ever had before, she quickly gained their trust, and closed on a deal before the first meeting was even over. They should have realized then something was wrong, but too many cons in too short a space of time had made them sloppy, and too many of those cons getting the end result they were looking for had made them over confident. Only Eliot feeling that things hadn't been quite right, too easy, but quenching those thoughts down as his role in their play was about to begin.

They'd found out where the company was holding the cold hard cash they had insisted on being paid with, and had intended to take it all back. With Sophie supposed to keep the main player busy, and Hardison needed outside to keep a watch over everything, it was a reluctant Hitter who agreed to allow the Mastermind to tag along. Nate, Eliot and Parker using the black of night as cover as they made quick work of the locks and gained entrance to the warehouse with ease, Eliot's worry meter increasing up yet another notch at just how easily.

And then the crap really hit the fan. Eliot, sensitive as always to everything going on around him, picked up the faint sounds of soles against concrete and steel blades against leather, as at the same time Sophie's voice crisply warned them that the main player had failed to show up. Voices sang out then and the cultured Italian tones, they had all been used to hearing over their ear buds, were replaced by the rough, guttural slang of another country altogether, creating an instant response in Eliot's posture, a stiffening of his back, a clenching of his fists, a tightness around his eyes. He turned ready to shout a warning to the others, but it was too late. The attack came too quick.

He'd tried, pushing Nate and Parker behind him but there was just too many and he knew sooner or later someone would break through his defenses. He'd just landed a sickening blow to his opponents head with his own when he heard it, Parker's grunt of pain, and the sound of her body falling to the floor. A fury ignited within him, a fury he could usually contain, a fury had not felt in a very long time, a combination of his Southern roots, and his fierce protectiveness of the crazy lady that had eased her way into his heart, coalescing into a white hot rage.

"Get her outta here Nate!" He growled at the mastermind. "Now, Nate!" He added when it looked as though his order looked as though it was going to be ignored. His whispered request of, "Please" finally breaking through Nate's shock. Seeing his order being done, he focused all his energy back to the battle ahead.

Nate though hadn't complied completely; oh he had gotten Parker safely out of the way, but had quickly found that any way out of the building was blocked. So he had stowed them both behind some stacked up crates, and placing Parker's bleeding head in his lap waited for Eliot to finish doing what he did best, knowing deep down that there was no way to help the younger man, yet feeling like a coward for doing nothing.

He forced himself to stay quiet as the sounds of the struggle intensified, even when he was sure one of the grunts of pain had been Eliot's, forced himself to ignore the cries of Hardison and Sophie in his ears, unwilling to create more trouble for the Hitter by giving their position away. Instead he stayed quiet, gently rubbing his thumb against Parker's lax hand, and sending a prayer up to whoever was listening that they all got out of this alive.

His breathe caught, and he felt as though his heart had stopped, as following one last grunt of pain, the shuffling of feet, and the banging of one of the side doors, silence finally descended. He waited impatiently for the Hitter to acknowledge that all was clear, but nothing ever came and finally he could hold back no longer. "Hardison, see if you can get me some lights." He asked through his com, gently removing Parker's head from his lap as he did so, the blond thief not even stirring. "Sophie, bring the van around, Parker's hurt." He added, as he crept from their hiding place, his worry for their Retrievalist increasing by the second. He'd just made it to the aisle he had last seen Eliot when the lights finally came on; revealing the death and destruction, the battle had left there. He scanned the area quickly, looking for the distinctive white bands encircling black leather, but they were nowhere to be seen.

"Guy's we have a problem." He stated to the other's, a chill burning deep inside him, as at the same time Hardison uttered the exact same words.

A non-descript black van slowly made its way through the darkened Boston streets, its back windows tinted allowing no one a view of what was going on inside. A hand reached out across the small space towards an unmoving bundle trussed up tightly before it. Its fingers smoothing back flowing locks that had covered a beaten and bloody face, as a voice spoke. "Sada je moje vrijeme. Osveta ce biti poduzete, a vas ce pasti i biti slomljeno prije mene."

A.N. . . . . . . . . . Okay, so I got the translation from stars21 and can only hope it's right, although I think the ce should have an acute diacritical mark above them, which word has not allowed. As for what it says, well you'll find out next chapter when I reveal who has our beloved Hitter. Thank you so much for taking time out to read this, will be back soon with more, Peanut x