"I love you, Blaine."

"I know."

"What, no 'I love you too'?"


"You are just mean."

"Deal with it."




"Fine, I love you too. Happy?"

"More than you love him?"

"I guess so."

"You guess so?"

"He's my boyfriend. I can't say I don't love him..."

"I love him too, but in a different way. If you know what I mean."


"Dude, I meant in a brotherly way..."

"...I knew that."

"Should we tell him?"

"About what?"

"Us. We need to go public."

"It would hurt him so much."

"Just change your relationship status on Facebook."

"NO! It would kill him."

"Fine, I'LL do it. It takes a man to do a mans job."



"Watch it."

| Finn Hudson is in a relationship with Blaine Anderson.|

Quinn Fabray: What? o.o

Mercedes Jones: What? O.o

Santana Lopez: Wanky. ;)

Artie Abrams: How long until Kurt Hummel finds out? ;)

Blaine Anderson: Not long, because you tagged him. ~.~

Finn Hudson: Yeah man, not cool. :/

Kurt Hummel: What. The. FUCK. :O

Blaine Anderson: It's a bromance. :D

Finn Hudson: Faine forever! :D

Blaine Anderson: :D

Finn Hudson: :D

Mercedes Jones: You have a couple name...? :o

Kurt Hummel: If thats how you want to play, boys. Its on... ;)

Kurt Hummel: Innuendo NOT intended, BTW. :O

Blaine Anderson: Bring it, bitch. ;)


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