Charlie McKay glanced at Stuart Besser, who nodded. Deftly tying the note to a package, Charlie grinned. How it had him so long to figure this out? Charlie's Century Mail, he called it. He'd been lying in bed one night, when it came to him….

~*~ Charlie leapt up in excitement, and ran to the phone. He had it! He knew how to communicate with Kate! All he needed was Stuart's genius logic to back it up. In his excitement, his fingers fumbled, and he dialed a few wrong numbers, before laughing at himself and using Speed Dial.

"Hello?" Stuart's voice answered, a hint of surprise in his tone. Charlie was lucky, he'd caught Stuart on one of the many days that he was up, mind pondering some kind of invention or other.

"Hey Stuart, it's Charlie. Yeah, I'm sorry to bother you," he squinted at the time on the microwave. "At 3:00am, but did you ever feel like you were on the verge of an all out breakthrough?" the amused chuckle on the other end of the line was his only response. Of course…Stuart did find a crack in time. This reminded him of the reason he was making the phone call. "Anyway, if we can send people back 100 years, why not objects?" Charlie paused, listening to Stuart's breath come in rapid bursts.

"Charlie, I'm supposed to be the genius one!" Stuart laughed.

"Well, my friend," Charlie replied, stretching languidly with a contented sigh. "It's a term we actors use called role-reversal."

"Perfect," Stuart breathed. "a complete breakthrough." He rustled through some papers, before coming up with a list of portal openings. "We test it first thing next week!" he started to hang up, but Charlie interrupted.

"Oh, man, Stuart? How is Kate gonna know where to find the…whatever it's gonna be?" Charlie asked, spirits dropping. Stuart himself paused, thinking.

"OK…address it to the Duke or Duchess of Albany. Someone is sure to return it to one of them, no matter where it ends up."

"Alright, alright, smart guy," Charlie grumbled, though he smiled. "You be the logic, and I'll be the brains."

"Shut up and go back to bed, McKay," Stuart shot back, laughing. Charlie grinned, and hung up the phone, striding confidently back to bed.


"Cmon Charlie!" Stuart said persistently, tapping his watch. Charlie grinned at him. "I really don't see how sending a cell phone to her is gonna help in 1877," he added. "It's not like she doesn't have enough on her plate, being there only a year, but walking around with a cell?"

Charlie shook his head and smiled. "Just a little reminder of her past life," he joked. "Special Delivery!" Charlie yelled as he dropped the package off the bridge.


The blacksmith stared, puzzled, at the brown package. Although the lettering was fuzzed, he could make out the lettering: PLEASE RETURN TO THE DUKE AND DUCHESS OF ALBANY. It was a curious little shape, not seeming to be of threat to his lord and lady, Leopold and Katherine. Shrugging, he finished a shoe, patted the horse's rump, and set off toward the mansion.

The blacksmith's steady knocking was greeted as Otis opened the door. "Good day, Morris," Otis said warmly. "What brings you here?"

"Good day, Otis. I've a package for the Duke, and his wife," Morris replied, holding out the small parcel.

"I'll be sure it is delivered to them," Otis replied, staring curiously at the package in his hand. Morris nodded, and slipped off. Otis shut the door and went to find Kate and Leopold. He discovered them in the sitting room, heads bent close, whispering and smiling. "Your Grace," Otis stated. They looked up and rose.

"Yes, Otis?" Leopold asked in his usual kind, formal tone.

"Morris the blacksmith wished for me to deliver this," Otis replied, handing Leopold the package. As Otis and Morris had done, he studied the package. Kate walked up and stood next to her husband, peering over his shoulder. The writing. Kate gasped inaudibly, and raised a hand to her lips. Leopold looked down at her, eyes concerned.

"That will be all, Otis. Thank you," Leopold said. Once Otis left the room, he took Kate's elbow and led her to a chair. "Kate, what has happened?" Leopold murmured, stroking her hair.

"Give me the card," was all she said. Leopold glanced curiously at her. "Please," she amended. Nodding, never taking his eyes off her face, he relinquished the slip of paper. Kate came short of snatching it from him, but remembered where she was and took it gently, smiling. She opened the folded slip with trembling fingers, eyes scanning expectantly.

Dear Leopold and Kate,

Surprise! If you're reading this, you have just received an official notice from Charlie's Century Mail!(HaHa) Anyway, this idea came to me one night. Think of this: Leopold, Kate, you both jumped off the bridge into another time. Actually, Leo, you just went back to your time. OK, back track. If we could send you two, you PEOPLE, back in time, why not objects? This was our first test. If your reading this, I guess it was a success! Kate, Leo, I miss you two so, so much! Kate, your apartment was re-rented by a young actress. Whoo-hoo! That's the only reason I regret you not being in it. Yes, I broke things off with Patrice, (Leopold shook his head in disappointment at this) because I guess without Leo's wooing words, she wasn't interested in Charlie McKay, aspiring actor. (Kate paused, looked up at Leopold, eyebrow raised. Leopold smiled, and hastily urged her to read on) This girl is amazing! You'd approve, Leo. She likes that flower u suggested…I forget its name, but she likes it. (Leopold grinned, and nodded, while Kate just sighed. Leopold and Charlie obviously did a lot of bonding while she worked) Her name is Anna Teish. Well, I want to have something to write for next letter, so I'll stop here. **FEEL FREE to drop a letter off the bridge at any time, just make sure it has my (or Stuart's) name and address on it! Oh, Kate, I hope you're getting some fresh air, and you're not cooped up in a cell! (Kate and Leopold shared a puzzled look, and continued) Stuart sends his regards.

Love Always,

Charlie aka (in Leopold Terms) Charles

Kate sank back in her chair, hands clutching the letter. Leopold expected her to start crying or something, but she turned to him with a smile. "Leopold's wooing words?" she repeated, giving her husband a speculative look. Leopold didn't seem fazed.

"I only helped him to speak his heart," Leopold replied honestly, placing a hand on top of Kate's head. "But I am pleased to see he is pursuing his interests with someone who shares his love of acting." Kate nodded, before remembering the odd brown package. Leopold noticed it as well. " Will you open it?" he asked her. Kate nodded, and tore at the wrapping. "It's a…" Leopold trailed off.

"A cell phone!" Kate said dubiously, eyeing the sleek SONY. "Leopold, what am I going to do with a cell in 1877?! People think I'm nuts as is…" she was silenced by the look Leopold gave her.

"Before you react, Kate, perhaps you should read this last note," Leopold said calmly, handing her yet another slip of paper.

Kate….Nah, I'm not crazy. If you walk around with this to your ear, then, YOU'RE crazy. Just a reminder….21st century is in your blood. Besides, maybe it'll clue your19th century friends to get their technological rear in gear….so maybe by my time, we'll have little robot phones that walk next to us.



"He certainly has held onto his sense of humor," Leopold commented with a smile. Kate nodded, and left the room, returning with a navy velvet box.

"Here," she said. "Put the notes and cell in here, so they don't think us insane."

"Where did you have in mind, my Kate?" Leopold asked. Kate blushed and looked down, face burning.

"My undergarment drawer," she mumbled. Leopold felt like laughing, but bit the inside of his cheek..

"Samantha cleans there," Leopold replied, turning down the corners of his mouth in seriousness.

"Well, she just won't clean there anymore," Kate said haughtily, noticing that Leopold's lips were pressed tightly together. Kate smiled slyly to herself. "Undergarments." Leopold shifted uncomfortably. "Undergarments." A low chuckle escaped his lips.

"Katherine Anne Jessica Fiona Diana Sarah Mountbatten!"( AN: I had to make up a name) Leopold boomed, springing from his seat. Kate laughed, picked up her skirts, and dashed off, Leopold hot on her heels. The servants looked at eachother, appalled by the outlandish behavior of their Duke and Duchess, skittered out of the way as Kate and Leopold came crashing down.