"Katherine." Kate looked up, suppressing a groan, as Millard stood by the armchair in which she was seated. She didn't detest Leopold's uncle, yet he reminded her much like Ebenezer Scrooge, a man with no priorities except money, but who just needed a little change of heart. Clearly, he held the same amount of affection for her, a penniless woman who just showed up and ruined his nephew's—or his own plans—to restore the family name.

"Yes?" Kate rose respectfully from her seat.

"Katherine, Leopold has not come from his study in quite sometime. Do you know what he is up to?" Millard looked at her as though she was the reason behind Leopold's isolation.

"I don't have the slightest idea," Kate said honestly. "Would you like me to check?"

"Please do. Not even Otis has been able to get him out." Kate resisted the urge to smile. That was the closest thing to a compliment that Millard had come to pay her. She nodded, and walked off, tripping slightly on her long dress. She heard Millard let out a small groan. Before she got to the study, she almost bumped into Otis.

"Ah, Miss. Katherine. I believe you are attempting to draw His Grace from his hibernation?" Otis smiled at her. Kate automatically smiled back at the old man.

"Yes, Otis. Is he being that stubborn?" Kate said. Otis nodded wearily.

"He is just being himself, I suppose," Otis replied, shaking his head with amusement. "Good day, Miss. Katherine."

"Thanks, Otis." Kate approached the study, and knocked lightly.

"I do not wish to be disturbed, Uncle. I thought I made that clear," Leopold's voice said crisply. Kate sighed.

"Leopold, it's me, Kate."

"Kate," Leopold's tone warmed. "Please, come in." Kate opened the door, and squeezed in, shutting the door gently behind her. He was sitting at a desk, papers strewn around him, but he seemed intent on a piece of parchment.

"Leopold, what are you doing?" Kate asked, puzzled. Leopold responded by adding his signature to the paper. "Leopold?"

"There," he said, mostly to himself.

"Leopold!" Kate was beginning to get irritated. "Please!" Leopold looked up and smiled.

"I apologize, Kate. I finished writing a letter to Charles. We need something to send to him." Kate smiled, and nodded. She'd meant to get around to that.

"So, any ideas?" Kate inquired. Leopold looked thoughtful.


"No," Kate wrinkled her nose. "It wouldn't make the travel. How about….an outfit? It would make his acting much more interesting."

"Brilliant, Kate!" Leopold looked pleased. "Charles will love it. Do you know his size?" Kate nodded again.

"But please come out, Millard is having a fit," Kate said. Leopold snorted. "Be nice, Leopold." Leopold sighed and held out his arm. Kate took it and smiled. "That's more like it." Leopold grabbed the letter and they walked out. Otis passed them in the hall, and bowed his head respectfully.

"Good to see you out and about, Your Grace," Otis said.

"Thank you, Otis," Leopold replied.

"LEOPOLD!" Millard's voice boomed. Leopold groaned.

"Keep walking," Leopold whispered to Kate.

"You have to speak to him sometime or another," Kate whispered back. Leopold sighed, and paused. "I love you, Leopold." Leopold smiled.

"I needed to hear those exact words."

"You know it without hearing it."

"I know," Leopold smiled, and kissed her gently. "Would you mind going ahead and having some of the maids prepare an outfit for Charles?"

"Sure," Kate said, and walked off, casually slowing down to see if she could hear some of the conversation.

"Kate…" Leopold warned with a small smile. Kate grinned sheepishly.

"I'm going, I'm going."

"Leopold," Millard walked up and leaned on his cane, frowning. Leopold noticed that his uncle looked considerably older. Millard's breathing was ragged, his face drawn. (AN: No, Millard is not going to die). Leopold straightened respectfully.

"Good afternoon, Uncle Millard," Leopold said.

"How would you know if it's good, Leopold, if you have not been out all day?" Millard demanded. Leopold decided it was best not to answer that, and kept silent. "You've missed breakfast, and your lunch with the Wellingtons." Leopold held back a groan, and silently berated himself. That was to be an important lunch. Mr. Wellington was interested in supporting his plans for the elevator, though Millard thought otherwise.

"Uncle, I assure you I did not intentionally miss that lunch. I became involved…."

"In your plans for your invention?" Millard interrupted. Leopold opened his mouth to disagree, then shut it. He could not tell Millard that he'd been writing to a young man 100 years in the future.

"Yes, uncle," Leopold said finally. "Yes." Millard looked mildly disgusted, but he said the words that once barely affected Leopold, but now stung.

"You are no duke." Leopold simply nodded his head in acknowledgement, keeping his face expressionless. He made no comment.

"Excuse me, uncle. I have a wife to attend to," Leopold said crisply, and turned on his heel and walked off.

"Are you alright, Kate?" Leopold asked anxiously as he helped her up.

"Yeah…I'm just not used to climbing to the bridge," Kate said. Her foot slipped. "Okay, freaked out now!"

"Freaked out?" Leopold frowned, before realizing that this was not the time a for 21st century slang lesson. "You're doing fine, almost there!" He put a package down, and helped her the rest of the way.

"Whew," Kate gathered her dress up, and stepped onto firm boards. "Ready?" Leopold nodded, and picked up the package.

"Charles McKay, Apartment 6F," Leopold read. Kate nodded to him, and he dropped the package."