The following are two drabbles I selected from an iPod Shuffle challenge that I've been working on for quite a while. (See my profile for more information on that.) I've got about thirty written, so I'll be posting my favorites two at a time. The music is somewhat random- my iPod was on shuffle, after all. Hope you like :)

DISCLAIMER: I'm not Rick Riordan. Or Meredith Andrews. Or Taylor Swift.

1. Can Anybody Hear Me by Meredith Andrews

Can anybody hear me? The silence is deafening- why do you feel so far away?

Thalia sighed, staring at the shiny feet of the golden statues. She had been waiting at Hoover Dam for hours, hoping for some sort of sign from her dad. Just one message, so she could know he was there. But after four hours- nothing to be proud of. Did he even care that she was alive? Sometimes, it felt to her like it was just a mistake that she had ever been born. Can you even hear me? She thought, frustrated, staring up into his realm.

"Come on, Luke. He's not listening," Thalia said bitterly to her companion. There was no use in waiting- her father didn't love her, and that was that.

He couldn't even hear her prayers.

2. Fearless by Taylor Swift, from the album Fearless

And I don't know how it gets better than this, you take my hand and drag me headfirst, fearless!

"Percy, we've got to hurry. Michael spotted Kronos' army over by the bridge-"

"I'm on it." Percy interrupts. He pulls me onto the scooter, and we cruise down 32nd street to meet the Apollo cabin. A large army of monsters approaches. I should be scared…but somehow, I love it. It feels so good to be back by Percy's side, fighting for our lives, destroying deadly monsters…yep. The demigod's life for me.

"Come on!" Percy drags me into the midst of the battle. I gotta hand it to him, the kid's pretty fearless. Course, he is invulnerable, so it's not all that impressive. He doesn't need to be fearless.

But the rest of us- we do. We've only got one life to live, and some of us are making our final stand here. One life to live…and we've gotta live it fearless.