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"Do you know what day it is, Travis?"

Travis gives his girlfriend a puzzled look. "Isn't today Wednesday?"

Katie sighs. "Yes, it's Wednesday. Can you be more specific?"

Travis crosses his arms and starts thinking. It's just a Wednesday. Suddenly, Travis realizes why this day is so important to Katie.

"I've got it!" he announces triumphantly. Katie smiles.

"All right then, what's today?" Katie asks.

"There's some new flower-related special premiering on the Home and Garden Channel tonight and you're excited!" Travis announces, triumph still evident in his tone. Really, he's such a good boyfriend. The Aphrodite cabin should give him an award of some sort. Hey! Maybe he can get Connor to casually suggest it to them. Yeah, that could work...

"You're kidding, right? Please tell me you're kidding." Katie's disbelieving voice cuts through his thoughts. Travis's eyebrows knit together in confusion. Kidding? Why would he be kidding?

"Kidding? Why would I be kidding?" he says, echoing his thoughts. Last time he checked, he's the prankster in this relationship, not Katie. Katie glares at him. Gulp.

"You honestly don't know what day it is today?" she questions him angrily.

"Yes, I do." he answers. Katie lets out a relieved sigh and her whole body seems to relax.

"Oh, that's a relief. I thought that-"

"It's Wednesday." Travis interrupts. Really, does Katie think he's so stupid as to forget what day of the week it is? Katie goes back to glaring at him.

"I can't believe you! You forgot our one-year anniversary!" Katie yells angrily. (Anger seems to be her emotion of choice when it comes to Travis.) Travis gapes slightly.

Oh crap. He forgot their anniversary. Oh gods, Katie's going to murder him. With a gardening rake. And Connor's gonna sell tickets to the event, Travis is sure. He might even open up a bet on how long Travis lasts. Or maybe she'll just take out a dagger and murder him right here under Thalia's pine tree. It's not like anybody will hear his screams.

Oh gods, he's too young and awesome to die!


Yeah, he's gonna have to lie his way out of this. (Gods help him.)

"Of course I remember our anniversary!" Travis says in what he hopes is a convincing tone of indignation. He dramatically puts a hand over his chest as if mortally offended. Katie gives him a disbelieving look.

"Really? Then why did you insist that today is Wednesday?" Katie asks, obviously not believing him. Travis starts praying to every god in the pantheon (except Demeter who doesn't really appreciate his awesomeness) that he gets out of this alive.

"Well, excuse me for wanting to surprise you. Y'know, I had a bunch of stuff planned. Romantic stuff, no less. And now you've ruined the surprise just because you didn't trust me." Travis lies. He hopes that the guilt trip works.

A guilty look etches itself across Katie's face. "I'm sorry, Travis. I should've believed you."

She believes him! He's saved! Score one for his Hermes genes! He should do a victory dance. Yeah, that'd be totally attractive.

"Well Travis," Katie begins as she stands up, "I look forward to seeing the 'surprise' you had planned for me." Katie makes air quotes around the word 'surprise.'

Katie smirks at Travis, daring him to admit he was lying. Oh gods, she knows him too well. But Stoll brothers never admit defeat (unless Clarisse is threatening to sever their manhood with an electric spear) so he keeps his composure.

"Yeah, you'll love it. Trust me." Travis says with a cocky smirk. Katie smirks (it's a smirk-fest!) and saunters away down the hill. Travis can't even enjoy the sight. His mind is racing.

How in Hades is he supposed to plan a romantic date in less than twelve hours?


"How in Hades am I gonna plan a romantic date in twelve hours?"

Connor raises his eyebrows and shrugs. Damn Connor and his lack of girlfriend. He's useless when it comes to this sort of thing.

"Are you desperate?" Connor asks him like he's commenting on the weather. Great. Go ahead and be totally relaxed in the face of Travis's impending death. Really, it's not Travis is his brother or anything. Pssh.

"What do you mean?" Travis asks warily. Whenever Connor asks "Are you desperate?", Travis usually ends up on dish-washing duty for a week. Connor looks at him like he's watching someone be sentenced to a life in prison and sighs. (Travis is starting to seriously consider running out of the cabin and not looking back.)

"Dude. You're gonna have to ask the Aphrodite cabin." he answers. There are a lot of things that Travis could say in response (all of them along the lines of 'Hell no!' and 'Are you freaking insane?'). Instead Travis stays silent. Connor shakes his head.

"You have to. It's not like anybody else can help as well as them." Connor insists. Travis starts to panic internally. He can't ask the Aphrodite kids for help! They'll never let him hear the end of it. Besides, he's so good-looking that the girls (or hey, maybe even a guy, he isn't here to judge) might start flirting with him and Katie might get jealous.

Or worse, they might plan something incredibly mushy and he'll lose all his pride (which yes he does have, don't listen to what Connor says).

"You know what? I'll just ask other people. People who are in relationships and aren't related to Aphrodite." Travis says. He relaxes a little.

Connor shrugs. "Whatever. It's your funeral."

Sometimes, Travis wonders why he hasn't murdered Connor yet.

This is one of those times.


"Hey Annabeth!"

Travis regrets the words almost as soon as they're out of his mouth. Of all the people he had to run into on his way to archery practice (aka naptime), he ran into Annabeth and now his big fat mouth has gotten him into trouble again. He'd bet all his drachmas that Annabeth is going to either start droning on and on about the science of pleasing one's girlfriend or start daydreaming about Percy.

But he's already called her, he might as well start planning the design of his burial shroud. (Only problem is that there is no emblem or logo on this planet cool enough to signify his awesomeness. Oh well.)

"Yes, Travis?" Annabeth asks as she jogs over next to him. He glances around the empty practice arena. At least nobody will witness this embarassing moment. Travis's mouth opens slightly but no sound comes out. Oh gods, how is he gonna ask this?

"Hello? Earth to Travis!" Annabeth says, her tone making it clear that she thinks Travis is insane. Of all the moments for his brain to go on vacation. Really. Well, he might as well look on the bright side. He's dealing with Annabeth, who's a genius. Maybe her smarts extend into relationships. Or at the very least, she'll try to be apologetic when she tells the whole camp how Travis Stoll came to her for relationship advice.

"Uhm. I'm just gonna come out and say it. I need help." Travis says quickly. His ego is still intact. His pride is not even a little bruised. Pssh. He should've known he's too awesome for loss of dignity.

Annabeth arches an eyebrow.

"Help with what?" she asks skeptically. She probably expects him to start asking her for help with a prank. Just because he's done it countless times doesn't mean he'll do it again...today, at least.

"Well, you see...It's me and Katie's first anniversary and I wanna do something nice because that's just the amazing person I am." Travis lies. He smiles innocently. Annabeth narrows her eyes and studies him for a few moments.

"In other words, you forgot your anniversary, told her you have something planned when you really don't, and now you need my help." Annabeth states in a matter-of-fact tone. Travis's mind reels slightly. Annabeth is a genius but she's not a mind-reader! How in Hades could she know? He isn't that obviously pathetic, is he?

"I overheard Katie talking to her siblings. Don't worry. You're not obviously pathetic." Annabeth says with a smirk. All right, how the hell did she know that? You know what? Travis doesn't even wanna know.

"So can you help me or not?" Travis insists. Campers are starting to show up and the majority of them keep on peering over their friends' heads to stare. Nosy bastards. So what if there's usually an extremely entertaining fight whenever Travis and Annabeth start talking? It doesn't give them the right to gawk!

"Nope, sorry. The only thing that can help you in your case is something very romantic. And I can't help with that. Percy's sweet but when it comes to romance..." Annabeth frowns as if she's remembering an event gone wrong. Travis blinks. If Annabeth Chase of all people can't help him, then who the hell can?

Travis starts staring at his black Converse. What is he gonna do? Oh gods, he's gotten himself in some pretty sticky situations but none of them ever involved the possibilty of Katie murdering him, castrating him, and breaking up with him. And knowing Katie, it might just happen in that order.

"Uhm...You're spaced out now. So I'm gonna go. Good luck with your problem." Annabeth says as she walks away. Travis shakes his head.

Really, does nobody care Katie's going to inflict a slow, humiliating, and painful death on him?


"Chris! I need to talk to you!"

All right, this has to work. Surely, Chris Rodriguez must be at least somewhat romantic if he's been dating Clarisse for the past couple of years and is still breathing with all his limbs intact.

"Yeah?" Chris asks, sounding somewhat nervous. Really, you pour itching powder, poison ivy, and some slimy substance even the children of Athena couldn't identify in a guy's boxers and he stops trusting you. What kind of messed up world are we living in?

In an attempt to seem friendly, Travis slings an arm around Chris's shoulder. Chris flinches. Wimp. So he can recover from the mental scars of the Labyrinth and dating Clarisee but he can't handle a friendly gesture?

"I need your help." Travis says casually. Chris's eyes widen slightly.

"Help with what...?" he asks, still sounding somewhat nervous. This guy seriously needs to man up. Maybe dating Clarisse injured his masculinity. Poor guy. Travis feels a stab of pity towards this poor soul. He's doomed to a life of never being as awesome as Travis. He'd pretend to cry except he really needs to find out if Chris can help him with his situation.

"I wanna do something nice for me and Katie's anniversary." Travis states. Chris chuckles. Huh? Why is he chuckling? He should be thinking about how to help Travis survive!

"You forgot your anniversary, didn't you?" Chris chuckles again. Travis takes his arm off of Chris's shoulder. He is in shock. This inferior being dares to laugh at him? And another thing, why does everybody assume that he forgot his anniversary? Just because it's true doesn't mean people should point it out. Gah, he would so lay the smackdown on this guy if he didn't need his help. Travis sighs.

'Yes, now can you help me or not?" Travis asks, his patience wearing thin. It's almost time for lunch and he still doesn't know what to do!

"Sorry dude. I don't know anything about romance. I'm dating Clarisse, how would I know?" Chris answers and giving Travis a 'duh' look. This coming from the guy who flinches at manly and totally straight gestures of affection. Pssh.

"Exactly. You're still dating Clarisse and it's been years. How has she let you live all this time if you're not romantic?" Travis inquires. (Really, this is the sort of question the owl from the Tootsie Pop commericals should be asking. Screw lollipops, this is what the world wants to know!)

"Well, romantic for Clarisse is me showing up at her cabin whenever she manages to empty it and-" Travis holds up his hands in a shushing gesture. The last thing he needs in his head is the mental image of Chris and Clarisse going at it. No. The psychological scars would never heal.

"Stop right there. I don't need to know more." Travis says, looking mildly disgusted. Chris smirks. Travis really doesn't want to know what's going on through his head. (Also: Travis would really like to know how Chris does it. He and Katie have been dating for a year. They've even admitted that they...love each other and they still haven't gone that far. Lucky bastard.)

"Chris!" Travis's head whips around to the source of the voice. He sees Clarisse standing in front of her cabin, arms crossed in front of her action. She's tapping her foot impatiently. She gives Chris a 'get your ass over here' look.

Chris turns to look at Travis, the smirk still etched on his face. "Well, duty calls, if you know what I mean."

And with that, the lucky bastard walks away to do all sorts of fun things that Travis doesn't wanna think about and has never experienced.

To top it all off, he still doesn't know what to do for his and Katie's anniversary.



"Grover! Yeah, you! Over here!"

Travis can't believe this is how low he's sunk. He's asking a lovestruck satyr for relationship advice. Then again, the lovestruck satry is dating a pretty hot nymph. So maybe he's doing something right in the romance department.

Grover scans the area; he doesn't seem to believe that Travis is talking to him. Pssh. Like there's anybody else named Grover within a five-million mile radius. Grover limps over to where Travis is standing by the edge of the lake.

"Yeah?" Grover asks tentatively. So Travis never talks to him. That doesn't mean Grover should be scared of him. Pssh. (All right, maybe a little. But it's not like he'd stick tar in Grover's reed pipes...again.)

"I need your help." Travis says simply. Just be casual, then maybe Grover won't be terrified and/or his awesomeness. (And no Travis doesn't have a big ego, whatever made you think that?)

"With what...?" Grover answers in a nervous tone of voice. Why does everyone expect Travis to ask something horrible of them? Seriously, it's starting to annoy him. Can't people look beyond his habit (well, not a habit because he could so stop pranking people if he wanted to...which he doesn't, by the way) of blackmailing -whoops, he means asking nicely- others into helping him set up elaborate pranks? Really!

"How are you with romantic stuff?" Travis asks. Grover's eyes widen slightly. He starts sweating a little. This guy really needs to man up. Or goat up. Travis doesn't really know which one applies to satyrs.

"Uhm..." Grover doesn't finish the sentence. He tugs at the collar of his plain green t-shirt and gulps audibly. Travis starts planning his murder. (Maybe Katie knows where to get some body bags; Travis can't help but occasionally wonder if she ever buries more than just flower seeds.)

"Well?" Travis insists. Really, he needs to know nowif he's going to be able to do anything at all for tonight so he can decide whether or not he should start planning his funeral. (Perhaps a small private ceremony; maybe they can set up a webcam conference of some sort so that Katie can watch the eulogy from her jail cell...Yeah that could work...)

"Look, don't pretend I didn't ask you that! I figure the whole camp should know by now! So answer my question!" Travis yells. All he wants is to make his girlfriend happy and to make sure she doesn't feel the least bit homicidal. Is that too much to ask? Can the Fates not even help him with that small wish? And speaking of immortals, where the Hades is Aphrodite? Why is she not indirectly intervening by setting a chain of events in motion that will ultimately end up in the perfect date?

As Travis continues his mental tirade, some corner of his mind has registered that Grover looks really nervous. After a minute or two of mentally calling out each and every immortal being (he expects to be hit by several 'natural disasters' and become the victim of many 'freak accidents' by nightfall; perhaps that would be better than suffering Katie's wrath or at least more dignified), it finally clicks in his head that Grover's hiding something.

People hiding something means they have a secret worthy of black-mail, courtesy of the Stoll brothers. Oh yes.

Travis decides that with Grover, the best way to weasel the information out of him is to try to replicate a death glare worthy of the Demeter campers.

Travis musters up an angry and exaggerated expression (good looks, acting skills, maybe he could run away to Hollywood and make it big; he'll do anything to live) and glares at Grover while conjuring up an image of Katie's infamous stare that has sent even Ares campers running away. (Strangely, that glare is one of the things he loves about her. Not like he'll ever admit it.)

Grover lets out a nervous bleat. His cheeks are now redder than Annabeth's face when Travis loudly apologized for walking in on her and Percy's intense make-out session in his empty cabin. (By the way, the look on their faces was worth the ass-whooping Annabeth gave him at the next Capture-The-Flag game.)

"All right, all right!" Grover cries. He has this expression on his eyes that reminds Travis of a deer caught in the headlights. Travis smiles and feels a surge of pride. His plans always work. (Well, they work except for when they fail. But that's just a minor detail.)

"All right, tell me! Tell me everything." Travis says triumphantly. (Oh, he's just so freaking awesome. It's a miracle his body hasn't exploded from containing his awesomeness.)

"Okay, okay! I guess since you said the whole camp knows, I might as well explain..." Grover sniffs. He appears to be upset but Travis could care less. Not only is he going to trick Grover out of some embarassing secret, he's gonna get his solution! Maybe the gods care about him after all. Oh, when Katie sees the romance he's gonna whip up, she's gonna regret ever doubting him.

Things are looking up for Travis!

Grover takes a deep breath.

"All right, so I'd just like to point out I'm a satyr, not a son of Aphrodite. It's not my fault I suck at being romantic! So Juniper thinks that a love poem that rhymes 'cheese' with 'please' is horrible! At least I tried! She should know after the picnic incident that I suck at romance! I mean, okay so I shouldn't have snapped at a dryad to 'go focus on photosynthesis instead of trying to steal our food' but I was irritated and-" Grover stops talking as Travis holds up a finger to shush him.

"Whoa, back up a second. Did you say you suck at romance?" Travis inquires. Oh gods, please let him be wrong. Grover blushes.

"Yeah, I do but-" Grover leaves the sentence unfinished as Travis's hands twitch due to his anger. Travis obviously is pissed off.

You know...There's a lot of things Travis could say right now. Many of them would make a sailor blush to the point that he starts leaking ketchup from the redness of his cheeks. Many of them are insults. Some are even incoherent bits of nonsensical babble.

But there's one question that for reasons unknown is the one that flies out of Travis's lips.

"How in Hades are you dating a nymph when you can't be romantic?"

He doesn't know why he asked that instead of strangling Grover. He just did. Grover kicks at a pebble on the floor; he's obviously unsure of how to formulate a response.

After a few seconds of deep thought (Travis sincerely hopes that Grover didn't hurt himself), Grover shrugs and simply says "Dunno."

Grover turns on his heels (...hooves?) and walks away, his slight limp present as always. Travis turns his head as he hears a series of high-pitched giggles emanating from a couple of Aphrodite girls sauntering past him. Travis gulps.

Desperate times call for desperate measures.


"So the mighty Travis Stoll has come to beg us for our expertise at last."

Travis is tempted to point out that he just knocked on their cabin's hideously pink door and they automatically knew the problem and that she (she being Izzy, one of the oldest Aphrodite daughters) is making it sound like he entered the cabin while crawling on his needs and offering his soul as payment.

However, the last thing he needs to do is anger Izzy as he does actually need her cabin's help. So he just nods while suppressing a gag at the over-powering scent of various designer perfumes.

"Word around the street is that you forgot your anniversary." Will pipes up. Travis remembers the unpleasant experience from a year ago involving that little brat. Unfortunately, he still can't beat him up. (Damn.)

Travis settle for clenching his teeth in frustration. Will smirks. "I'll take that as a yes."

Izzy shushes Will; she takes Travis by the shoulder and settles him down in a bright pink beanbag that kinda hurts his eyes a little. The ADHD part of him wonders why in Hades the guys living here tolerate this amount of pink in the cabin. But then he realizes that the girls outnumber the guys in this cabin and no guy in his right mind would challenge a mob of preppy teenage girls.

"Let's just cut to the chase. What does Katie like?" Izzy asks seriously. Travis doesn't even have to think.

"Flowers, chocolate-based cereal, and hurting me." Travis replies immediately. Will chuckles derisively. Bastard. Izzy smiles.

"So get her flowers." Izzy says simply. Travis bites his lower lip to hold back the laugh. Pssh. He's not so stupid as to believe it's that simple.

"Huh?" he blurts out.

Will mutters "Idiot."

Travis whispers some very colorful words. A rainbow of them, really.

Izzy smiles at him condescendingly. "Travis, she likes flowers. So get her flowers. Honestly, considering this is you and Katie we're dealing with, she'll be glad you bothered to buy her anything at all."

Travis feels insulted. Is he really such a bad person? Is he so pathetic that people expect him to forget anniversaries and prank them non-stop and not even bother to buy his girlfriend flowers? Is this the level he has sunk too?

Travis feels a little piece of his ego deflate.

A short blonde girl around the age of twelve or thirteen appears out of nowhere with a bouquet of lilies in various colors in one hand and a bouquet of white daisies in the other. Travis chooses the bouquet of lilies (Katie hates daisies and loves lilies); he immediately removes all the pink ones. The blonde girl arches her eyebrows.

"Katie hates pink." he mumbles. Her mouth drops open slightly as if she's thinking that hating pink is a crime worthy of execution. The girl looks as if she's about to say something but she apparently decides against it as she simply shrugs and walks away.

Travis sighs as he looks down at the bouquet. It's a bunch of blue and purple (Katie's favorite, he thinks) lilies. Maybe Katie's love of lilies will soften her up enough so that she doesn't brutally break up with Travis. Maybe she'll only be somewhat harsh.

"Thanks, I guess." he says in a somewhat defeated tone of voice. He's a failure. He can't even find a good enough gift for his girlfriend. In fact, he's such a fail that he deserves to be mocked about this by Connor for the rest of his life.

Travis turns around and starts to head out of the cabin, shoulders slumped.

"Where are you going?" Izzy calls out after him.

"Beach." he answers blankly.

"Should I tell Katie to meet you there?" Izzy says loudly. Travis shrugs.

"Sure, whatever." Travis replies. He doesn't care; Katie's dumping him and that's that. Travis lets out a sigh.

Well, at least there's a Capture-The-Flag game tonight. That means everybody will be wrapped up in the game and nobody will witness Katie breaking up with him.

The thought doesn't comfort him much.



Travis is tempted not to look away from the ocean. But it's Katie's voice so he can't help but look at her as she plops down next to him, mere inches away from the shoreline.

Katie studies Travis for a few moments and her gaze falls on the bouquet of flowers in Travis's fist.

"Is it safe to assume that those flowers are for me?" Katie says, smiling. The corners of Travis's lips twitch as he fights back a smile.

"No, actually, they're for this amazing girl I've been dating for a year. She's a daughter of Demeter; maybe you know her?" Travis replies, his trademark smirk starting to etch itself on his face. It's kinda hard for him to be upset when he's bantering with Katie. Katie chuckles as she takes the flowers from him.

Her smile widens as she inhales the scent of the flowers. "It's nice to know that you remembered lilies are my favorite. And half of these are purple, that's nice."

Travis feels a stab of anger. Even Katie expects him to be a bad person! What does she mean 'It's nice to know you remembered'? Did she expect him to not pay attention to her? To forget little details like the fact she loathes pink and will do almost anything for a granola bar?

Katie's eyebrows knit together in worry. "Travis? Are you okay? Your hands are twitching like they always do when you're mad..."

Travis blurts out his thoughts.

"Well, let's see. How do I begin? Let's start with the fact I'm a horrible person. I lied to you this morning when I said I had something planned for tonight. I had to go around asking a bunch of people for advice; what kind of boyfriend does that? I asked Grover for the gods' sake! That's how desperate I was! I went so far as to risk all my masculinity by entering the disgustingly girly place that is the Aphrodite cabin. I may never recover from the mental scarring! But you know what? I deserve the scars! I didn't even get the flowers myself! Some Aphrodite chick gave them to me. So yeah, of course I'm angry! I'm a fail and-"

Travis's rant halts when Katie kisses him abruptly. Not like he has a problem with it.

Eventually (unfortunately), Kate pulls away. Travis feels slightly dazed. He suddenly remembers what he was yelling about when Katie clamps her hand over his mouth.

"Don't talk. I just think you should know that I know everything you did today. I know about asking Annabeth, Chris, Grover, and the Aphrodite kids. I know pretty much everything you told them. And don't ask how I know for I will not divulge my ninja secrets. And let me just say, that you're not a horrible person. If you were, I wouldn't be dating you and I definitely would not love you. And you think that you're a bad boyfriend for going through all the crap you went through today when really, it makes you thoughtful." Katie says.

Travis doesn't really know how to answer. Partly because he expected Katie to castrate him and partly because Katie's hand is still over his mouth. He grabs Katie's hand and removes it from his face. Still clutching her hand, he starts thinking about what Katie said.

"You know," Travis says slowly, "I guess I am pretty awesome for dealing with the Aphrodite kids for you."

Katie smirks and nods her head in agreement. "Exactly. Not only that but you survived."

Travis smiles. "Yeah, I guess I did."

Katie scoots closer to Travis. "You know, Travis...I asked Chris about his conversation with you and it gave me an idea for my gift to you."

Katie smiles slyly at Travis. Travis smirks; he thinks he kinda knows what she's talking about.

"What is it?" he asks. Katie stands up and brushes the sand off her jeans.

"Why don't you follow me to my conveniently empty cabin and find out?" she says, her smirk growing wider.

Travis jumps up, grabs Katie by the wrist, and they head towards the Demeter cabin, laughing the whole way.

Maybe Travis should forget all his anniversaries with Katie.

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