Rose Weasley and the Keeper of the Fire

Chapter 1: Ride on the Hogwarts Express

Rose Weasley beamed at her cousin Albus as they boarded the train to Hogwarts. She'd heard it called multiple names, but the one that stuck in her head the longest was the name "Hogwarts Express." It sounded mysterious, a mystery, and that was what Hogwarts had remained to Rose ever since she'd heard about it at the tender age of two. She and Albus had speculated over the school for hours, wondering which house they would be placed into, what friends they would make there and which teachers where the nicest. James, Albus' brother, was all too happy to provide them with information, only they couldn't be sure if it was true or not.

But now, here they were, on the train. Grabbing Albus' hand, the two children began to walk down the narrow corridors in search of an empty compartment.

Someone rudely bumped into her from behind. Startled, she spun around to look into the grey eyes of the boy her parents had pointed out not ten minutes ago. Scorpius Malfoy- this boy was the enemy.

"Red hair, spotted face, you must be Rose Weasley," the boy said arrogantly. "I'm Scorpius Malfoy, but of course you must know that already. Pureblood son of Draco Malfoy- I'm a legacy. And who's this, Weasley, your boyfriend?"

"If you must know, he's my cousin," Rose spat, provoked already by the boy she'd known all of one minute. "Albus Potter- perhaps you've heard of him, son of Harry Potter, Saviour of the Wizarding World."

"Is he really?" Scorpius asked, peering curiously at Albus. Then, realizing his mistake, he straightened up quickly. "I'll hope you're not in my house, Weasley."

"I'll hope the same, Malfoy," Rose responded. "Actually, I'll hope that I don't see you again anytime soon. Have fun in Slytherin with the snakes."

"Have fun in Gryffindor with the fools," Scorpius replied with an innocent wave. Sticking her tongue out childishly, Rose drug Albus out away from Scorpius.

"Stuck up git," Rose mumbled under her breath. "Thinks he can get away with insulting me just because he's a pureblood. I'll show him, I will."

"Rose," Albus admonished. "Don't you think you were a bit too hard on him?"

"Too hard on him?" Rose practically shrieked. "Albus, he insulted my family and yours with the first sentence he spoke! How could I possibly be too hard on him?"

"I don't know," Albus shrugged, still peering into compartments. "I just think it's a bit too early to be making enemies. Oh, look, Rose- it's Lysander, Lorcan and...a girl I've never seen before."

"Me neither," Rose replied, looking in curiously. "Shall we join them?"

"Yes, we shall," Albus confirmed. Sliding open the glass door, Albus greeted. "Hello."

Lysander Scamander, the elder of the two twins, grinned. His twin, Lorcan, who was indistinguishable from Lysander except from the small scar above his eyebrow, smirked. The two boys had the same tousled brown hair and bright blue eyes.

Lysander, the more outgoing of the two, was the first to greet the two newcomers. "Rosie,! So good to see some fellow first years. Have a seat, won't you?"

"There are too many elder students here," grumbled Lorcan. "They make me feel short."

"That must be hard," Rose joked. Both Scamander twins took after their father in that they were tall boys, already 5 foot 8 though they were only 11 years of age. Glancing over towards the still-silent girl, Rose asked as nicely as she could manage, "What's your name?"

"I'm also a first year," The girl said.

Rose exchanged a confused look with Albus. "But what's your name?"

"Oh, my name?" The girl asked, seeming bewildered. "My name is Janelle. Janelle Elwood."

"Elwood?" Rose mulled. "I don't believe I've heard that surname before."

"Oh, no, I'm Muggle-born," Janelle replied dreamily. "I'd never thought there was such a thing- magical schools! My parents fell in love with the idea of a magic school as soon as they heard of it, and sent me as soon as I got my letter! I've heard of some Muggle parents being against magic. I suppose I'm very fortunate."

"You remind me of-" Lysander began.

"Mum!"Lorcan finished, doubling over in laughter. "Exactly what I was thinking, Lys!"

The food cart rolled by the door then, interrupting their 'discussion'. Lysander hopped up immediately. "Look, Lorcan, food!"

"I'm not too hungry," Lorcan replied. "Buy all you want, though- Mum's given us a good amount of money."

"All right!" Lysander cheered. Noticing the others, he quickly asked out of politeness, "Anyone want anything?"

"I'm not too hungry," Janelle informed them all. Her tone still had the dreamy aspect to it that made Lorcan and Lysander exchange glances once again.

Quickly, Rose told them, "I'd fancy a pack of Chocolate Frogs. But no worries- I'll pay for mine."

Lysander sighed in relief. Upon receiving a glare from Rose, he quickly explained, "I'm a poor child, Rosie, or else I would certainly pay for your- erm- Chocolate Frogs."

"They're good!" Rose protested.

"You actually eat them?" Albus looked as if he might become sick. "Rose!"

Rose shrugged. "Well, what else are they for?"

Janelle, who had been carefully observing them, told Rose, "You take after your father in attitude."

"My father? How do you know about him?" Rose wondered. She'd known her father was famous, having helped Harry Potter defeat Voldemort when he was just a few years older than Rose. However, she hadn't known that details of his fame had spread even to the Muggle-borns. She hadn't even known she would be recognized for her parentage- she had expected that with Albus, though.

Janelle leaned down and reached into her Muggle pocketbook, removing a large book. Pushing her glasses up her nose, she pushed the dirty blonde curls out of her eyes and flipped through the book. Once she'd arrived at the desired page, she skimmed it until she found what she was looking for. Her violet eyes lit up. "Here- it says, 'Ronald Bilius Weasley, sidekick to Harry Potter, is a redheaded wizard that enjoys Quidditch, food and making jokes. He is known for his bravery, even when faced with his biggest fears, and his sense of humour.'"

"I suppose I'm like him," Rose responded, "except I don't much like Quidditch. I find it rather boring."

"Boring?" Albus and Lysander said in unison, giving her identical looks. "How can you find Quidditch boring?"

"Mum finds it rather dangerous," Lorcan informed him. "She's always talking about Nargles in the air, her and Dad. I find it hard to want to get on a broom."

"What book is that, anyway?" Albus asked hurriedly.

"Oh, don't worry, I know of your parentage too," Janelle smiled. "Son of Harry Potter- what an honour!"

An honour? Rose questioned internally. It wasn't as if either of them had chosen their parentage. For whatever reason, they had just been born into their families. Not that Rose regretted it- no, she loved her family. But even though she loved being recognized as Ron and Hermione Weasley's daughter, she didn't consider it an honour as much as a privilege.

Beside her, Albus frowned. "I wasn't asking about my parentage, I already know much about that. But what book is that in?"

"Oh," Janelle frowned. Flipping her book over, she looked at the title. "Modern Heroes of the Wizarding World."

"Oh!" Rose's eyes lit up. "I've read that book- twice, in fact!"

"Twice?" Lysander's bright blue eyes enlarged to twice their size. "What? How could you have had time to read that whole humongous book twice?"

"She's a bookworm," Albus stated proudly, smiling at his cousin. "Just like her mum."

"So you got your mum's smarts," Janelle said, obviously still trying to figure her out. "And your dad's sense of humour."

"I suppose," Rose replied uncomfortably. Thankfully, their discussion over what Rose had inherited from whom was cut short by the compartment door sliding open once again. All heads turned to see Victoire Weasley, cousin of Rose and Albus.

"Rosie! Albus!" Victoire exclaimed, rushing over to her younger cousins and kissing them once on each cheek.

"Merlin, Victoire," Albus muttered, wiping off his cheeks. "You act like you didn't just see us thirty minutes ago."

"Or were you too busy snogging Teddy Lupin?" Rose teased.

Fire burned in Victoire's pale cheeks. She had her mum's fair blonde hair, but her father's pale skin and dark blue eyes. She scowled at her cousin. "It doesn't matter who I was- or wasn't- snogging. I'm here to welcome all of you to the school, officially, as Head Girl."

Albus stared at her, dumbfounded. "You got Head Girl?"

"Don't look at me like that," Victoire admonished. "My father got Head Boy, too. Anyway, aren't you going to introduce me to your friends?"

"Oh, right," Rose remembered. Nudging Lysander, whose mouth had fallen open at the mere sight of Victoire (probably because she was one eighth Veela), Rose told her, "Victoire, these are my friends Lorcan," Lorcan grinned at her, "and Lysander Scamander." Lysander finally closed his mouth. He smiled a lopsided grin at her. Disturbed, Victoire offered him a half-grin. "And this is my new friend, Janelle Elwood." Janelle beamed at her.

"I've heard of your parentage," Janelle informed her. "One eighth Veela- not to mention the werewolf blood! You should be a very interesting creature, indeed."

Being a very calm person, unlike Rose, Victoire just grinned. "So I'm not human, then?"

Janelle blushed. "That's not what I meant to imply. I'm sure you're human."

"Good," Victoire nodded. "The prefects will be coming 'round soon- you'd better watch out, Roxanne's a prefect for Gryffindor. The other prefect is that handsome lad Roxanne's had an eye on, Benjamin."

"How does Fred feel about that?" Rose asked.

"Says he doesn't care much for prefects," Victoire responded. "Well, that's a nice way of putting it- he actually said he doesn't give a rat's... bum, because prefects might as well be called prats."

Rose and Albus stifled laughs. "Well, thanks for the update, Victoire."

"You're welcome," Victoire grinned. Then the grin fell from her face and she looked at the five first-years grimly. "You better all be in Gryffindor. I'll expect to see you there."

They all nodded, and with a wave, Victoire left the compartment. Lysander was finally able to return to normal, after a smack in the head from Lorcan.

"Feeling alright there, brother?" Lorcan teased.

"Just fine," Lysander growled, rubbing the back of his head. "Why'd you have to hit me, anyway?"

"We were losing you," Lorcan smirked.

Janelle cut in. "What house do you suppose you'll be in?"

"I want to be in Gryffindor," Rose stated.

"Ravenclaw, like Mum," Lorcan grinned.

Lysander smacked the back of his head. "Ravenclaw's for prats. I want to be where the real fun is, in Gryffindor."

Albus hesitated. "I would like to be in Gryffindor, but now, I'm considering Slytherin."

All of them gasped. Rose felt her eyebrows hit the top of her forehead. She had always counted on the two of them being together in Gryffindor. Could Albus possibly be sorted into Slytherin?

Eager to change the subject, she asked, "What about you, Janelle?"

"I would like to be in Ravenclaw or Hufflepuff," Janelle told them with a small smile.

Before the discussion could continue any further, the door to the compartment slid open again. On the other side stood a familiar blonde haired boy who was grinning proudly. It seemed as if he had achieved something monumental on his very first day.

"Hello, I'm Scorpius Hyperion Malfoy," Scorpius informed them superiorly.

"Why are you here?" Lysander asked point-blank.

Scorpius scowled. "I've been sent here as a messenger for the Slytherin fifth-year prefects, Zabini and Tiffany. They say for you five to change into your robes because we are getting near to Hogwarts. That is all."

"Good, now get out of here," Lorcan demanded.

"Or what?" Scorpius smiled sickly. "Do any of you even know any hexes?"

Rose stood up threateningly. "I know a few, Scorpius Hyperion- and by the way, that is the most ridiculous name I've ever heard- and I'm not afraid to use them."

Scorpius moved closer to her. "Bring it on."

Her wand was touching his nose and his wand was touching hers at this point. The other four first years were watching apprehensively.

Suddenly, the door flew open, and Roxanne Weasley marched in. Seeing her cousin, she gasped. "Rose! Fighting on the first day? This is not what you've been taught!"

"We're hardly fighting," Rose mumbled, staring at the floor. Her gaze then caught Scorpius', and he seemed to be trying not to laugh. Angrily, Rose stepped on his foot. He yelped and grabbed it.

"She stepped on my foot!" Scorpius informed Roxanne.

Roxanne glared at both of them. "Both of you, come along."

Glaring at Scorpius, Rose followed Roxanne to the Prefect's Carriage. The Head of Gryffindor, Professor Bell, sat there. She looked Rose up and down. "Oh, another Weasley. You must be Rose Weasley. I knew your father and mother in school."

"Yes," Rose grinned. "They've mentioned knowing you."

"Professor," Roxanne cut in. "I've caught these two preparing to duel."

Professor Bell frowned. "Duel? How? They're only first years; they don't know any spells."

"Well, I can't speak for the blonde boy," Roxanne began, "but Rose has been learning spells for quite a while now. I'd expect she could duel anyone, no problem."

"Is this true?" Professor Bell's eyes concentrated on Rose.

Rose gulped. "Yes."

"I see," Professor Bell nodded. "Troublemaker just like your parents. Well, we'll deal with this later. Go put on your robes, both of you. We've just arrived."

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Hermione/Ron: Rose, Hugo

Harry/Ginny: James, Albus, Lily

Percy/ Audrey: Molly II, Lucy

George/Angelina: Fred II, Roxanne

Bill/Fleur: Victoire, Dominique, Louis


Luna/ Rolf : Lysander, Lorcan


Astoria/Draco : Scorpius

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