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The Answer Lies Behind Viridian Glass

What exactly is this? Draco wondered as Harry pushed him against the wall. A stolen moment in an empty room seemed to be all they had. Harry's soft, warm lips pressed against his, the tip of his tongue tracing Draco's lower lip, and his defenses collapsed once again.

They always did where Harry was concerned.

There in that room it didn't matter that they were on opposing sides of a war, that one of them could die at the hand of the other. Draco's acquiescnese to the Dark Side and Harry's fight for the Light was of no concern when the two boys touched.

All of it melted away.

There wasn't Draco's Mark or Harry's scar, Slytherin or Gryffindor, just kisses, passion, and for Draco Malfoy, love. That thought nearly brought Draco to his knees as he poured everything he felt into that kiss. He wondered, like he did with every illicit touch, if he should tell Harry.

Would it make a difference?

If Harry felt the same, would Draco be strong enough to walk away from his House, his family, his everything?

Draco wrapped his hands around Harry's neck, then they both wrapped Draco's legs around Harry's waist.

"Oh, gods... Draco," Harry moaned when their erections ground together, and in that instant Draco knew.

The answer was yes.

Harry was worth giving it all up and together they would fight. Whether they triumphed or fell, it would all be worth it because they would be together. He only hoped that Harry felt the same way.

"Harry," Draco cried out as his back slammed against the wall repeatedly with every thrust from Harry's hips against his. The only sounds in the room were the pants and grunts of the boys who were writhing shamelessly through their robes, racing to completion in that one of so many stolen moments.

As Draco felt his release tearing through his blood, he grasped Harry's face in his hands, kissed him, and rasped, "I love you."

Harry's eyes flew open, bright and shiny, smooth as glass, and in that look Draco had his answer. It was there all along; all he had to do was see.

"Love you, too," Harry groaned as he came hard against Draco, smashing his mouth to his, kissing him until they both slid down to the floor. Harry's fingers combed through Draco's silky locks and Draco listened to the thundering of Harry's heart.

There they remained until they had to return, parting at the door with a chaste meeting of lips. Draco left first, turning around to look at Harry one last time and in those endless green eyes, he saw forever.