A crossover story of: Star Trek 2009, about four years after the Nero Incident; Serenity, about one year after the Operative Incident; Battlestar Galactica 2003, during the second season episode "Lay Down Your Burdens Part II", from the point when the fleet finds New Caprica; and, Doctor Who, sometime between the fourth series episodes "Journey's End" and "The End of Time".

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Chapter 01: The Exordium

Ambassador Spock

For the sake of clarity, which, at times, can be extremely difficult under the circumstances, I will use the designation "Prime" when referring to the reality/universe of which I was born into, and "Alternate" when referring to the reality/universe of which I currently reside. Four years ago, when Nero stranded me on T'Khut (Delta Vega in the Alternate standard tongue) so that I may watch the destruction of Vulcan, I instantly realized that I had not only traveled in space and time when emerging from the Hobus Singularity, but in realities. This Alternate reality was vastly different than the Prime one I had left behind. Aside from T'Khut's different designation in the standard tongue (the Delta Vega in the Prime Universe was, at the time, an automated lithium cracking station far from Vulcan); the Alternate Delta Vega was an ice world, lacking the great geologic activity of my T'Khut (known as Charis in the Prime standard tongue) due to its close proximity to Vulcan. Looking up in the cold blue sky, Vulcan seemed so far away. Though I knew that this was not my Vulcan being destroyed, I could not control the feeling that it was. My young counterpart of this Alternate reality was under the impression, and understandably so, that Nero's appearance and attack upon the USS Kelvin was the only event which had altered the his reality, this Alternate reality. The event did cause a departure from the timeline that would have been, but it was hardly the first or the only one. It was, rather, one of many.

There were too many discrepancies for Commander Spock's conclusion to be the case, but he would not have noticed them because he knows only this Alternate reality and none other. Just my experience alone on the Enterprise, NCC-1701, has shed much light on the enormity of differences: although the general shape of the Enterprise is the same, the size, strength, speed and complexity of the vessel (revealing much in the ideologies leading to its technological design as well as political and military directives and their differences from that of the Prime reality) are vastly different; the cultural integration of the vessel was equally vast and complex (including species which have been considered hostile or nonexistent in the Prime reality) instead of Spock being the sole non-human aboard, as I was; Curiously, the construction of the Enterprise was at the Riverside Shipyards in Iowa with its completion in 2258 instead being constructed in San Francisco Shipyards with its completion in 2245. Additionally, there are many curiosities (anomalies?) pertaining the counterparts of the crew for which I have had the honor of serving with in the Prime reality, some minor, some extremely complex.

Captain James Tiberius Kirk: My closest friend, was born on stardate 1277.1 (22 March 2233 of the Terran Gregorian Calendar) in the Prime reality where in this Alternate reality, his counterpart was born on stardate 2233.04 (14 January 2233 of the Terran Gregorian Calendar, 67 days earlier than in the Prime reality), a premature birth resulting from Nero's attack on the USS Kelvin directly (and indirectly, the result of my failure to save Romulus as I had promised. A failure which had also resulted in the premature death of his father, Lieutenant George Kirk). All these events were set in motion in the Prime reality and carried over to the Alternate reality; Jim's counterpart grew up in Iowa with his Uncle instead of off world (which, in this case was a blessing, in a way, since it spared him the atrocities of Governor Kodo of Tarsus IV); According to Admiral Christopher Pike, the counterpart of Fleet Captain Christopher Pike of the Prime reality (a dear friend who was confined to a mobile life support unit with the very limited ability to communicate with the society around him, cared for by the Talosians), Jim was once known to the Iowa State Police as "the only genius level repeat offender of the Mid-West"; Jim's Alternate counterpart also never met Ben Finney, Gary Mitchell, or Carol Marcus and had never served on the USS Republic or USS Farragut; The Alternate Jim was promoted to Captain of the USS Enterprise at the age of 25, where in the Prime reality, Prime Jim had obtained it at the age of 31; A curiosity occurring prior to the Nero incident is that Jim's brother's name is George Jonathan Kirk in this Alternate reality where in the Prime reality Jim's brother's name is George Samuel Kirk.

Hikaru Sulu: The Hikaru Sulu which I had served with in the Prime universe, a young man of Japanese descent born in San Francisco, California, Earth, was originally Enterprise's Chief Physicist. Later, upon the recommendation of Captain Kirk, began to pursue a career in command, transferring to flight operations. The Hikaru's counterpart of this Alternate reality is a real anomaly. He does, yet, does not appear to have one. The counterparts of Hikaru's parents in the Alternate reality seem to have adopted a child of Chinese descent and named him Hikaru. It would appear that the Alternate Hikaru had a very similar upbringing and had chosen to pursue many of the same desires that Prime Hikaru had, but Alternate Hikaru had chosen to directly pursue a command career and partake in flight operations. This fact creates an interesting case study on many levels, not the least pertaining to skills, customs and habits which are inherent as opposed to learned, and intelligence as opposed to extelligence. Additionally, what events let to the Sulus adopting?

Montgomery Scott: Though both experienced almost exactly the same events, to the best of my research and knowledge, both experienced very different outcomes. What had led to the promotion and praise for the Prime Montgomery Scott, led to the virtual exile of his counterpart in this Alternate reality. As unfortunate as it seemed to the Alternate Mr. Scott, his virtual exile served to greatly assist in the positive outcome of the Nero incident, including his early promotion as Chief Engineer of the USS Enterprise.

Pavel Andreievich Chekov: Pavel Chekov is another fascinating anomaly. In the Prime reality, Mr. Chekov was a prodigy. It was an honor to mentor him. Bright and intuitive to the point that math and science were as music to a great composer. There was not much that young Mr. Chekov was not capable of. Young Mr. Chekov of the Prime reality pales in comparison to the younger Mr. Chekov of this Alternate reality. Even more fascinating is that Mr. Chekov of this Alternate reality was born four years earlier than his counterpart in the Prime. Could this have been a contributing factor to the difference in the level of intelligence? In addition to the aforementioned, and this is less of a surprise considering the facts that were pointed out, Alternate Mr. Chekov graduated from Starfleet Academy at age of 17 instead of 22, as his counterpart in the Prime reality did. Other than being conceived at an earlier time (which in itself is curious as to why), what set of circumstances has led to these more than great differences.

Leonard H. McCoy: Doctor McCoy, other than divorcing and enlisting in Starfleet at a later time in this Alternate reality as opposed to his counterpart in the Prime, he seems to be just as emotional, outspoken and generally irritating in this Alternate reality as he did when I served with the Prime counterpart. My counterpart in this Alternate reality will come to love and respect him for it in the coming decades.

Nyota Uhura: I have noticed that both counterparts are equally brilliant in the field of xenolinguistics, however, and this is due to the timeline of this Alternate reality, this Alternate Ms. Uhura was familiar with languages which the Prime one had not encountered until much later in her career, if at all. Additionally, and this is most curious, the Alternate Ms. Uhura has an intimate relationship with Commander Spock, my counterpart. Since Commander Spock was stationed at Starfleet Academy in this Alternate reality, where I was stationed aboard the Enterprise under the command of Captain Christopher Pike in the Prime, it seems to have provided the opportunity for a course of events to allow for this type of interaction between the two.

Commander Spock: My Alternate counterpart seems to have had the exact same upbringing that I had, including the incident where, at the age of seven, while undertaking the Kahs-Wan, I was saved by my cousin Selek (my older self). The only difference, as minor (in the larger scheme of things) an incident as it was, I-Chaya, my counterpart's Sehlat, survived his ordeal with the le-matya. It seems that from the point where my young counterpart departed Vulcan for Earth, the similarities in our lives ended. Though we both developed the Kobayashi Maru as a final work for graduation from Starfleet Academy, my counterpart remained at Starfleet Academy as an instructor, where I was assigned to the USS Enterprise, as mentioned, under the United Earth Space Probe Agency. Commander Spock of this Alternate reality experienced losses the like of which I have never even come close to: Witnessing the loss of his mother in a fall to her death; and, watching Vulcan consumed by a singularity, leaving him a member of an endangered species (approximately 10,000 Vulcans were able to escape in one form of craft or another the fate of Vulcan. The actual number of surviving Vulcans from all the colonies are on the order of less than 4.4 million. I am unable to be more specific at this time. Vulcans have not numbered this few in millennia. On a galactic scale, we are indeed an endangered species. I say 'we' since this is situation that I am now a part of as well).

Christine Chapel and Janice Rand seem to have little or no differences to their counterparts that I can detect other than being assigned to the Enterprise at a different date.

These discrepancies alone suggest many more differences between this Alternate reality and that of the Prime, whether minor or otherwise. For the past four years, I have searched many historical archives in an attempt to discover the major points of divergence, with reference to the political, economic and military anomalies. I found it illogical to pursue changes pertaining to that of species (though I am of the mind that the Preservers in this Alternate reality had conducted themselves differently than those of the Prime reality since all the species in this Alternate United Federation of Planets which I had never encountered in the Prime one are humanoids) or to differences in heavenly bodies (I may never be able to account what initiated this apparent butterfly effect).

This search began with the help of Mr. Keenser while at the Starfleet outpost on T'Khut, where I believe that I had found where and when some of the major divergences occurred, shedding much light onto some of the political, economic and military decisions made in the Alternate Starfleet's, among other agencies', mission priorities and designs. Prior to my departure from the Prime universe, Ambassador Jean-Luc Picard had told me of his personal experiences when attempting to stop the Borg from altering Earth's history. During the Battle of Sector 001, the Enterprise E followed a Borg sphere through a temporal vortex on stardate 50893 of the Prime reality (stardate 2373 of the Gregorian Calendar). He and his crew encountered Doctor Zefram Cochrane in 2063. If it was not the Jean-Luc Picard of whom I am acquainted with which participated in the action in this Alternate reality, then it was a counterpart of his from a reality closely resembling that of the Prime one. Further, circumventing security protocols, I was able to identify a number of events which took place in this Alternate universe that I am confident did not occur in the Prime one. One major example: the Temporal Cold War. It was discovered that the Alternate Romulan Star Empire had infiltrated high level positions in the Alternate Vulcan political, economic and military institutions with the help of an entity from the future, who, according to the intelligence agencies examining the era, was the same entity which assisted the Suliban. The analysts believe this entity to be a Romulan. After reviewing what was available to me, I tend to agree. The infiltration of Romulan agents into the Vulcan High Command under the influence of the future Romulan may explain many discrepancies in Vulcan's policies, including why Vulcan did not embrace first contact with the Terrans as they did in the Prime universe. The Romulan Star Empire was a great mystery during this time period in the Prime reality, even to the majority of Vulcans. Here in the Alternate reality, Nyota Uhura, a human Starfleet cadet was familiar with all three major dialects of the Romulan language. The Alternate Coalition of Planets, the precursor of the Alternate United Federation of Planets had diminished Romulan capacity to a point where other powers were able to take advantage of the empire. This series of events led to the diminishment of Romulan influence in this Alternate reality and had averted the Terran-Romulan war thus causing the Alternate Romulan Star Empire to develop into an atrophied shadow of what the Prime one had become. This has led to, among other things, a stronger Klingon Empire which had obtained Romulan technology through conquest rather than cooperation. The Klingons of this point of time have had a practical cloaking technology for many decades, where in the Prime reality they have none.

Another consequence of the Terran experience in this Alternate reality has caused Earth to become a much more dominant member in the United Federation of Planets. Though much more open to cultural diversity, it is "domineering", for lack of a better term, in Intersystem affairs, in the name of United Federation of Planets security in general and Terran security in particular. This direction has manifested itself in many substantial differences including the integration of systems and species unknown or considered hostile during the comparative era of the Prime reality. Encounters with the Borg, the Xindi, and temporal agents have led to this state of semi paranoia which did not exist in the Prime universe. One small and seemingly minor example of this "dominance" can be traced to the stardate. In this Alternate reality, the stardate is compliant with the Terran Gregorian Calendar (at least in years. Each hundredth of a stardate (0.01) is exactly 3 days, 15 hours, 39 minutes, 41.00 seconds long when calculated in timepieces of the Prime reality. Each hundredth of a stardate is in turn divided into 24 hour increments, meaning that although the terminology of 24 hour days, 60 minute hours, 60 second minutes, etc. is used in this reality, each day is approximately 3.6256 times longer than the Prime reality. Actual terrestrial (Terran) chronometrical measurements are the same in both realities).

Currently, instead of continuing to attempt to find all the different nuances between realities, I have elected to resume pursuing my primary goal, which had begun in the Prime reality, and attempt reunification. I am not sure what it will entail, now that Vulcan is no longer and its culture and heritage all but gone, but I must try in any case. My father, excuse me, Commander Spock's father, Ambassador Sarek, has tried to discourage me from pursuing this endeavor, but it would not be the first time that I had heard such protests. I plan on meeting with the Federation Council in the near future to present my itinerary. I hope that I will meet with a more positive audience than I had in the Prime reality. If this United Federation of Planets had absorbed so much with such enthusiasm, then perhaps there is hope that peace and cooperation may be had between the Romulan Star Empire and the United Federation of Planets. After all, at this time in the Prime reality, no one would have imagined an alliance with the United Federation of Planets and the Klingon Empire.


Carol Marcus

Carol Marcus had just received her doctorate in molecular biology and was sure that, at the age of 19, she was ready for anything. Terraforming was nothing new, but it was what interested her most. She had applied for a position at the United Federation of Planets Cultural Observation Outpost at 34Tauri(2020). Her mentor had connections and she didn't let up till he used them (not that he had to work hard. As soon as they reviewed Carol's official CV, they were more than happy to accept her). Carol questioned her mentor repeatedly about what he was doing and who he was talking to. If she wasn't so damn cute and so damn brilliant and so damn persuasive, he thought to himself on more than one occasion, I would make sure that she would be expelled from the campus permanently. He secretly wanted to be with her, but he knew that those were the day dreams of a "dirty old man". Perhaps Carol knew this of her mentor and secretly used it against him. He eventually became so comfortable around her, and so used to her presence, that he sometimes, accidentally, mind you, blurted out something that was semi-confidential. Perhaps, subconsciously, he really didn't care or thought that the information wasn't so important and wanted to tell her only because he knew what her reaction would be. He also knew that she could be trusted. Carol knew that whatever was said or done within these chambers, stayed within these chambers. This was one of those times, but he did not want her to know that she was already cleared for the information that he was about to reveal and thus privy to it. Information, he knew, she would consume hungrily. He was going to enjoy every second of it.

"Helioforming?" Carol repeated incredulously, "What do you mean helioforming?"

"I lose myself around you," the mentor got up and walked to the other end of the room littered with books, pads and equipment. "I should not have said that."

"But you did," she turned around in her chair following him as he moved, "Spill it professor, you said helioforming. Is that what I think it means?"

"What do you think?" The professor found what he was looking for, a bottle with a bright green liquid inside. He began moving things around looking for something else while Carol was mulling over the news. He found it, a glass that has probably not been washed in a long while.

"They are creating suns?" More rhetorical than an actual question, Carol looked astonished at the revelation, not even aware that she had blurted it out. When she saw the glass he was pouring his drink into, astonishment turned into nausea. "Don't you think you should wash that?"

The professor turned back to her, and then looked at the glass, "I just disinfected it with my drink." Looking at her for a moment, seeing her disapproval, he let out a humph, "It's fine, it's sterile."

"How is that done?" Carol is overcome by awe.

"This liquid is alcohol, alcohol can sterilize anything."

"You know that's not true and you know I don't mean the glass." Carol waited a few more seconds. When he didn't respond, she raised her voice, "You know perfectly well what I mean."

Again, he lets out a humph. Returning to the seat across from her, he sits down heavily, almost spilling his drink. Looking to see that he saved every last drop, he notices that Carol has not moved her eyes from him. "I am not allowed to say."

Carol was in shock. She had never heard him say something like that to her before. Carol couldn't believe it. She looked him in the eyes, but couldn't read him. This was wrong. She could always guess what was going through his mind. He's up to something, she told herself. Carol's expression changed from shock to stern.

Carol's mentor tried not to look amused. He hoped he succeeded. Another minute of silence, then, "That is, yesterday I wouldn't have been allowed to say, but you have been approved to join the COO at 34Tauri(2020)." He wasn't quite sure what happened, but his drink wound up all over him, as well as a short blonde with blue eyes hugging him and kissing him.

"You need a shave," Carol let out after she began to get burns on her lips from kissing him on the cheek a few times.

"And, it appears, a new drink as well. Have you no restraint, girl? What kind of scientist are you?"

"An extremely ecstatic one." Carol gets up and he begins to wipe himself off with his hands. Carol sees a box of tissues on half covered wit books. She manages to pull it out without creating an avalanche an hands it to him. Her mentor, in the mean time has found his glass and stares at its emptiness. "Here, give me your glass, I'll pour you another." Carol took the glass and went to the general location where she had seen the professor, her mentor, with the bottle. Where could he have hidden it so quickly without her noticing? She moved some things around and saw a glimpse of crystal with a green hue. "Well, don't keep it a secret, tell me about it."

"First bring me my glass. Furthermore, it is a secret."

"I will, you started it, and I can listen while I pour." She said as she took the bottle and headed for a small sink to clean the glass.

"The system has eight stars, two (B and C) in a joint orbit and three (F, G and H) located within a dense toroidal nebula with interesting EM properties. The UFPCOO is located hidden behind a duck blind on one of the asteroids located in the third belt of 'G'. The brown dwarves located in the system orbiting stars A through E, have somehow been altered to become dwarf stars. I don't know how, I am not privy to that information, but now you are and will probably learn about it once you're there." Carol rolled her eyes, not believing him, but also making sure that he didn't see, just in case. The professor continued, "The native inhabitants are human, apparently descended…"

"Human?" Carol turned around with the drink, almost spilling it. Suddenly she noticed something with the professor, "When did you have time to change your shirt?"

"Not only can I talk and dress simultaneously, I can also chew gum and walk at the same time." Carol walks over and hands him the drink. He takes it, "Sit down over there and don't come close till I finish it." Carol smiles and does as she's told. "Now, where was I," the professor pauses for a moment, gathering his thoughts, "Oh, yes, apparently they are descended from the Exodus that took place during the first decade of the 22nd century toward the end of the Post Atomic Horror. According to Vulcan historical records there were vehicles of many sorts which left Earth and due to an inherent defect of the warp generators, the fleet had disappeared. That's actually why the Vulcans decided to help the Terran Starfleet of the time. They were afraid that we would contaminate the trade routes and putting their transports at risk."

"Wait a second," Carol interrupted, "I thought that the Vulcan's didn't believe in time travel till the Nero incident (not that I'm so sure that they'll publicly admit it anyway)?"

"I knew you were a fast study," he told her cynically. After seeing her make a face (Did she actually stick her tongue out at me?), he continued, "Interesting double standard, isn't it? Anyway," He waited for her to become serious again then continued, "the theory is this: these people were certain that Earth would no longer sustain life and they left looking for greener pastures. One of the world governments at the time, an Anglo-Sino Alliance, decided that 34Tauri(2020) would be their best bet. They somehow stole blueprints for Cochrane's warp drive, built it not exactly to specifications, and somehow created a stable temporal anomaly in an area of space that each of their convoy went through over a period of time. All of them wound up where they wanted to be, but, unknown to them, about half a millennia prior to when they wanted to be.

"The Vulcans destabilized the temporal anomaly and didn't bother to tell Earth at the time that it was there or what happened to the vessels. Without a clue of what happened to them, the people of the Exodus assumed that everyone on Earth was dead when telemetry from Earth ceased (at the time anomaly was destabilized) and that they were all that was left of humanity."

"If all this is true, it would have been locked away. How did you find out?"

"I don't know what you're talking about, and we've never had this conversation." The Professor got up and headed toward the door. He stopped and turned around toward Carol, "You going to stay here all night, are you?"

"Is that it?" Carol got up and headed toward him, "Is that all you are going to tell me?"

"It's after midnight and I have a class tomorrow morning." After a moment of a stern face, he smiled, "Besides, you have till 0800 tomorrow morning to pack your bags and get to the station or you'll miss your transport."

"0800?" She said in shock, "why didn't you tell me?" Carol ran out of the office and headed home to pack. The "dirty old man" smiled to himself, pleased.


The next morning at 0600, she realized that she had no clue of where to go. "Which station?" Carol shouted out. She called the professor in a panic. In his thick Russian accent, he shot, "You ready yet? I've been waiting for you outside for almost an hour."

Realizing now that he had planned on escorting her to the station all along, she asked, "How am I going to take all this stuff with me?"

"You know, without experience, genius doesn't mean a hell of a lot. Someone will be by and make sure that all your stuff is dealt with. You did pack everything, didn't you?"

Carol didn't know what to do. She packed her clothes and some personal effects, but the rest of her belongings where all over the place. As she looked at the chaos around her apartment, she answered, "Kind of…"

"Have you packed your clothes, hygienics and personal files?"

"Yes, but what about the rest of…"

"Don't worry about it," He cut her off, enjoying the panic of youthful inexperience, I'm a bad man, he smiled to himself. He considered for a moment, then decided to let her off the hook, "I'll make sure that you receive everything that you need and the rest will be put in storage. Get your ass down here already before you'll be late and embarrass the hell out of me by showing that I was exaggerating my praises for you. Once you're there and they can't reach me so easily, you can screw up to your heart's content." The professor closed the line when he saw Carol running out of the front entrance of the complex toward him. When she entered the vehicle, he looked her dead in the eyes and said, "It's about time." As soon as the professor's eyes were on the road, Carol turned toward him for a fraction of a second made a face and stuck her tongue out at him.


Commander Spock

First Officer's Personal Log, USS Enterprise NCC-1701, Stardate 2262.73, Commander Spock Recording.

I have just returned from an extended leave with my father and Ambassador Spock, my older self from another reality. We have completed a tour of the Vulcan colonies. Some, like Paan Mokar (also known as Weytahn in the Andorian Standard Tongue), P'Jem and Vulcanis Lunar, are older than the Federation itself. Of five major colonies and dozens of minor ones, all located on different worlds in systems in the proximity of 40 Eridani, census indicates that there are approximately 4.4 million Vulcans left of a population which numbered more than six billion. The Vulcan colony, which Ambassador Spock helped found, has become the new home of our culture, knowledge and Katra. The new Praetor and Senate have moved into their permanent campus, however there is much work to be done with regards to the rest of the High Command's councils, ministries, directorates and academies. The new seat of Vulcan is both a reminder of the savage end Vulcan had suffered and that of a hopeful beginning (not logical, I know, but these have been difficult times).

Ambassador Spock has told us much of the Vulcan he has grown up on. I found it quite fascinating that our childhood was identical, with the exception of I-Chaya. He has told me that his mother had lived to an old age (for a Human) and that my father did as well (living well into the mid 24th century). He has also told me of his experiences with what he termed as 'Reunification', how important he believed it was, the sacrifices he made in order to obtain it, and his plans to continue the effort in this reality. My father had objected. When asked what I think, I could offer no persuasive argument one way or the other, I simply had not considered it and don't know anything at all on the subject. Ambassador Spock smiled. I was unprepared for such a response. I was unsure as how to react. Ambassador Spock told me that he had not considered the matter at my age. He went on to tell us about the UFP-Klingon Alliance which he and his (my?) father participated in and described the political and economic necessities regarding the situation of the time (his past and our future(?)).

I find Ambassador Spock to be very emotional. Could it be that he inherited much more of his mother's genome than I did? Could it be that one day, I will find myself lacking when considering only logic? It doesn't sound likely, but time will tell. Ambassador Spock was especially emotional when discussing his crewmates from his Enterprise, and mine.

I have to admit, if Spock did not convince me to give Jim Kirk a second chance, I probably would not have gotten to know him as I do now. Now, I find it difficult not to imagine him around while on duty (and off duty playing chess).

Additionally, Ambassador Spock had discussed his friendship with Dr. McCoy. I have found the verbal matches with Dr. McCoy very pleasing and entertaining, even though I make sure that I reflect only annoyance.

As much as I deny that the two are dear to me, it seems that Nyota has always been able to read me as an open book. And, it seems, does Ambassador Spock. Only my father seems oblivious to such matters (although it would not surprise me if he had some insight).

As pleasing as it was to be with my father and my older self, it is pleasing, if not more so, to be back.

Nyota has planned a private evening for the both of us in my quarters. I find myself eager to join her and not consider anything else during this period. Tomorrow, I return to duty. Tonight, I recover from my leave.

End Log.


The Doctor

He was wearing a blue gray button down shirt with pin stripes, the top button unfastened with his tie loose around his neck, a wrinkled slender brown pinstripe suit with close fitting pants and a tight jacket (all the buttons were fasten except for the bottom one, for some reason, he never managed it for his hands often loved to be in his pockets) and extremely worn white Converse All Star trainers. His brown trenchcoat was thrown over one of the banisters. The Doctor was in deep thought. All he could think about was "four knocks". Was he really going to die? He hated prophecies. Well, that wasn't exactly true (he actually loved them), but in this case, it was. Sitting in the chair with hands in his pockets and feet on the central console: brooding, agonizing, dwelling, considering, desponding, speculating, lamenting, and worrying. In short, the Doctor was so self absorbed that he did not notice that the TARDIS was throwing a fit till he hit the ground.

"Oi," The Doctor looked up from where he landed. "What are you on about?" Getting up, he looked over the controls to see what was going on, all the time, rubbing his buttocks and lower back with both hands. He just managed to grab hold of something when gravity seemed to have switched from the floor to the wall behind him, "Oi, What's this?" Everything was suddenly right side up. There was no movement, no sound. All of a sudden there was a knock at the door. Three knocks actually. The Doctor stood absolutely still, as if paralyzed and listened. No fourth knock. Was he relieved? He wasn't sure.

"Doctor!" came a female voice from outside. Curious, the Doctor went to the door and cautiously opened it. There was a very short girl about 25 years old at the door with very long strawberry-blonde hair and blue green eyes wearing what seemed to be a nightgown with the bottom in tatters and a sash of the same material tied around her very slender waist and her feet wrapped up, also in the same material as the dress. "Hi," she said looking up at him as he opened the door. After a second of him looking down at her with absolutely no reaction other than shock and his mouth hanging open, she rolled her eyes and then pushed her way in. She gave a quick look around, "You've changed the theme. I like it. Much better than the spartan look that you always insisted on having. What changed your mind?"

The Doctor looked outside the doors at the location the TARDIS landed. Was this E-Space? He looked back at the girl playing and working with the console. She looked up at him. He asked, "Romana?" The girl smiled a great big hypnotic smile, all teeth and bright eyes.

Romana looks him over from top to bottom. "You have humongous teeth and ears," she noticed, approaching him, and continued, "They're kind of disproportionate to the rest of you."

He was taken aback at the remark, "Oi! You're one to talk! For someone who's so skinny and tiny, you've got yourself a pair of humongous..." He paused, looking for the right word, "uh, humongous, uh, em, uh, ..." not sure of what to say, the doctor just kept gesturing toward them while keeping his distance. What word would suffice? When Romana mouthed the word 'mammae', then the doctor obliged by repeating it out loud, "mammae. Thank you."

"Yes, well," Romana said in a happy go lucky manner looking down at them, "I'm still getting used to them. They're kind of a pain in the back, but I kind of like them. I think that they're sort of fun, don't you? Anyway, don't be so defensive. You look cute. I bet you look even cuter when you smile with those teeth. So let's see."

Finally coming to terms that he is actually seeing her, and that he is not alone, he smiles as he has seldom smiled before, "Yes I am. I am cute. And so are you, you beautiful you. And you are here! I love it that you are here. By the way, how did the Lady President of Galifrey wind up here?"

"Rassilon," she said, her smile fading with his question. Upon her reaction, the Doctor's smile faded as well. Romana continued, "He wasn't too happy that I was making peace overtures and decided to take power and exile me here."

The Doctor headed for the console, pulled out his tortous-shell rimmed square glasses and put them on, and looked over the readings around the console. "How long have you been here?"

"I don't know, exactly. Time here does not flow as it does in N-Space." She looks at him, "You know that. He sent me here while I was in my sleep chambers. Didn't even let me get dressed. Even worse, when later I regenerated, I wound up being a great deal shorter than I was previously and had to improvise my attire a little."

"I see," The doctor looked up from his console at Romana. "How did you get the TARDIS' attention?"

Romana came closer to the Doctor, looking at what he was doing at the console, "I scavenged material and built a make shift Spatio-Temporal Beacon."

The Doctor checked his instruments and confirmed with Romana, "No one else stranded here, I'm guessing."

"No, just me, myself and I. You mind if I get bathed and dressed? It's been a while."

"Be my guest. You can manage by yourself, yes?"

"Be back in a bit." Romana left the control room and headed into the bowels of the TARDIS.

The Doctor began concentrating on the controls remembering the procedure for returning to N-Space. Everything went smoothly with the TARDIS, but he returned the the same position he was in before arriving in E-Space: The Doctor was in deep thought. All he could think about was "four knocks". Was he really going to die? He hated prophecies. Well, that wasn't exactly true (he actually loved them), but in this case, it was. Sitting in the chair with hands in his pockets and feet on the central console: brooding, agonizing, dwelling, considering, desponding, speculating, lamenting, and worrying. In short, the Doctor was so self absorbed that he did not notice that the TARDIS was throwing another fit till he hit the ground. This time, so did Romana, right behind him. Wearing a tight royal blue v-neck T-shirt, a pair of tighter slightly worn jeans, very worn white Converse All Stars and a very oversized hooded black jacket with the sleeves rolled up revealing the fleece lining, she had finished freshening herself and returned to the control room, hoping to come up behind the doctor and surprise him out of his melancholy, only to be dropped on her posterior, just as the Doctor had.

"Oi," The Doctor looked up from where he landed. "What are you on about again?" Getting up, he looked over the controls to see what was going on, all the time, rubbing his buttocks and lower back with both hands.

"That's an expression I have never heard you use. Something you picked up from your visits with the Earthlings I gather?" Romana grabbed hold of the back of the chair and pulled herself up, also rubbing her buttocks and lower back with both hands, "Ouch!"

"You OK?" the Doctor looked over at her.

"Yeah, just my pride. How about you?"

"Yeah, just my pride, too." The Doctor continued to check out the TARDIS controls. "We seem to be in some kind of store room."

"Did we reach N-Space?"

"Yes we did, but something's different," The Doctor looked at her, noticing, "you managed to find everything in your size except for the jacket? You're drowning in that."

"That's what's different?" Romana just looked at him.

"No," the Doctor refocused on the task at hand, "With these readings, I think that it's an alternate reality. The lights are still on and nothing has died, so I'm guessing that this reality is close enough to ours that the power isn't sour. The TARDIS is showing a variety of lifeforms in the vicinity. We're located on an asteroid behind an invisibility screen." The Doctor looks at Ramona and smiles that big wide toothy smile and says, "Your excellency Romanadvoratrelundar, former Lady President of Galifrey, may I have the honor of inviting you on another adventure?"

Romana looks the Doctor dead in the eyes, "I like the jacket," then suddenly, she smiles widely, adventure truly in her eyes, and runs for the door.

"Allons-y", the Doctor exclaims, watching her excitement, then runs after her, grabbing his trenchcoat on the way.


Admiral Adama

BSG 75 Watch Log

[Feelings on being promoted to Admiral and reasoning for promoting Lee to Commander. REVIEW THE LAST FEW MINUTES OF "RESURRECTION SHIP - Part 2" THROUGH "THE CAPTAIN'S HAND"]








The Skinjobs begin to reevaluate their decision to let the Humans go.






WHY DID GINA COMMIT SUICIDE? WAS IT INTENTIONAL TO LET THE CYLONS KNOW WHERE THEY WERE? Baltar: How did you find us? Doral: Oh, it was quite by accident, actually. We were over a light-year away from here when we detected the radiation signature of a nuclear detonation.