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Testing Sora

(A test of true love and faithfulness)


The sound of the bell rang through Sora's class which signaled them the end of the day.

Sora grinned to himself and placed his things neatly on his bag.

"You seem happy today." Riku, Sora's bestfriend since diapers, stated.

"Oh, so you've noticed." Sora said, his grin never faltering.

"Let me guess…" Riku brought a hand to his chin. "… Roxas?"

"Yup!" Sora chirped. "It's our one-month anniversary, Riku!" He said, his eyes beaming with joy.

"I should've known." Riku mentally slapped himself. "So, any plans monsieur Sora?" He said in a French accent.

Sora laughed. "Yeah! And trust me, it'll be huge!"

Riku laughed. "Ha-ha. C'mon now Sora, we wouldn't want your beloved to wait, right?"

Sora checked his watched. It read 2:50 pm. "Nah… it's okay. I still have thirty minutes before Roxas is dismissed." Sora slung his bag pack over his right shoulder and left the classroom with Riku tailing behind.

"I can't believe it's been a month since you and Roxas… you know…" Riku commented as they reach the school grounds.

"Yeha…" Sora face broke into a grin. "Me too."

"Remind me how that highschool student manage to get your attention again." Riku said.

"Hey!" Sora pouted. "You're making it sound like his too young for me."

"Isn't he?" Riku teased.

"Riku!" Sora whined.

Riku laughed. "I'm kidding, Sora."

Sora just smiled. He and Riku stopped by under a big tree and dropped their bags on the grass. Sora sat on a huge rock nearby, while Riku sat on the grass, his back leaning on the tree for support.

Sora close his eyes as the warm breeze of the air hit his face. Suddenly, Sora broke into a grin with no particular reason, which made Riku look at him questioningly.

"Err… Sora? You okay?" Riku asked, unsure.

"Yup!" Sora chirped.

"Okaaay…" Riku said, doubtful. "Then why are you smiling like that?"

"Nothing…" Sora looked at Riku with glistening eyes. Glistening with joy that is. "I just remembered how Roxie and I met, that's all."


"Hey Riku…" Sora said, closing his Calculus book and setting them to the side.

"Yeah?" Riku looked up from his book.

"Do you wanna buy some coffee or something?" Sora asked. "I mean, we've been here for an hour and we haven't bought anything yet."

Riku just gave him a look that says 'Are you trying to imply something, Sora?'

Sora got this and said, "I'm just saying, Riku." He raised his hands in mid-air. "We don't want the Starbucks people to throw us out because we are JUST studying in here, right.

Riku shook his head and sighed. He fished in his pocket for some money and handed it to Sora. "Alright Sora, go buy yourself whatever you want."

Sora smiled. "Thanks Ri! You're the best!"

Riku smiled back and went back to his work.

"Let's see…" Sora said as he examined the menu that was on the cuonter. "Hmmm… I think I'll have a venti Vanilla Frappuccino please." He said to the brown haired girl at the counter.

"Oh and add some chocolate syrup on the top." Sora smiled.

"Okay. One Vanilla Frappe with chocolate syrup for Mr…?" The brown hair girl looked at Sora.

"Sora." He stated.

The brown haired girl nodded and scribbled his name on the cup. "Please wait for drink over there, Sir Sora."

"No need to add the sir and thanks." Sora said and went to the table the girl was pointing.

"Vanilla Frappuccino with chocolate syrup for Sora." A guy in blue shirt, jeans and white visor, announced.

"Oh that's mine." Sora said as he took his drink form the guy. "Thank you."

He grabbed some tissue and straw on the counter nearby and head back to their table. But as Sora turned around, he accidentally hit someone.

"Ahhh!" The man screamed as his coffee splashed all over his white v neck shirt.

Sora gasped. "I-I'm so sorry… I- I…" He immediately grabbed the man by the wrist and to their table. He placed his Frappe on the table and grabbed his bag pack.

"Sora, what's going on?" Riku asked, but Sora already left.

He dragged the man, who by the way he still doesn't know if he really was a man or a teenager like him, to the bathroom.

"Here." Sora said as he offered the man his baby blue shirt from his bag.

"Thank you." The man said. Sora looked up and was surprised to see that the man he accidentally bumped into wasn't a man, but a boy. Just like him. And this boy wasn't just any ordinary boy, no. This was the most handsome boy Sora had ever laid eyes on.

Did I just say that? Sora thought to himself. But the thing is it's true. I think I'm going crazy.

The boy took his shirt off and was about to put on Sora's shirt when Sora said, "I-I think you should damped some cold fabric on y-your t-t-torso, first."

The boy looked at Sora with confused eyes. "You know… so your body won't…" Sora trailed off. He seemed to be lost for words.

"Okay." The boy smiled. "I get it." The boy chuckled. He took a white handkerchief from his pocket and placed it under the water. He carefully damped his handkerchief over his body, flinching as the cold fabric hit some sensitive area on his body.

While the boy was cleaning himself, Sora couldn't help but stare—no observe the boy. The boy has a blonde hair that was neatly spiked up his head. He was also fair in complexion and very built for a boy his age.

Sora also noticed the boy's eyes. They were the same as his, blue. But this boy's eyes were the color of the skies. His were the color of the ocean.

"…Hey!" The boy waved a hand in front of Sora, snapping him out from his train of thoughts.

"Y-yeah?" Sora asked, dumbfounded.

"I said thanks for lending me t-shirt err…" Roxas trailed off.

"Sora!" The brunette blurted out. "Sora K-Kimura." He bowed in front of the boy. "A-and you shouldn't be thanking me for the shirt, I ruined yours."

The blonde shook his head. "It's okay." He smiled. "A-and nice to meet you, Sora. I'm Roxas." He held out a hand for Sora, which the brunette hesitantly took.

Roxas slowly took his hand back and said, "When should I return your shirt back, Sora?"

"It's yours if you want." Sora said, unconsciously. 'What?' He mentally scold himself.

"What did you say?" Roxas asked.

"I said I can meet you up at your school after class." Sora sighed in relef. Nice save. "What university do you go to, anyway?"

"University?" Roxas said like it was some joke. "No. no. I go to Radiant Garden High. I'm a highschool student, Sora. Senior that isr"

"Oh…" Sora said, disappointed. "I'm sorry, I jut thought that you're a college student because yur height and figure seems perfect for a college guy."

Roxas laughed. "Well I work out a lot." He scratched the back of his neck. "A-anyway… how 'bout you? You in highschool?"

"Already in college. First year." Sora stated.

Now this time, it Roxas turn to say an disappointed 'oh'. He smile also faltered a bit, but manage to fake a grin as he saw Sora looking at him, strangely.

"Uhh…" Roxas said, breaking the silence between them. "Not that I don't wanna talk to you and all, but I don't think the men's room is the right place to well… talk, right?"

Sora observed their surroundings and laughed. "You're right. C'mon." HE said as he made his way to door. "And I'm gonna buy some coffee."

"What? There's no need to replace the coffee you've spilled on me." Roxas protested.

"Please… I insist."

Roxas just sighed, seeing that there's no point in arguing over a coffee.

End of Flashback

"Some story, huh?" Sora smiled at Riku.

"Uh-huh." Riku said.

"Oh c'mon. At least try to be excited." Sora pouted.

"How can I be excited if I've heard that story a thousand times?" Riku asked.

"A thousand and one might I correct." Sora laughed.

"Ha-ha." Riku laughed sarcastically. He ruffled Sora hair, causing the latter to pout. "Hey! You're ruining my hair."

"So?" Riku ask as if the answer wasn't obvious.

"So…" Sora began. "Never mind." He said as he noticed the time. "I gotta go now. Roxie's class ends in twenty minutes."

"Okay." Riku stood up and slung his messenger bag on his right shoulder. Sora followed suit and did the same with his bag pack.

Sora slid into the driver's seat and Riku bent over his window.

"This is it then." Riku said. "Don't screw this one up or else this will your last anniversary with that dude."

"Don't say things like that, Ri." Sora said, sadly. "But thanks anyway." He smiled. "I promise I'll tell you everything once we're done."

"Done?" Riku asked. "With what? You're not thinking of…"

"Shut up." Sora thumped Riku's forehead.

Riku laughed.

"Bye, Ri!" Sora shouted as he drove off the parking lot.

Still laughing, Riku bid goodbye and said, "Goodluck!"

To be continued… ^_^