Testing Sora

(A test of true love and faithfulness)

Chapter Five

Sora stepped out of his car and closed his door. He shoved his keys inside his pocket and made his way towards the school's front gate.

Sora smiled when he spotted Axel and Larxene. Said girl was adoring a heart shaped candy on her hand while Axel was leaning against the gate with one arm wrapped around his girlfriend.

"Hey guys!" Sora greeted cheerfully.

"Hey Sora!" Larxene smiled.

"'Sup dude." Axel and Sora shared a secret handshake. "Oh! Happy one-month, dude." Axel winked.

"Yeah, happy birthday, Sora." Larxene laughed.

"Haha…" Sora smiled. "Speaking of which, have you seen him?"

"I heard Mr. Douche…" Axel said.

"Mr. who?" Sora asked.

"Axel!" Larxene slapped the back of Axel's head. "Be cool!"

Axel grunted.

"Mr. Zexion asked Roxas to stay after he dismissed us." Larxene explained.

"Did he say what for?" Sora asked, worry shown his voice.

"No." Larxene looked at him apologetically.

"Hey." Axel said which made the two look at him. "Why don't we wait for Roxas in front of the main lobby? It's getting kinda hot in here, you know?" Axel wiped his handkerchief on his face to prove his point. "See it's sweaty."

Sora and Larxene laughed.

Once there were settled in front of the lobby, Larxene noticed something under Sora's arm. "Are those for Roxas?" The blonde asked.

"Ohh, these." Sora showed the boxes under his arm. Larxene nodded. "Yep. They're for Roxas. It's a surprise."

"Man! So cliché." Axel commented.

"Don't be such a wuzz." Larxene playfully punched Axel's shoulder. "You're the one who wanted to get out of class early so that you could buy me this." She showed Axel the heart-shaped candy in her hand.

Axel blushed. "Oh look! There's Roxas and Xion!" He said, changing the topic.

"Where?" Larxene asked.

"There!"Sora pointed as Roxas and Xion made their way to the stairs. Axel sighed. Nice timing Roxas!

"Roxas!" Sora waved at the said boy.

Roxas looked around the lobby and smiled when he spotted his brunette. "Sora!" Roxas raced down the stairs, but Xion grabbed his arm, stopping him midway.

"Xion?" Roxas looked the petite raven-haired girl.

Sora brows furrowed as he watched the situation on the stairs. "I'll be back guys." He said to Axel and Larxene.

Sora ran towards the stairs but stopped in his tracks when he saw Xion clinging on Roxas's arms. "Roxas?" Sora muttered with doubt.

"Xion, what are you doing?" Roxas asked as he tried to remove Xion's arm. "Get off me, dude!" He slightly pushed Xion away.

"But Roxas…" Xion cling back to Roxas's arms. "…remember your promise?"

"Promise?" Roxas looked at Xion like she was crazy. "What promise?"

"You know…" Xion played with Roxas hair behind his ear. "The one where we'll finally tell the gang about us!"

"WHAT?" Roxas shouted making everyone in lobby look at him.

Axel and Larxene rushed to scene and looked at Roxas, then to Xion, then at Sora.

"What's going on?" Axel asked.

"I…" Sora seems to be lost for words.

"Roxas!" Axel looked at the said blonde. "What happened? Why is Sora like this? And why is Xion like that?"

"Arrrrgggghhh!" Roxas removed Xion's arms from his and ran downstairs. He took a deep breath, as he recompose himself, and face Axel. "You can ask the little girl over there, Ax."

"Xion?" Axel looked at Xion in disbelief. "Xion what did you do?"

"Nothing." Xion walked towards the gang. "I just told Roxas that I wanted to tell you guys the truth."

"Truth about what?" Larxene asked, crossing her arms in front of her.

"That he and I are dating." Xion stated.

"What?" Axel and Larxene exclaimed, making all of the people in the lobby look at them again.

"You… you… and… huh?" Axel looked at Roxas.

"I know it's stupid, right." Roxas sighed. "She's completely gone mental."

"I am not crazy, Roxas." Xion fumed. She grabbed Roxas's by the collar and said, "Last month, the 14th, you and I went under the cherry blossom tree at the park and we kissed. You said you love me, and that you wanna be me. That's why I gave you a chance"

"No, no, no." Roxas made a hand gesture. "That's not what happened guys." Roxas looked at his friend. He gaze moved to his brunette and suddenly he felt the world on his shoulders.

"Sor…" He placed his hand on Sora's cheek but Sora looked the other way. "Sora." He sighed. "Sora… please don't listen to Xion. I love you. You know that." He held onto Sora's shoulders and gave it a light squeeze.

"But it seems to me that Xion is telling the truth." Sora's voice trembled. Roxas cupped Sora's cheek and wiped Sora's tears.

"I am telling the truth!" Xion protested.

"Okay, then how come you've never told me this before?" Larxene asked.

"Because Roxas wanted to keep it a secret." Xion said.

"Is that true?" Larxene looked at Roxas.

"Of course it is!" Xion said before Roxas could say anything. "I mean think about guys, the day before Roxas's confessed to me, was the day he got Sora. If you guys found out about me and Roxas, then Roxas would be devastated."

"How so? Don't you think Sora's the one who should be more devastated?" Axel argued. "After all, he's the one who got cheated at? And you…" He turned to Roxas. "I thought you would've known better. I thought that you of all the people, wouldn't be like this."

"Gahhh!" Roxas screamed in frustration. "Axel! For once, please… please. Don't rely on rumors." Roxas said. "Alright, it's true." Sora looked at Roxas at this. Roxas looked back and gulped. Wrong thing to say. "I mean… it's true that Xion and I went to the Cherry Blossom Tree. But we didn't do anything." HE looked at Sora pleadingly. Asking him with his eyes to believe. "I swear. I just accompanied her their, because Xion was lonely that day."

"Why's that?" Larxene asked.

"Because Mr. Zexion failed her in the Trigonometry exam." Roxas stated.

"No, no. You're lying, Roxas." Xion said. "Why can't you just say that 'Sora, it's true. IT's all true. I'm sorry, but Xion and I love each other…"

"Are you mad?" Roxas grabbed Xion's wrist.

"Roxas, you're hurting me." Xion looked at Roxas pleadingly.

"I'll let go of you if…" Roxas trailed off when Sora placed a hand on his shoulder. He looked at the brunette. "Sora?"

Sora shook his head. He cupped Roxas's cheek and smiled weakly. Roxas let Xion's hand go and placed his hand above Sora's. Sora, however, slightly shove Roxas hand away.

"Sora?" Roxas gave him a puzzled.

"Please don't hurt Xion, Roxas." Sora said calmly. "It's okay."

"No, it's not okay, Sor!" Roxas suddenly burst. "I mean…" Roxas sighed. Sora took Roxas's hand and gave it a squeeze. "Please don't make things more complicated. I'll just…" Sora's voice cracked. He sighed heavily. "…go now."

"What?" Roxas asked.

"Happy One-Month, Rox." Sora smiled weakly and turned on his heel. "Almost forgot, these are fo you." Sora presented the boxes in his arm in front of Roxas.

"But I…" Roxas hesitated.

Sora shook his head. "Just take it." With that, Sora gave his last goodbye to Roxas and his friends, and left without another word.

"You see what you did!" Roxas said to Xion once Sora was out of earshot.

"What?" Xion said, acting innocent.

"Oh don't you pull that face on me." Roxas cracked his fingers and was about to attack the girl, but Axel held him. "Roxas! Temper! She's still a girl!"

"I don't care!" Roxas freed himself from Axel's arms and knelt on the ground. He cried. "Because of her… Sora's gone." He sobbed. "Because of her… the love of my life is gone." Roxas looked at his friend with blood-shot eyes. "And because of her…"

"We found out how much you mean to Sora, and how much that dude loves you!" Xion interjected.

"What do you mean?" Roxas asked in between sobs.

"Duh!" Xion said as if the answer was obvious. "C'mon Roxas. Only a boy who's deeply in love with a girl, well in this case you, would be able to let you go that easily."

Roxas just looked at her.

"Think about it…" Xion knelt in front of Roxas. Roxas backed away. This hurt Xion but the boy has the right to be mad, well at least for now. "Roxas, I'm sorry but I just did this to prove you something."

"And what is that?" Roxas asked, almost above whisper.

"He's love for you." Xion said.

"I already knew that." Roxas stated.

"That's true." Xion shrugged her shoulders. "But it's been a month since you and that dude had been dating, I just wanna find out how far Sora will go for you."

"It was just a test, Roxas." Xion placed an assuring hand on Roxas's shoulder.

"A test for what?" Roxas asked.

"Weren't you listening?" Xion asked, irritated.

"I was." Roxas smiled. "I just wanna get back at you.

"Why you…" Xion raised her fist but stopped herself from going any further. She playfully punched Roxas's arm. She stood in front of the blonde and held out a hand for him. "You should thank me for this."

Roxas took Xion's hand and stood up. "Why should I? You're the one who broke us up."

"I know." Xion said. "But trust me, after you and Sora finally made up, you're relationship with Sora would be better than ever."

Roxas gave Xion a puzzled look. "And exactly how do know that?"

Xion shrugged her shoulders. "So did he pass?" Roxas asked.

"What?" Xion asked.

"Did he pass?" Roxas repeated. "You said this was a test, right?"

"Ohhh, right." Xion laughed. "Sora passed. And so did you."

"Me? Why me?" Roxas laughed.

"Because a boy who can cry over someone, and is not afraid to show it, means he truly cares and loves that person." Xion explained.

Roxas smiled. "Thanks Xion." Roxas patted Xion's arm. "Oh by the way, once Sora and I are, if he'll still have me…"

"I'm sure he will." Xion cut in. Roxas glared at her but chose not argue with her anymore. "…you owe him a big time explanation."

"Yeah, yeah." Xion shoed Roxas away. Roxas smiled. He turned on his heel and left.

"So…" Axel began.

"So what?" Xion looked at her red-headed friend.

"So this was all a scheme to test Sora's love for Roxas?" Axel asked.

"Umm-hmm." Xion smiled.

"Pffft! And they say I'm the crazy one." Axel whispered to Larxene but was loud enough for Xion to hear.

"I heard that." Xion said.

"Oh you did?" Axel said, playing innocently. Xion rolled her eyes. "But seriously, was it all for the test, or do you really like Roxas?" Axel winked.

"Shut up!" Xion punched Axel's shoulder. "I don't like Roxas that way, Axel. As a matter of a fact, I'm already in love with someone."

"Woohoho!" Axel cheered. "My man's growing up. Nice one, Xi!" He gave Xion a high five.

"Thanks." Xion blushed. "..and enough with the 'man' or 'dude'. I am still, and forever will be, a girl."

"Whatever." Axel laughed.

"So, who's the dude then?" Larxene asked.

"Riku." Xion blushed harder.

"Ohhh BURN!" Axel laughed.

"Shut up!" Larxene thumped the back of Axel's head. "I'm happy for you." She said to Xion.

"Thanks!" Xion smiled.


Sitting on the bench—wait, let me rephrase that. Sitting on the grass BESIDE the bench on the Twilight Park, Sora cried his heart out in silence. He was curled in a ball, with his arms wrapped around his knees, and his head resting on his head.

"It's not his fault he fell in love with another person." Sora sobbed. "I mean love…" He breathed in. "Strikes anytime, right?" He reasoned out with himself.

Sora lifted his head and wiped his tears. "It's okay. Like my mother always say: There's lots of fish in the water." Sora smiled a bit at this. "But his the best fish there is, mom!" Sora cried again. He buried his face on his knees again, and hugged his legs tighter.

"There you are!" Sora heard voice. A part of him wanted to lift his head and show a smile to the person that owns the voice, but another part of him tells him to just stay low and cry every heart ache he's feeling right now.

Sora chose the latter.

"Sora…" Sora felt a pressure beside. "Sora, what are you doing here? Why did you ran away like that?"

Sora lifted his head and looked at the person beside him. He gave his best smile and said, "Because Roxas…" His voice cracked. "I don't belong there anymore."

"Wha-whatcha' mean by that?" Roxas brow furrowed. He hesitantly lifted his hand to cup Sora's cheek but Sora turned the other way. "You already have girlfriend, Rox." Sora said, trying his best not to cry.

"I don't have a girlfriend, Sor." Roxas said. "I have you." Sora looked at Roxas to see if he was telling the truth, then immediately was looked away.

If he's telling the truth then… "What about, Xion?" Sora voiced out his thoughts. Sora looked at Roxas.

"What about her?" Roxas asked.

"She said—"

"There's nothing going on between me and Xion, Sor!" Roxas suddenly shouted. "Why won't you believe me?"

Sora just looked at his blonde, too stunned to talk back. "I…" Sora sighed. "I'm sorry." He buried his face in his knees and cried silently.

Roxas sighed. He moved closer to Sora, not caring what the odds might be, and wrapped his arms around Sora. The action however made the said boy shock, but the warm feeling Roxas's body is providing him, makes him wanna cry even more.

"Sor…" Roxas began.

"Please Rox," Sora turned his head to side so that Roxas could hear him. "Don't say you're sorry to me because I won't accept it."

"Huh?" Roxas felt a pang on his heart. "Why?"

"Because…" Sora lifted his head and looked directly at Roxas's night blue orbs. "It's not your fault you fell in love. I mean, love can strike anyone, anytime, right? I guess Cupid released the arrow at the wrong time, huh?" Sora laughed half-heartedly.

"Sor…" Roxas begged.

"I'm not upset, Rox." Sora cupped Roxas's cheek. "Well, not really." He moistened his lips. "I'm just glad that you're happy and—"

"No, no. I'm not happy, Sor." Roxas looked sadly at Sora's eyes, telling with those eyes how he really feel. "Not without you."

"But you and Xion…" Sora was once again interrupted.

"But she and I—"

"Would you let me finish, first?" Sora shouted. Roxas gulped then nodded. Note to self, never make Sora this mad again. "Listen, about you and Xion, there's not wrong with that. In fact, I'm kinda happy for you."

"Kinda?" Roxas asked.

"I'd be lying if I say I'm extremely happy right?" Roxas didn't say anything. "Anyway, I'm just sad because you and Xion happened the day after we got together. It really pains me to find out that our relationship was just a joke." Sora lowered his head again.

"So this is it what it's all to you? A joke?" Roxas burst. He removed his arms from Sora and faced him properly. "You mean all this time, you've been pretending that you're in love with me?" Roxas stood up.

"Shouldn't I be the one asking you that?" Sora followed Roxas's example. He grabbed Roxas's wrist and made the boy face him. "I'm not joking around here, Rox. When I said I—well the thing I said, I meant that."

"Beside, I'm not the one who first confessed their undying love for the other, right?" Sora added.

"Arrggh…" Roxas pulled his hair. Sora grabbed Roxas's hand, the one on his head and said, "I'm sorry. I didn't mean to offend you." Roxas just look at Sora. "But please, tell me, tell me why you asked me out in the first place, if you were already courting Xion." Although it pains Sora to say those words, he still managed to say it without any glitch.

Roxas sighed. "Because I love you."

"But…" Before Sora could say anymore of his protest, Roxas wrapped his arms around Sora and buried his face in his neck. "I love you, Sor. And right now, seeing you this way makes me realize how much you truly care of me. It makes me wanna fall for you even more." Roxas smiled even though Sora can't see it.

"Whatcha' mean?" Sora asked, still immobile from Roxas's embrace.

Roxas pulled back a bit and brushed some of Sora's bangs away. "Xion and I are not together. Nor will we ever be." Roxas cupped Sora's cheek and caressed it with his thumb. "The thing that you saw earlier was one of Xion's schemes."

"Schemes?" Sora asked dumbfounded.

"You know the things Xion do whenever she wanted to have." Roxas said.

"But… but why would she do something like that?" Anger started to boil up on Sora. Roxas wrapped his arms around Sora again, and the tension on Sora's body was released.

"She said she wanted to test how far your love would go for me." Roxas explained.

"What that's so lame?" Sora commented.

Roxas looked at Sora and raised a brow. "Is it?"

Sora blushed. "Well yeah. I mean c'mon, I almost lost you, Rox."

"You'll never lose me, Sor." Roxas smiled. "I promise."

Sora smiled. And it was a full smile. He wrapped his arms around Roxas neck and rested his head on top of Roxas's .

"I'm sorry, Sor." Roxas said.

"For what?" Sora brushed Roxas's hair.

"For getting mad at you earlier." Roxas lifted his head. "I should've told you about Xion's test instead of waiting for you to go into more conclusions."

"Yeah you should have." Sora pouted. "You almost gave a heart attack, you know?"

Roxas laughed. Sora pouted again. "So did I pass?"

"Xion's test?" Roxas asked. "Definitely."

"Cool!" Sora chirped. "So does that mean I more loved now?" Roxas gave him a look. "I'm kidding, I'm kidding." Sora raised his hands in midair. Roxas grabbed Sora's hand and kissed each one of them. "No." Roxas smiled.

"Boo you!" Sora smiled and place a kiss and Roxas lips.

"Hey can we go back to school now? I dropped my bag in the main lobby when I chased after you." Roxas stated.

"You just ruined the moment, you know?" Sora raised a brow.

"I'm sorry." Roxas said in a cute tone.

"Hey, have you opened you're presents yet? Or did you left it at school as well?" Sora crossed his arms.

"Nope. It's right over there." Roxas pointed at the bench. He grabbed the boxes and showed them to Sora. "Hang on, what were you doing on the grass awhile ago, when the bench was right next to you?"

Sora blushed. "I didn't have to sit down okay. My tears suddenly burst out that's why I decided to the grass instead."

Roxas laughed.

"Not funny, Rox." Sora playfully thumped Roxas's head.

"Is that the proper way to treat your boyfriend?" Roxas asked.

"No." Sora giggled. "This is." He leaned closer and kissed Roxas's cheek.

"So cliché, Sor." Roxas commented. "You know, sometimes I'm wondering if whether I'm the dominant one in this relationship or you."

"Either way, I'm glad I still have you." Sora said. "C'mon open up your presents."

"Okaaayy." Roxas took the smallest box in the pile and open it. Inside the box was a silver bracelet with the words Sora and Roxas engrave inside.

"Thanks Sor." Roxas smiled. He removed his white and black checkered bracelet and placed the silver bracelet on his wrist. "Suits me well, huh?"

"Yup." Sora smiled. "But why did you remove your old bracelet, Rox?"

"Because I wanted to have only ONE." Roxas smiled.

"Man, Rox, your more cliché than I am." Sora laughed.

"Really?" Roxas grabbed Sora's arms and ruffled his hair. "Roxas stop! You're ruining my hair." Sora whined. Roxas just laughed. He let Sora go and grabbed a dog-tag necklace from his pocket.

He placed the necklace on Sora's neck and said, "I love you, Sor. And this…" He showed him the tag attached to the necklace. "…is my proof of that."

Sora read the letters engrave on the tag. My One and Only, Sky. –Roxas

"Thanks Rox." Sora said with teary eyes.

"Oh don't cry again." Roxas hugged Sora.

"Am not!" Sora pouted, With that, Roxas leaned in and the two shared a wonderful kiss.

THE END ^_^v