By: Forever in Lavender a.k.a. Hatsue Isoya

Summary: Ryuichi discovers that Mika is filing for divorce. When he trys to help Tohma, something unexpected happens... TohmaXRyuichi

Disclaimer: I don't own Gravitation. If I did, Tohma and Ryuichi would be married by now.

Chapter 1:

On My Doorstep

Tohma sighed as the door slammed shut. His wife's psychotic rambling could be heard all the way down the hall as she rampaged her way out of N-G. He turned in his chair to solemnly stare out the large window behind him.

"God. If I had ever expected that to happen, I would've never let her in."

His words echoed in the large office, emphasizing his loneliness. He'd been found out.

A billboard not too far announced Yuki Eiri's new book, Wishful Thinking, coming out in January, a month from now. Tohma glared at it.

Mika had learned that he was in love with Eiri, and had filed for divorce. She wanted full custody of their son, Kazune, and almost all of Tohma's money. With him only marrying her to get close to her brother, she would most likely get all this, and probably even more. Eiri was never going to talk to him again. Odds are, Shuichi would go sell his soul to XMR. All that revenue would be gone!

"Good God, what'll I do...?"

"About what, Mr. Seguchi?"

Tohma's teeth gritted immediately at that demon's voice. Still, he forced himself to smile as he turned to Shuichi. "Ah. Mr. Shindo, I didn't see you there."

Shuichi laughed nervously. "I'm sorry if this is a bad time, but I saw your wife storm out just a moment ago and I'd thought I'd check to see if everything was alright."

Of course. The little punk was always sticking his nose where it didn't belong, just like he had done to Eiri. Still, for the sake of not losing what friendship he still had with Eiri, he swallowed his pride.

"Everything is fine, Mr. Shindo. My wife is simply going through that time of the month," he calmly smiled.

Shuichi laughed hysterically. "Oh, that's a laugh, Mr. Seguchi! You're the best!" The rosette-haired boy turned to leave. "Ok, well, have a good day!" The door closed loudly.

Alone again, Tohma glared and opened his laptop. Might as well get some work done before being forced to deal with that demon woman again...

Ryuichi sighed, slinking down further in his chair. It was so boring in his mansion. He could hardly remember why he had even taken the day off in the first place.

"Kumagoro-tan...wouldn't it be nice if Shuichi or Noriko stopped by?" He looked back to the bunny, who was seated on the couch. "'Maybe even Tohma-kun?', you say?" he laughed. "That would be nice! But..." he sighed. "Tohma-kun is always so busy..."

Ryuichi stood up and walked over to the fridge. All that was there were some bottles of Ramune, stale Pocky, and frozen pizza bagels."Ano..." he blinked. "We can go out for dinner, I guess!"

That's right, there was a little low-key restaurant just down the street that made the best ramen in the world!

"Yeah, Kuma-tan. Let's go there."

It was decided.

Tohma fiddled for his keys, shivering as he pulled the right one out.

At least...what he thought was the right one.

He paled.

"Ano..." he tried a few other keys before ringing the bell. "Mika! Mika, I know you're in there!"

That witch had changed the locks! How dare she do this to Seguchi Tohma, President of N-G Records? The blond looked around frantically for an open window. What he found was all of his belongings haphazardly piled beside the front door, a note teetering on the top.


Get your homo little ass out of my house. Go see Eiri if he's so special to you.


Tohma swore he was seeing red. How could she do this? Did she really hate him that much? He flipped the note over.

'P.S.: You're never getting your son back.'

Kazune… his eyes widened. "Mika! Let me see Kazune! I'll break this door down!" Tears welled in his eyes. "Mika!"

"That was good, Kuma-tan!" Ryuichi laughed. "Now we can go home and watch TV!"

The brunette parked his Ferrari and unbuckled his rabbit. As he came up the walkway, he saw a shivering figure sitting on his porch.

"Who is that?" Ryuichi whispered, suddenly very serious. He walked up the path very slowly, squinting in the dark. Ryuichi gasped.

Unconsious and leaning against the door, slumped on the ground was Seguchi Tohma. Tohma was as pale as fresh snow, with his cheeks flushed like fire. Heavy bags had formed under his eyes. His hair was a mess-not his usual heartthrob style-and his trench coat was pulled close by his almost frostbitten hands, a note clamped tightly in one.

Ryuichi broke out of his shock fairly quick. He pulled his friend into his arms and yanked the door open as fast as he could. "Tohma, don't die on me! You have to wake up!" He placed the limp blond on the couch, covering him with a heavy blanket.

He cranked the thermostat up as he dialed the Seguchi residence. The phone rang once.


Three times.

God, Ryuichi wished it would ring faster.


Ryuchi found himself yelling angrily into the phone, much more serious than he had ever been before. "What the hell, Mika? I come home to find your husband frost-bitten and half dead on my doorstep!"

"Oh. It's you Ryuichi."

Ryuichi fumed. "Yes, it's me! Now what is going on? How can you not care at all?"

"What goes on between me and that bastard has nothing to do with you Sakuma Ryuichi." Mika still had a bored sound to her voice. "Why don't you learn to grow up and mind your own business?"

The phone clicked.

"But…" Ryuichi whimpered. "But Tohma…" And he found himself unable to think straight anymore.