Ok so I am now officially writing three stories at once but I can't help myself. When ideas come into my head I have to write them down. This is my first crossover fic and I really hope you like it.

My story is set in New Moon and during season two of The Vampire Diaries. There will be a few changes and as you read the story you will know what they are.

Summary: Bella is still heartbroken over Edward when Charlie gets offered a job In Mystic Falls. Bella is determined to start fresh in this new town. She soon discovers that she is surrounded by more mythical creatures than ever before. Can Bella find love with the original vampire she never knew existed?

Disclaimer: I do not own Twilight or the Vampire Diaries. I am simply a fan.



Heartbreak, pain, loss and abandonment. That is all I am able to feel lately. He left me. He told me I wasn't good enough and walked away. Since he'd walked away I was mess. It was hard to eat, difficult to sleep. Being around other people was almost impossible. I knew I was hurting the people I loved but I couldn't seem to get better. Everything about Forks reminded me of him. There was nowhere in town I could go that wasn't some place I hadn't been with him.

For a while I was able to get a little better while spending time in La Push with my best friend Jacob. But a few weeks ago he'd turned into a werewolf and imprinted on his mate Vanessa. So these days he was either busy with her or with pack duties. I couldn't be angry with him because neither of those things were his fault. I was also indebted to the wolves because they had taken out both Laurent and Victoria for me. But that didn't stop me from missing Jacob.

I was alone once again and left to feel all the pain of him and his family abandoning me without even a second thought. I wasn't really that surprised that he left me. I had always known I wasn't good enough for him. But I honestly believed that his family loved me. I'd thought this was especially true for his sister, my best friend Alice. But she along with the rest of his family left without even saying goodbye. I was so ready to be over this pain.

That night I'd made Charlie's favorite for dinner, steak, baked potatoes and broccoli casserole. I was determined to make this night different. Charlie had watched me suffer long enough. I needed to get better if for no reason, because seeing me like this was killing him. And if I lost my dad I'd really have nothing.

You can do this Bella. Charlie and I were gonna talk and have dinner like a normal family. I'd been so busy giving myself a pep talk that I hadn't even noticed that Charlie had come home. I took a good look at him and it seemed that he was in an unusually good mood.

I already had dinner on the table and was sitting waiting for him. He joined me and we both started fixing our plates. We ate in silence for a while.

"Bells honey how would you feel about moving?" I looked up at him with wide eyes.

"Dad, are you sending me away?" I knew I'd been putting him through hell lately, but I don't want to go back to living with Renee.

"No baby of course not. I meant how would you feel about the two of us moving?" I thought about that for a moment a chance to get away from all the things that reminded me of him. To finally be somewhere I could start fresh.

"Dad I think it would be a great idea." Charlie has been in Forks all his life. Would he really move for me?

"Good because I got offered the chief of police position in Mystic Falls, Virginia." I'm sorry…where?

"Mystic Falls? I've never heard of that before."

"Well it's a small town baby, a lot like this one." Oh great…another small town. Although I guess anywhere would be better than Cullen, Washington. Good one Bella.

"Ok then when do we leave?" Charlie seemed surprised by my excitement.

"One week I thought that would give you enough time to pack and say goodbye to Jake and all your friends at school." I said goodbye to those friends months ago. Not talking to people tends to do that for you.

"Ok but where will we live?"

"The town already has a house waiting for us." Wow…maybe this is fate.

"One week it is dad! I think this is gonna be really good for us." He smiled.

"Me too honey." We continued to eat and talk more about my dad's new job. I found myself getting very excited about this move. Something told me that Mystic Falls was going to change my life forever.

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