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It all seemed like a blur. The last few months around here could only be described as crazy. Ever since Elena and I took that meeting with Klaus, our world had become something we no longer recognized.

We lost so much, so many more slaughtered at the hand of Klaus. Our family had been a vibrate one, filled with love, with life and happiness. Now only misery reigned. There had been so many of us starting out, now there was only myself, Damon, Stefan, Elena, Jeremy, Caroline, Matt, Katherine and Bonnie.

Alaric was gone, driven crazy by his Gilbert ring. Returning from death over and over had taken its toll on his mind. He'd tried to kill us, all of us and we were forced to destroy him. Damon was forced to destroy him. It was how Alaric wanted it, it was what he'd asked of Damon before he'd gone completely mad. He'd asked that if it ever got to that point that his best friend would be the one to end him. It had become and expected but very much welcome brotherhood between Alaric and Damon, they were closer than close. The guilt of having to take his friend's life was eating at Damon more and more everyday.

And then there was my father, snatched away from me as a warning from Klaus. After Elena and I refused to help him break the sun and moon curse, my father had paid the ultimate price. Klaus slaughtered him and left his mutilated body as my warning for what was to come if Elena and I continued to refuse him.

Of course we did continue of course and that led to the deaths of Jules and her entire wolf pack. Klaus bullied us, killed everyone that meant anything to us and finally we relented. We helped him break the curse, helped him reached his full power and helped him seek vengeance against his greatest enemies…his mother and father. We helped Klaus finally kill his father and send his mother eternally into the next life.

I'll admit, things haven't been all bad. After some time and some continued work together we consider Klaus and his siblings Rebecca and Elijah our friends. Elijah and Katherine have reunited and are happily in love. Rebecca found love with our heart broken Matt after he and Caroline split ways. And Caroline surprised us all by falling hard in the arms of Klaus himself. We thought that since we were now all working toward the same goal and getting along that things would be simple and our lives would run smoothly. But then the unexpected happened and now everything has been turned upside down.

Elena is a vampire. She was sired by Damon. It was not planned or expected. We were tricked. We now have a new enemy, a common threat that has united us all as never before. An immortal, older than the original family named Silas. We awakened him accidentally and it has proved to be our greatest mistake. He is a much more powerful and dangerous enemy than Klaus was and much more forceful in his approach.

Klaus was afraid of Silas' ability to enter his mind and control him at will so he and Caroline, along with Matt, Rebecca, Elijah and Katherine had all fled in search of safety and happiness in New Orleans. We missed them and they visited from time to time but nothing was the same.

Since Elena's transformation she was different, depressed. It had been prophesied that Elena would be the one to bear the blessed child but now she was a vampire; all hopes of having children…dashed. Then there was the prophecy its self, neither Elena nor myself were supposed to become immortal beings until our bond as the twin souls were sealed. Now with Elena already a vampire, the future of our foretold destiny was unclear.

"Damon, there has to be something we can do. Elena has been locked away in your attic for three months, ever since Stefan forced her to complete the transition." He'd forced her to take Matt's blood, although she'd begged him to just let her die. He couldn't handle the idea of losing her. "She hasn't even fed. She's starting to desecrate."

"Bella, I know baby. I've tried everything. I was hoping we'd have a sire bond so I could force her to feed but nothing has worked. She won't feed. She's hates Stefan for forcing her into the transition. She hates herself because she almost got Jeremy killed. I don't know what else to do." Damon, instead of being his usual cocky self, sounded totally defeated.

"We have to figure out something. Our destiny as the so called twin souls was the only thing keeping us safe. If that has been negated by Elena becoming a vampire then we need to know what happens from here. We need to know how to protect ourselves. Silas is coming for us, for what reason we still don't know."

"Professor Shane was able to tell us that Silas hates the twin souls and everything they represent. But Shane was sure that he needs you and Elena alive, which would explain why he hasn't killed us all already. There's something he needs from you both."

"Like what? There's nothing else we can give him. We have to think of a way out this before someone gets hurt. I mean Bonnie nearly died trying to bring Jeremy back after Silas killed him. If Bonnie had been killed, she would have taken Tyler with her. Their imprints, he wouldn't have survived without her and more of our family would be lost."

I was beginning to feel like I was losing my mind. Everything was happening so fast, we were losing so much and without having Elena to lean on I was feeling lost and confused.

"I'm going upstairs to talk to Elena. I can't take much more of this." I began to climb the stairs but Damon, using his vampire speed reached the top before I could.

"That's not a good idea baby. I can't let you go in there." He pleaded.

"Try and stop me." I countered.

"Elena is dangerous." He said.

"Not to me." I said stubbornly as I brushed past him up the stairs and into the attic.

Once I stepped inside the room, I was greeted by pure darkness and the smell of decaying flesh. Elena had refused to come out of this room once her transformation was complete. She'd nearly killed Matt while taking his blood and then attacked both Jeremy and Stefan when they'd tried to stop her. She was angry with herself for not having restraint. She was angry with Stefan for allowing her transformation evening knowing how badly she wanted a child. She was angry with me for not stopping Stefan. She was angry with Damon for giving her his blood in the first place. She was just angry.

"Elena." I called out softly. I took care to look around the room and walk slowly. Damon had been right one thing, Elena was dangerous even in her weakened state.

"What the hell are you doing in here? I told you I don't want to see you, any of you. Get out!" She screamed or what little screaming she could do as weak as she was.

"Elena, I'm your family and I've come to see about you, talk to you. I miss you." She laughed bitterly.

"You miss me? Really? I miss me too Bella. I miss having a heartbeat. I miss my brother. I miss being human." She sulked.

"Oh please. Now you are just being dramatic. You can have all those things as a vampire. You're an original not a cold one. Your heart beats Elena. Your brother misses his sister and wants her to get her stubborn butt out of this attic and come be with him. How can you say you're less than human as a vampire? Stefan is the most humane person I know. You don't have to lose your humanity Elena."

"I've already lost it. I'll never have children Bella. That was the only thing that was making any of this twin souls business worth it. I was going to get to have Stefan's child. He wanted that. He's always wanted a family of his own and being a vampire he knew he'd never have it. And then we heard about the prophecy. He was so happy. It was all he'd started talking about and now I'll never be able to give him the one thing he's always wanted."

"He wants you Elena. That's why he did all this because the idea of losing you even to death was something he couldn't handle. Do you honestly believe Stefan will love you less because you can't give him a child? Did you love him any less before you knew about the prophecy?" She stepped out of the shadows and into the light. Her skin was so pale it almost appeared to be gray, perhaps it was. She looked so weak and helpless.

"I know he would love me anyway, that's not the only reason I stay up here."

"Then what is the reason? Tell me so I can help you."

"I almost killed Matt." She said quietly.

"That was an accident Elena. Matt knows that. He isn't holding anything against you."

"You're not listening!" She shouted. "I didn't want to stop. I knew it was Matt and I didn't care. I wanted his blood. I wanted the power of taking his life. I wanted to steal his last breath."

I didn't dare speak while she went on and on. There was a look in her eyes I'd never seen in any vampire. Cold one or original.

"You're standing here trying to convince me of how much everyone loves me and all I hear is the blood pumping through your veins. I wonder how it would taste flowing down my throat. You do smell delicious Isabella. Get out of here before you become my next meal." I stared at her for a moment, testing the truth of her words. And then I reached in my pocket, pulled out my pocketknife and cut my wrist.

Very slowly I extended it to her. "Here. Here's my blood Elena. Take it." She took a tentative step towards me and then stopped. "Take it Elena! I'm your family. I over myself freely to you because I know you have the strength to do this. You can push down that desire to kill me and simply take enough to strengthen you." I extended my wrist further. "Drink Elena. I trust you to stay in control."

She looked at me for a few minutes, watching the blood flow from my arms with an almost lustful look in her eyes. She was growling all the while her eyes were both hungry and pleaded. Hunger won. She latched on to my wrist and I flinched at the feeling of the pain. She drank greedily and I felt myself growing weaker and weaker but I did not stop her. She had to do this. My life had to mean enough to her for her to find the will to stop. When I could no longer stand I felt my knees fall out of under me. Elena caught me easily cradling my body to the ground while she continued to feed. Just when I thought I was drawing my last breath, she raised her head and biting her own finger closed the slash in my arm with her blood. She lowered me completely to the floor and then lay down beside me. She reached and grabbed my hand in hers.

"I knew you could do it." I said weakly. Elena squeezed my hand tighter.

"I'm so scared Bella. I don't know how to handle this."

"Let me gain my strength, we'll get you some blood bags and then we'll get you to Stefan. You need to lean on his strength now and he needs to be there for you. Let him." Elena sighed.

"Alright Bella. I'll try. Thank you for having faith in me." She pulled herself closer to me and we both just settled.

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