This is my first White Collar fanfic so sorry if it's not everything you hoped for and loved. I wrote it while getting back in the spirit for White Collar. So soon! Can't wait! Enjoy and let me know what you think :)

It was the stake outs that really got him. He couldn't stand sitting still for hours, just staring at the computer screens. He'd rather be on the screen, working his magic on the crowd. It was what he had trained himself to do, after all. He wasn't meant to be watching from the background. The great Neal Caffrey was meant to be a man of action, not a man of sitting.

"The great Neal Caffrey needs to learn to shut up," Peter said when Neal mentioned it out loud.

"You're wasting my talent, I'm telling you," Neal argued, his eyes flicking to a man walking across the screen. Designer clothes, wallet in jacket pocket. Easily a hundred dollars in cash, access to at least a thousand in plastic. Neal sighed, his fingers twitching on the table. Peter smacked his hand off the table.

"If you're so bored, maybe you should bring something to keep you entertained," Peter said idly, his eyes glued to the monitor.

"Maybe I will," Neal fired back, watching more people walk by in designer clothes. He could have made a fortune in an hour. Peter better appreciate the sacrifice I made, Neal thought. He fidgeted again. "At least give me your handcuffs to keep me entertained."

"Why do you want my handcuffs?" Peter asked, finally tearing his gaze away from the screen to give him an annoyed look.

"They came out with a new model that's supposed to be harder to pick. Come on, let me try."

"Neal, I'm not going to give you my handcuffs so you can learn to how to be a better lock pick."


"No. now shush." Peter turned back to the screen.

Three hours and a very bored Caffrey later, Peter finally decided to call it a day.

"We'll meet back here tomorrow. Maybe this guy will finally make an appearance." Peter turned his attention to Neal. "And bring something to keep yourself entertained or I'm going to leave you at the office."

"I wish you would," Neal said bitterly.

"On second thought, I worry about the trouble you would get yourself into. You're stuck with me no matter what."

"Well Peter, you'll be happy to know that I brought something to keep myself entertained," Neal said as he took his seat in the back of the van. He delicately set the briefcase he was carrying on the ground and Peter caught a flash of white. A bad feeling settled in his stomach. Neal opened the briefcase, setting bottles of paint on the table, moving controls off to the side. Pulling out a paintbrush, he settled a canvas on his lap.

"You're going to paint?" Peter asked doubtfully.

"Don't expect any masterpieces. If you want those, you're going to have to visit me in my office," Caffrey said, looking critically at the canvas. He stared for a couple minutes, before grabbing the paintbrush and beginning to paint. Peter smiled contently, finally able to focus on his work.

An hour later, he looked over at the painting, secretly eager to see what his partner was painting. He looked for a couple seconds, then did a double take. The distinct pattern of the Mona Lisa was taking shape on the canvas.