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Why should i worry about the world around me? Should i care that there was a serial killer on the loose killing young women and children? Should I also care that there was going to be a fucking storm in a couple of days? My answer for those is plain and simple: NO. I hate the world in my own special way. I never cared for anything going on around me. My surroundings just don't give me any interest at all. I just keep my head down and focus on my game that I would be playing or just pay attention in class.

I'm a outcast in school and at home. In school people keep their distance from me and i keep my distance from them. I have no friends since I only tend to care for myself and no one else. I look at it this way. My grades are kept up and I don't have to worry about gossip. At home my so called 'father' abuses me whenever he can. It all started when my mother left us when I was about nine years old. A week after she left my dad started to blame me for about every thing, him losing his wife and my older brother, Ty, doing drugs. The second week into my mom leaving he hit me for the first time, giving me a black eye.

My father didn't stop hitting me after that either. I was sent to the hospital for a broken arm and leg and plus a concussion. Him and Ty just came up with some shit sob story saying that I was playing near a cliff and i fell over.

Ty doesn't care for me either. He just ignores me whenever he can. When our father starts to beat on me he just sits on the couch like a spectator. He never once tried to stop him at all. Every time he passes me in one of the hallways in the house or if we are in the kitchen he either shoves me or insults me.

Can we just say that I wish I never existed?

I was in my room laying down, having a hard time breathing, I was sore all around my torso. My dad just got finished beating the shit out of me again. I swear I have two broken ribs, but heaven forbid if I fucking complain. Reaching over to my side table I grabbed my cigarettes and lit one up. It hurt a little when I exhaled. I was just going to have to ride this one out like all the other ones. My eyes drifted to my door after I heard my father banging around down stairs. The door opened and closed, hearing the car start up it left the drive way.

Putting out my cigarette I slowly got up making sure not to hurt myself. Walking to the door I opened it slightly and peeked around the door to see if my brother was anywhere in sight. My body was not in the greatest shape to be pushed or even touched for that matter. Exiting the room I made my way down the hallway and into the bathroom. I need to get ace bandage from out of the bathroom and wrap myself up.

As I shut the door I could hear my brother and his friends downstairs. They were making such a huge fuss, like I could care. When I was about to tie the knot banging came from the other side of the door. "HEY get out of the bathroom!" It was Ty. "Matt get the hell out of the bathroom!"

"Stop fucking rushing me." I mumbled to myself. Putting my shirt back on slowly I opened the door to see Ty. His brown eyes staring down at me.

"What the hell took you so long?" Shoving me aside he entered the bathroom. Mean while I had to catch myself before my side hit the wall. I felt little pain as i pushed off the wall and walked back into my room.

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