"Luna, love?" Ron called as he entered the house. He put his jacket on the hook.

"In the kitchen, Ronald!" He heard her voice decend from down the hallway. Smiling, he went down the hallway and into the kitchen. He found Luna baking what smelled like cupcakes. He inhaled the mouthwatering flavor.

"Something smells good." He said, walking over to her.

"It's probably that red velvet cupcake mix you smell." She said, smiling after he kissed her. "Did you have a nice day at work?"

"Hmm..." He thought about the day he had as he dipped his finger in the mix before licking it. "It was okay. Sometimes being an Auror takes a lot of work. But I did have lunch with Harry and Hermione."

"How are those two anyway?"

"Brilliant." He was about to dip his finger in the mix again when Luna stopped him, her hand enclosing on his finger.

"What do you think you're doing?" She asked, though she already knew the answer.

"Um...tasting your delicious cupcake goodness?" Ron said innocently.

"Oh no you don't. That's double dipping and it's rude." Her tone was gentle though he knew the meaning behind it was not.

He sighed. "Okay. You win this time." He drew his hand away to wrap both of his arms around her tiny figure. "But only on one condition."

"And what condition is that?"

Ron leaned down slightly. "I think you know." A playful smile spread across his lips.

"Do I?" Luna giggled.

He lifted her up on the counter and began kissing her. Her lips curved in a little smile as she kissed him back, her arms wrapping around his neck. His grip on her tightened slightly; he heard her moan quietly. A muffled groan escaped his own mouth as he kissed her a little harder, more passionate, deepening the kiss.

Luna's legs wrapped around his waist, pulling him closer to her. Ron's fingers caressed at her thighs as he nibbled at her neck for a bit before traveling upwards to reach her lips. Her fingers ran through his hair, her breathing more ragged.

Ron's breathing was as ragged as hers. He laughed a little as he pushed her down on the counter. The giggly blonde breathed his name breathlessly the moment before their lips met in one synchronized movement.

"On the counter?" Whispered a confused blonde between kisses.

"If you want." Joked the redhead when his lips were free.

"You know I have to finish these cupcakes!"

"The cupcakes can wait."

Luna gasped.

"Kidding, Luna." Ron reassured her.

"I know." She said softly, yet pulling him closer. "I missed you."

"I missed you too." He told her sweetly, pulling her up off the counter to set her on her feet. He kissed her again, knocking her breathless. She embraced as she kissed him back. He couldn't get enough of her. He just couldn't...

Luna slipped her fingers under his shirt, making him shudder, to touch the skin of his back. Ron retaliated; his hands slipped under her shirt, touching every inch of skin he could access.

"Mmm...Ron...I think..." She panted against his lips. "I think...bed...would be...nice...-"

Ron needed no telling twice. He picked her up in his arms, bridal style, without breaking lip contact, and carried her upstairs to their room.

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