Draco Malfoy sauntered down Diagon Alley. It was 4 years after the war and he felt like he was on top of the world. He hadn't been charged for being a deatheater and he and his mother came out scott free for their work for the order undercover. Of course that didn't mean that people still were wary of him. Many people were still wary of him but he was used to it by now. His father was dead and he was even friendly with the Potters.

He turned the corner. He had just left the jewellers where he had brought his mother a necklace for Christmas. It was a week before Christmas and it was the coldest winter England had ever had to record. People were bustling down the street getting last minute gifts. Snow started to fall again and so Draco was about to apparate home when he felt a tugging on his coat. He looked down to find a little four year old boy tugging at his coat pointing towards the opening of an alleyway.

"What's wrong? Where's your mum or dad?" Draco asked nicely kneeling down to the boy's height. The little boy didn't say anything but instead started to pull Draco towards the alley entrance.

"No wait. Where's your Mum? What's your name?" The boy didn't answer again but instead pointed to the alleyway and tugged at his coat again.

"I can't leave you and yet I can't let you show me, since your parents could be looking for you. If I let you show me do you promise that you will tell me who you are and let me find you mum or dad?" Draco said. He was worried and looked around the crowd. No one seemed to recognize the boy. He looked at the boy again. He had chestnut hair that fell over his eyes with the slight curl and large brown orbs that stared into him like he could see into your soul. He was well dressed as well. He was wearing jeans with a black jumper and grey coat. He had a scarf and hat on since it was the middle of December. His little pink noise peeking out. Draco sighed.

He stood up and took the little boy's gloved hand. They got to the entrance to the dark alleyway and Draco couldn't see anything.

"I don't know what I'm looking at. What do you want to show me?"

The little boy pointed into the darkness and Draco followed his finger to see and dark figure on the ground.

"Daniel... is that you?... Daniel?" called the figure. It was a woman and she sounded in pain. The little boy ran up to the woman and Draco followed. He found her in a pool of blood. The little boy hovering over her, her hand stroking his cheek.

"Daniel... I love you so much... look at me... Mummy's ok. Mummy is going to be alright" Draco looked at the woman. She was covered in blood and had blundering blows all over her body.

"Here let me help. Daniel go and stand by the wall while I help your mummy" The little boy nodded. Tears brimming his eyes. "Don't worry I'm going to make her all better we just need to get her back to my house can you help me?"

Daniel nodded looking at his mummy again who had become unconscious. Draco picked her up. She didn't weigh anything and was easy to carry.

"Right I need to apparate so come and hold my hand." Draco said calmly although he was panicking on the inside. This woman could die any minute. Daniel shuffled over tears now dripping down his red face and held the elder man's hand. Draco apparated away.


"Draco what is it? What happened to her?" called Narcissa as she ran out of the house to be met with her son carrying a seriously wounded woman and a little boy holding his coat. Narcissa immediately picked up the boy who nodded to the lady and kept looking at his mother.

"Mother I don't know but call the family healer. I'm going to take her upstairs to the spare room. His name's Daniel but he hasn't spoken at all. I think he's in shock. Can you check whether he's hurt at all?"

Narcissa nodded and ran inside. Draco slowly walked up the stairs. He wasn't expecting this today and hoped that this woman was still alive. He slowly put her down on the large bed and took off her coat. Looking at her wounds, he saw that her face was heavily bruised with a black eye and a large gash on her cheek. Her brown hair was caked in blood and the dirt of the snowy street. He summoned a house elf who brought a bowl of warm water and a cloth.

Draco started to clean the woman's face. Once all of the dirt and blood had vanished his breath hitched. It was Hermione Granger who had been hurt. He carried out his administrations and slowly was able to clean her arms and neck. He found another gash on her neck near her artery which with the wave of his wand was able to heal.

He didn't want to take her clothes off but he didn't know the full extent of her injuries and so started to peel them back slowly. Narcissa then came in with the healer.

"Draco let me take over and you go and look after the little boy. I'll help healer carter and we will update you on any news. " Narcissa said as she walked over to the bed. She then gasped at who it was. " it's Hermione Granger. Draco how did this happen!"

"I don't know" He said tiredly. " I found the little boy and he took me to her." He was then shuffled out of the room to be met with the little boy who was staring at him with those large eyes.

"Come on. Let's go and get something to eat. Your mummy is going to be ok. The doctor will make her all better."


When Hermione awoke she winced at the pain that covered her body. Her eyes fluttered open to be met with brilliant sunlight through large french windows on her left and so she quickly shut them again.

She felt a familiar hand clasp her own. She knew that it was her son Daniel.

"Daniel" the grip got tighter and she felt the weight of the bed come closer to her head. She could then feel the whisper of his lips on her cheek and the pain of it. Hermione opened her eyes again to be met with her son's face.

"Daniel" she croaked. "where are we?"

"you're at my house Granger. And don't worry you are perfectly safe." Draco said from the door. Hermione groaned and almost cried out as she tried to sit herself up. However she was met by her son's hands pushing her back down and then Draco's who slowly picked her up and some pillows making her more comfortable.

"I'm not going to hurt you Granger and I can tell you were thinking it from that look on your face. "

"How did I get here?" She said defensively.

"Well Daniel here found me in Diagon Alley and pulled me into the alleyway where you were lying on the ground wounded. You fell unconscious and I brought you back here. Hermione you have a couple of broken ribs, a broken wrist and a broken ankle. You also had large gashes to your face, chest, back and stomach. You've been asleep for three days."

"Was Daniel alright?"

"Yes but doesn't talk. As much as we tried we couldn't get him to tell us what happened or anything. He hasn't uttered a word" Hermione fidgeted and looked into Draco's eyes. He had called her Hermione. Not Granger or mudblood

" Uh Malf.. Draco Daniel won't be able to say anything because he can't talk. He had never uttered a word." Draco looked over to the little boy and smiled and ruffled his hair.

"Ah so that's why you weren't talking. Sorry mate. At least you liked pizza. And I could tell what you were saying from your drawings'" The little boy nodded and went over to draco to hug him.

"Yes he can communicate through his drawings or if he ... never mind, he likes you Malfoy. I hope he hasn't been any trouble. Thank you for saving me"

"Who him? how can this monkey be any trouble? Daniel are you any trouble? " the little boy shook his head and giggled a little. Hermione shook her head.

"See Hermione your son is no trouble at all and it has been nice to have a young person in the house. My mother has loved doting on him." suddenly an elf appeared with a tray full of food. "Ah Twinkie just what we need. You must be hungry Hermione. " Hermione's stomach growled giving Draco his answer as he took the plate off the elf and placed it on the bed.

"Daniel can you tell me what your mother would like?" Draco said. The little boy nodded and pointed to the porridge. He then pointed to the coffee and a teacup. Draco nodded.

"Come here darling, mummy wants a hug" Hermione said and brought her darling boy into her arms. she tried not to show how painful it was to hug her Daniel and clasped onto him tighter.

"Oh you've got something there" Hermione said to Daniel and kissed his cheek "Oh it's not gone" and started to kiss it again. She kept kissing his cheek until he kissed her back and hugged her again. "mummy loves you so much little man"

Draco looked at Granger with her son. He and grown towards the little boy over the last couple of days. He was smart, loved to read and had decided to follow draco everywhere. Draco had never thought he would like kids but Daniel seemed to be the exception.

"Granger let me feed you your porridge and coffee otherwise Daniel and my mother will kill me if you are at any time accidently neglected. "

"Why do you neglect your guests Malfoy?"

"No but I don't want to be accused of neglecting since you haven't eaten." Draco replied as he made sure the spoon wasn't going to drip before feeding Hermione. He felt like he was treating her like she was a baby but he knew that she couldn't hold a spoon on her own. He was wondering how she hugged her son so tightly without crying out in acute pain.

He watched as her small mouth took in the spoon making it disappear. She didn't protest at him spoon feeding her. The spoon was released again and he watched as she gulped it down. He got another spoonful and gave it to her again. Watching. He had never noticed that she had the most beautiful lips. They were pink and luscious. He watched her as she took another mouthful. Her skin was like porcelain and now after her hair had had a wash it cascaded down her shoulders in curls and ringlets. Eventually he had to stop staring at her as the porridge had vanished.

"There all better. Now I'm going to go and get you a pain relief potion. I think Daniel can look after you will I'm down the hall. You two can catch up. " Draco said as he picked up the tray and went downstairs.

"Oh Daniel I've missed you so much come and give mummy another hug." The little boy obliged and snuggled down into his mother's side.

"They didn't hurt you Daniel did they? No one has hurt you?" the little boy shook his head and smiled. He then got out some pictures that he had drawn.

The first one was of Daniel, Draco, Narcissa and a doctor all around a bed with Hermione in the middle. She had a red line on her cheek and had a thermometer sticking out of her mouth. It was the stereotypic image. The next was of Draco and Daniel playing in the garden. The pictures went on of Narcissa playing with Daniel. Daniel having pizza, Daniel feeding ducks. As Hermione looked at the drawings Daniel placed his hand on his mother's arm. Suddenly Hermione could see Daniel's memories through her eyes like a film. She could then hear his sweet little voice.

"Mummy there is a large library and it has lots of books. Draco read one to me and it was about George and the dragon. It was really cool. Are you feeling better mummy?"

Hermione jolted back as she came out of her son's visions. She looked down at him.

"Oh course I'm alright sweetheart. Mummy is just fine and is nearly all better. I'm pleased you've enjoyed yourself." Daniel smiled a big toothy grin and snuggled back into his place.

Hermione remembered the first time he did that and showed her his thoughts, feelings and memories. He was only a baby and yet he held her finger and looked into her eyes. She was then snapped into his mind where he showed her pushing him along in a pram down a suburban street in muggle London.

Daniel then started to tug at his ear. He was looking at her again with a worried expression. Some tears starting to brim his eyes.

"What's wrong honey?" Daniel tugged at his ear again and then pointed at her mouth. "Would you like mummy to sing?"

Daniel nodded. Hermione sighed but smiled. She didn't know whether this would cause her pain but she would do anything to make her son as happy as she possibly could.

"Alright then love settle down.

Baby mine don't you cry

Baby mine dry your eyes

Rest your head close to my heart

Never to part

Baby of mine

Little one when you play

Don't you mind

What they say

Let those eyes sparkle and shine

Never a tear baby of mine"

Draco had walked back into the room. He had heard her singing from the medicine cabinet in his bathroom and followed the noise. She sung beautifully and the lullaby she was singing was sweet but also incredibly sad. He stopped at the door and watched as she sang looking down lovingly at her son who was cuddling her eyes closed.

"On your head to your toes

You're so sweet goodness knows

You are so precious to me

Cute as can be

Baby of mine

Baby mine baby mine"

Hermione stopped. Daniel still cuddled into her side and Hermione slowly closed her eyes. Daniel and she would always do this in the morning and before he would go to bed. They would lay there on the bed snuggled together eyes closed thinking. She could hear his soft breathing. He hiccupped and sniffled a little.

"Shh little man. Dry your eyes baby mine." Daniel wiped his eyes. Hermione looked up to see Draco and she smiled as she motioned him over. He quickly gave her the potion. When their hands touched he felt a spark of electricity run up his spine.

"Um I better go" he whispered. "If you need anything just call and I'll come. I think Daniel wants to spend some time with you. I will contact anyone. Should I contact your husband" Draco said quickly thinking of how he was going to tell the Weasel of his wife's injuries.

"I don't have a husband but thank you. Could you tell Harry that I have a cold or something and that you saw me in Diagon alley getting cough medicine and so not to worry." Draco nodded a little shocked that Potter and his family wouldn't be coming over etc and that she wasn't married to the Weasley. He always thought that they would be together. Maybe Ron is Daniel's father. He didn't ask though. "Oh and Draco thank you again. I don't think I will ever be able to repay you"

"Nothing to it Granger." Draco said as he walked out the shut and shut it silently behind him.