Hey guys

I will post the new chapter of Baby Yours soon so as possible so keep a look out. I have read through all of your reviews and again I know that I have grammatical problems. And in reply to one review (it shall not be mentioned but it's easy to guess which one) I am British and so English in my first language. And no I do not have as you put a "fuck it" attitude nor do I feel I have the "right" to tell my readers to put up with it. Instead I am giving my readers a heads up that my grammar is not always up to scratch since I am not great with technology (Which by the way is not a cop-out excuse and is perfectly acceptable) and I am not lying to myself as my writing on paper is correct since I have had people read it who's English is extremely good before I have typed it up. I feel sorry for you instead because you haven't had the guts to even sign in and post a review as yourself allowing me to see who you really are. When I first read it I wondered if you did that because you knew that I would reply, a reply which you wouldn't like or if it was because you didn't want me to read your writing and criticise it. You tried to crush any hope of a dream of writing even though FanFiction is my hobby. You wouldn't have liked it if I had tried to do that to you. Instead of crushing me, you have only made me more determined in anything that I do.

Sorry I have started to rant and that person probably isn't even reading it. Anyway as a result I am reposting every chapter again (I was going to do this anyway after I had completed this story but this has just made me more determined) with the grammar correct etc. I am also looking for a beta so if anyone would like to beta my storied then please PM me as soon as possible.

Thank you.

Miss D Zambini