I was looking threw my closet trying to find stuff to pack. I looked at my friend Ash, who was sitting on my bed petting my puppy.
"Allie...is there something I should know?"She asked
although we are only good friends Ashley and I are supper close almost like sisters. When ever I am sad Ash texts me and tell me not to worry. The two of us are always fighting each others battles. I finally finished packing my bag and looked at Ash.
"Let's take our bags and let Jake and go for a walk!"Ash said
I sighed; we walked out side with our bags on our sides.
"Are you going to reply to my question?"Ash asked
"You should know the reply I am willing to give you!"I replied
"You should tell someone if not me then who?"Ash asked
Soon something brown sat on Ash shoulder then jumped into her pocket.
"Was that Harmony?"I asked
"Yeah..."Ash said
She was letting our other friend Katie watch it. I put Jake on his leash then we started on our walk. Jake pulled at his leash then took off ruining. I was pulled with him and I grabbed Ash's hand pulling her with me. Soon Jake's leash fell out of my hand. I fell off a hill and started to roll down. I saw Ash falling behind me. I grabbed her and I looked behind me I saw a rock; I put my back to the rock and her the other way. I hit the rock pretty hard, I almost wanted to cry. I looked at Ash she was out cold.
"Ash you okay?"I asked
she didn't respond. I felt scared, I was losing my head. Soon Jake ran up to me. He nudged me.
"Allie are you okay?"Jake asked
"Yeah I'm fine."I said
"You're not surprised I can talk?"Jake asked
"For some reason I am not...I feel like I have always knew you could talk."
I pushed myself up with help from the rock. I put Ash on my back and took off walking.
"Remind me when she wakes up to tell her to cut down on the cookies!"I said
Jake laughed. Harmony, Ash's hamster, was on Jake's head.
"She has stopped eating the cookies!" Harmony said
soon I heard rustling in the bushes beside us. Jake got my attention and told me to hide. We hid in some bushes, Jake was right beside me and Harmony was sitting on Ash's shoulder. Soon I saw these two horses come out of the woods, and then a few minutes later I saw their riders. One had golden brownish blondish hair. I saw his blue eyes they had a protecting look to them. Then I saw the other rider he had black hair and dark eyes. It seemed like it was easy to read his emotions threw his eyes. I noticed they were getting pretty close to us. I didn't like it with Ash, still out cold. It was then I noticed that there was something behind me. I grabbed Ash back on my back then I slowly started to back up. Then I noticed it was a wolf. It was snarling and growling at me. Jake looked unhappy to see it to and so did Harmony.
"You two humans smell really nice..."The wolf said
I didn't like how he was growling.
"Jake stay with Ash and Harmony no matter what okay, don't leave them!"I said
"You know I don't like that but okay!"He said
I slowly put Ash down, Jake walked over to her. I got the wolfs attention. Soon the wolf attacked, I put my right arm up for protection then we both went flying on of the bushes. I rolled to stop, the wolf was on me faster then I could get myself together. Soon I heard the horses stop. Then I heard:
"Pete do something!"
"Ed I'm working on it!"
Soon I heard Ash's voice:
I couldn't even hear my own thoughts. This wolf was getting on my nerves. I keened him in the gut then did a back hand spring. My right arm was on fire.
"So...a human is able to survive my bit!"The wolf said
the wolf went to attack again. I ducked then rolled to a log. The wolf landed and then circled and then decided to jump again. I ducked down real quick grabbed the log and hit the wolf right across the face. The wolf hit a tree. Then it got up and shook itself.
"You'll regret that human!"The wolf said
"Oh trust me I already do!"I said
I saw the wolf coming but I couldn't move. Then I heard a voice:
I ducked right as I saw a sward go threw the wolf. I was breathing hard. Then I noticed that it was the boy with the brownish blondish hair that had protected me. Soon I hit the ground. Ash, Harmony, and Jake where to me in a minute. Ash looked at my arm.
"I am gonna get a better look at your arm it might hurt a bit!"Ash said
she pulled up the sleeve of my long sleeve shirt. I noticed that the bite mark went a pretty good ways up my arm.
"Is she okay?"We heard.
I saw Ash look up and see the black headed boy then she was out cold.
"If I knew she was going to do this I wouldn't have woke her up!"Jake said
I laughed at my puppy.
"You and I both know that's how she is!"I said
Jake's face went from happy to serious when he saw my arm for himself.
"I'm sorry...I failed as your guardian..."Jake said
I scratched him behind the ear and saw his foot start patting the ground.
"You didn't fail...you should know that I won't be an easy person to protect!"I said
soon I saw the boy pull out his sward. He cleaned it then walked over.
"Ed how is her wound?"He asked
Soon the other boy bent down and looked at it.
"It's pretty deep but, it can be taken care of..."Ed said
I looked at them and said:
"Excuse me if you don't mind me asking who you are? I can feel that you're important and someone that different from the rest of the world. Almost like your life has been laid out for you!"I said
the two of them exchanged glances at each other.
"Don't look at each other and think I'm crazy!"I said
Jake looked at them then said:
"This is her first time in Narnia she has never met you nor has she heard the legends."
I looked at him:
"What legends?"I asked
"See! Allie is the smart one! If Allie hasn't heard then you should understand that Ash hasn't either!"Harmony said
Soon Ash got up holding her head.
"My head hurts..."Ash said
I stood up then helped my friend with my good arm.
"Thanks...What are we going to do?"She asked
"I don't know!"I said
I picked up my sports bag and Ash hers.
"You can come stay with us! All of you even your animals!"Ed said "Right Pete?"
"Yeah..."Pete said
I knew what he was looking at.
"Does it bother you?"I asked
He looked at me fast.
"No it doesn't!" he said turning away fast.
I walked up to him and put my good hand on his chest were his heart would be and I closed my eyes.
"Hm...Your a loving person with a good family...You look after your siblings and your friends with a lot of passion!"I said
He looked freaked out.


I knew what Allie was doing. She did that the first time we met to. Allie didn't know how dead on she was about things like that. I smiled at him.
"She is not a witch if that is what you think!"I said
He looked at me fast. Almost like he was amazed that I knew what he was thinking.
"Don't give me that look I can't read your mind...I just know when Allie did that to me she was dead on and that's what I thought."I said
I put my hand to my heart and felt it start to speed up.
"Oh right, my name is Edmund Pevensie. Nice to meet you...You can call me Ed if you want to!"Ed said
Allie jumped back to my side. It was weird Edmund and I was about the same height although he was like two inches taller then me. Allie and the other boy were pretty much close...Who am I kidding Allie came up to his shoulder.
"My name is Peter Pevensie...Nice to meet you."Peter said
"Peter and Edmund those are beautiful names!"I said
Edmund blushed lightly.
"What about you two?"Edmund asked quickly.
I looked at Allie wondering if we can trust them. Allie glanced at me and smiled and nodded her head.
"My name is Ashley Summer Brooklyn nice to meet you! You can call me Ash or summer."I said
"My name is Allie Sky Black nice to meet you also!"Allie said
the two boys smiled. That's when I noticed the horses. I ran over to the brown one.
"They are beautiful are they yours?"Ash asked
"Yes, his name is Philip." Edmund said
"Nice to meet you Lady Ashley."Philip said
I was surprised he could talk but it didn't bother me. I was happy that there was a horse. I looked over to Allie and said:
"Look Allie it's like pepper!"
"Yeah, I see..."Allie said
she didn't look good so I walked over to her.
"Allie are you okay?"I asked
she nodded her head at me, but soon she started to fall. I couldn't catch her. Soon she hit something and two hands wrapped around her. I looked and saw Peter.
"Thank you..."I said
"Is she okay?"Edmund asked
"No..."I said
Edmund and Peter shot me glances at each other.
"Look at her arm...None of us noticed it was bleeding more then ever...and also did she get wounds when we first go here in Narnia?"I asked
"She protected you from hitting a rock!"Jake said
"How did she do that?"Edmund asked
"She pulled me close to her then she turned her back to the rock and it hit her back. Right Jake?"I asked
"Right...Ash can we please go...I don't want Allie to die!"Jake said
"Yes, can you please take us to were ever you live and give Allie medical attention?"I asked
Edmund grabbed my hand and lead me to Philip. We rode up to Peter's sat Allie on and Edmund and I held her up. Then Peter jumped on. We took off none of us wasting time. I noticed that we were ridding up a hill and that's when I saw a monstrous castle. I couldn't even breathe. We made it into the castle. Peter jumped down and Allie fell into his arms. Jake staid by my side, knowing it would be a better idea. Soon I saw this girl with long brown hair run up to Edmund, and one with short reddish brownish hair.
"Edmund who was that, that Peter had with him?"The long brown haired asked
"Her name is Allie a wolf attacked her, and this is her friend Ashley."Edmund said
"Oh, dear we must hurry and go help Peter, Susan!"The little girl said
soon the two took off running. I couldn't understand what had just happened. Edmund started to laugh.
"What's so funny?"I asked
"Your face it was so funny looking..."Edmund replied
Soon I started to laugh...then I stopped and said:
"Ed who were they?"I asked
"My older sister Susan was the one with long brown hair and my little sister Lucy the one with short brown hair."Ed replied
"Allie was right about Peter having siblings..."
"How can she tell those things?"
"She can tell by the way you act and the things you say..."
Soon Lucy ran up to us.
"Ed, the girl is okay and Peter said you should come and bring her friend."Lucy said
"Alright Luc we are right behind you..."Ed said
I followed the two with Jake and Harmony on my tail.


I couldn't tell where I was anymore... I wasn't in Narnia, or was I? Then I saw this Lion, he walked over to me. I went to touch him and he said:
"Allie does not be afraid to understand what's around you."
"What do you mean?"I asked "Who are you?
"My name is and Ashley coming here was not a mistake! Please, don't shut them out before they show you how they feel!"The lion said
then the lion disappeared. I was in this meadow all by myself. I was looking around for something...Yet I didn't know what. Soon I heard this voice:
"Peter she needs to wake up soon."
"I know Susan!"
"Where were you when she was getting injured?"
"I was there...Yet she was able to hold on her own."
I knew one voice it was Peter's. For some reason the other voice started to get unclear. Then I heard Ashley's voice.
"Is she okay?"Ashley asked
"We did what we can do!"Peter replied
I sighed; the two of them are so terrible to be around. Then the lion showed back up and roared. My eyes shot open looking around at the people and animals. I saw Peter, Ashley, Jake, Harmony, Edmund, a tall girl with long brown hair, a girl with short brown hair. I sat up slowly pushing my self up with my arm. I looked at my arm all taken care of.
"They took care of you...you should thank them!"Ashley said
I looked at Peter and the others.
"Thank you...You didn't have to."I said
Edmund laughed,
"After how you fought I would be proud to."He said
Ashley laughed to:
"You should see her at school she fights harder there...Especially against Matthew Bobber!"Ashley said
"Matthew Bobber? Who is he?"The little one asked
"Our school bully...Allie beat him up so bad he was almost in coma..."Ashley said
the young girl looked at me:
"A Coma that is terrible!"She said
for some reason I couldn't look into her eyes. So I looked at the floor.
"He was hurting a little girl and her pet. There was no ways in the world I was going to stand by and let that happen! I have two good legs and arms and I am going to use them!"I said
"Yup! I was there to...I think I jumped in around the third punch!"Ashley said
"That was because Matthew's troll friends showed up!"I replied
we earned a snicker from Edmund.
"Peter they sound like us!"He said
"You're right Ed...Don't they Lucy?"The older girl said
"So your name is Lucy?"I asked
the two girls gasped.
"Sorry we forgot to introduce ourselves. My name is Susan Pevensie...and this is our little sister Lucy."Susan said
"That's alright my name is Allie, that's Ashley, this is Jake and over there is Harmony."I said
"Nice to meet you."Lucy said
I looked at the young girl although she was royalty she didn't look like she got to play a lot.
"Hey Jake Harm come here!"I said
the two walked over to me and jumped on the bed. I whispered to them:
"I'm fine as you can see go play with Lucy..."
Harmony got the idea and ran over and jumped in the young queens hands.
"If you don't mind my queen maybe we can play a game."Harmony said
"Yes, waiting for my master to wake up and heal is boring for me lets play!"Jake said
I sighed that dog how was he going to protect me? He had a one track mind.
"Is it okay?"Lucy asked her siblings
"Yes it is Lucy go have fun!"Susan said
the three of them ran off. Ashley laughed.
"You know if you actually used that brain of yours at school you might actually not have to cram the last day."Ashley said
"But that's what makes me me!"I said
Peter cleared his throat.
"Oh I am so sorry your lordships were we ignoring you?"I said jokingly getting laughs from the younger two siblings.
"How did you two get into Narnia?"Peter asked no almost like he snapped at us.
"For your information-"Ashley started
"Ashley no need to fight, Ashley and I were going to stay with family in the North. We deiced to walk Jake before heading to the station. Jake took off running I grabbed Ashley's hand. We fell off a small hill and the rest is history!"I said
Ashley sighed then looked at me...
"Mother and father were supposed to bring Dan home today...We were supposed to be there when it happened to...What if something happens?"Ashley asked
I knew what she was talking about. Her little brother Daniel gets sick real easily. We were out playing when he past out with a fever. If I didn't come home with Jake, I wouldn't have noticed the poor boy. Ashley never stopped blaming herself. She was the one who wanted us to go play.
"Ashley...Calm down...There is no need to worry...I meet someone in a dream and he said:'Dont be afraid of what's around us, and not to shut them out before they show us how they feel."I said
"What is that suppose to mean?"Ashley asked almost in tears
"By them I guess he means Peter and the others...and by not afraid I guess he means not afraid of Narnia."I said
Ashley and I looked away from each other not wanting to see each others faces. Mine shot back to look at the young girl in front of me.
"Susan can you teach me about Narnia?"I asked
"Teach you about Narnia?"Peter asked "What good will that does?"
"I am not afraid of things I understand...I am not afraid of Narnia as it is, but I want to know about this place. It is the least I can do for Aslan."I said
I earned three shocked looks from the Pevensie children.
"Wait Aslan did he look like this?"Ashley asked
Ashley reached in her bag and pulled out her sketch book. She showed me a sketch of a lion she drew.
"Yup that's Aslan...he also said us coming here was not an accident..."I said
"Which means we have something to do here!"Ashley said
"Yup don't be scared!"I said
Ashley smiled at me then we noticed Susan pushing the two boys out of the room.
"Sorry but you two have to go!"She said
I laughed at Peter whose face was taken back.
"I won't die in your absent my king..." I snapped back
Peter looked at me darkly. Susan slammed the door in the two boys' faces. Then she turned and looked at us.
"I think you, Allie, are the only one who can match my older brother Peter."Susan said

I smiled,
"I don't want to match any one..."I said


I walked over to the dresser and pulled out two dresses.
"You two must change, even though you're like us from a different world you need to dress like Narnia."I said
Allie looked at me. She really did remind me of Peter.
"A dress? Are you sure that's the only way?"She asked
Ashley walked over and picked up the light blue one. It matched well with her light blondish brownish hair. Allie wasn't going to pick one till Ashley threw her a light green with some dark green. It matched her bright brown hair. The two of them washed up then put on the dresses.
"I feel funny..."Allie said
"I am surprised you actually put it on."Ashley said
"Why do you say that?"Susan asked
"Allie hates dress, skirts or anything in that nature. She would rather be wearing shorts or pants. Allie is pretty much a tomboy!"Ashley said
Allie sighed and looked at her arm. The sleeves of both the dress only come down to her elbow. After that we decided to go find my other siblings and get something to eat.
"Susan exactly who is Aslan?"Allie asked
"Why did he show himself in different ways to me and Allie."Ashley asked
"Aslan is one of many riddles...He probably did it where the two of you will understand things better."I said
Allie sighed.
"A mystery hu? That makes Narnia more fun!"Allie said
"How? It makes things more complicated!"Ashley said
"Nope, we have a mission and new friends to help us for me its awesome!"Allie said
I stop walking. I couldn't believe she had just said that...I couldn't say she was like Peter anymore...she was far more mature then Peter. Allie raised her hands behind her hand and crossed them being careful with her arm. Ashley put her arms behind her back. The two of them where laughing, talking and walking together. Then Allie stopped and Ashley a little ways in front of her.
"Susan are you coming we need you..."Allie said
I ran up even with the two girls.
"Can we get a snack I'm kind of hungry fighting a wolf, meeting a lion, and a family of queens and kings takes a lot out of you!"Allie said
I smiled:
"Sure...I think it is lunch time..."I said
we walked in the eating chambers. Peter was done at the head of the table Edmund to his left and I sat down to my right. Lucy sat by me. Edmund motioned for Ashley while Lucy grabbed Allie and made her sit beside her. Our conversations were pretty usual.
"Things are getting weird in the northern boarder."Edmund said
I looked at Allie she looked confused.
"Allie what was your world like?"Lucy asked
"I guess like yours was before you came here."Allie replied
Lucy smiled,
"Can you tell us some stuff...Ashley and Allie?"Edmund asked
"Sure...What do you want to know?"Ashley asked
"Tell us about were you live!"Lucy said
Allie smiled then looked at Ashley.
"It is a big house and it's in the middle of the country. There is a huge yard with woods behind it. The house is a mystery itself. Everyone knows each other in the neighborhood. Although that no one does bad things like steal or stuff like that. I love living there, it snows and the summers are nice. I also like it because, we are able to work and do a lot of things."Ashley said
we all looked at Ashley.
"So you live in the country?"Lucy asked
"I guess you can say that...we also had horse but Ashley's mother and father had to get rid of them."Allie said
"So that's why you called Philip Pepper."Edmund said
"Yes he reminds me of my old horse."Ashley said
we talked about more things, and then we ate. After lunch we went our separate ways. Peter asked Edmund to come with him where they can work on battle strategies. Lucy went to a tea party with . I was left with Ashley and Allie.
"Susan you don't have to baby sit us! We have Jake and Harmony for that."Allie said
it was then I noticed Jake standing by Allie's side and Harmony on Ashley's shoulder.
"Alright then, I will be in the library if you need me."I said then I walked off leaving the two of them.