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Allie,Ashley,and Daniel had formed a pact to never talk about Narnia in front of Ashley's parents. Daniel was sitting in his room reading a book that Allie had let him borrow. Daniel hated being eight. That meant that he had to stay at home when Ashley and Allie went out.

"Daniel are you up there?"his mom yelled

"Yes, mom I am!"Daniel replied.

Daniel knew what was coming next. (What he is wearing is on my page.) He walked down stairs with his book.

"Who are we meeting today?"Daniel asked

"Come on Danny be nice."Daniel's dad said

Daniel sighed of course it was someone his dad knew. His mom didn't talk to anyone, since the death of her best friend, Allie's mother.

"Go outside and say hello to our new neighbors daughter. She just got back."his mother said

Daniel sighed and walked outside and stretched. It felt nice to get out of the house. He walked over to the yard where a girl about his age was playing. She was wearing a dress with little flowers on it.

"Oh why hello."She said

Daniel didn't know why but something in his gut made him feel scared to talk to this girl. Soon the girl stuck her hand out.

"Lucy is my name."the girl.

"Queen Lucy the Valiant?"Daniel asked

Lucy gasped and whispered:

"How do you know my tittle?"

Then she yelled:


Soon two older boys and an older girl ran out of the house. The oldest boy looked about Allie's age the next boy looked about Ashley's age. The other girl looked about in between them.

"What is it Luce?"The oldest boy asked

"Peter he knows my tittle!"Lucy said

The oldest boy,Peter, shot Daniel a look.

"Peter calm down there must be a reason why."The other boy said

"Edmund is right Peter. Nice to meet you my name is Susan."the oldest girl said

Daniel couldn't believe it.

"High King Peter the magnificent, King Edmund the Just, and Queen Susan the Gentle?"Daniel asked

"how do you know those?"Edmund asked

Daniel felt nervous. He wanted to run his legs would not move.

Allie and Ashley were walking home from the library. (What they are wearing is on my profile). Allie was laughing at Ashley trying to remember a punch line to a joke. Allie felt really protective all of a sudden. She pulled her books up to her chest. Ashley noticed.

"What in Aslan's mane is wrong?"Ashley asked

"Nothing dear sister. I just feel a little worried."Allie replied

They made it to there house when they saw Daniel talking to some people. Ashley's heart skipped a beat.

"Oh dear Aslan...thank you!"Ashley she dropped her books and ran.

Allie looked at her like she was crazy till she looked. She felt light as a feather. Better then she had in a long time. Since they have left Narnia Allie has missed the one person that made her whole world spin. Allie dropped her books and ran to him.

Peter and Edmund were looking at this boy with a shock expression.

"How do you know us?"Peter asked

"My sisters told me stories!"Daniel said

Peter's heart jumped, maybe there was a chance. Soon Edmund was attacked by something. He stumbled back a little but caught himself. He looked down only to see the one person that made him forget his worries.

"By Aslan's mane, I have missed you."he said

Ashley looked up at him and smiled.

"As have I my king."Ashley said

Peter looked up right as he saw her walking up behind Daniel.

"Hi Petey."she said

Peter ran and picked her up and spun her.

"By Aslan;s mane I thought I would never see you again."Peter said

Allie's feet were put down on the ground again. Then Allie said:

"Peter I always believed we would see each other again. Aslan's will."

Peter smiled then he heard a voice:

"Wow Peter, Edmund you two have a nice lady their."

They turned around to see their father. Lucy ran first and hugged her father.

"Daddy I missed you."Lucy said

Susan was next then Peter and Edmund with Ashley and Allie's permission. smiled and hugged his children,

"I missed you all."he said

Allie smiled at her younger siblings.

"I brought someone home with me."Mr. Pevensie said

"Who daddy?"Lucy asked

"He is a man that I went threw training with and war with. I met him when he was just old enough for the his littler sister."Mr. Pevensie said

Allie was shocked, she had just put it all together. The John Pevensie that told her about her parents was Peter and the others dad. Why didn't she realize it before.

"It's nice to see you kept your promise sir."Allie said stepping toward Mr. Pevensie.

smiled and walked toward Allie.

"I promised you two things and I kept both of them."he said

He reached in his pocket and pulled out a little stuff bear.

"You know this saved my life?" said

"it did?"Ashley asked

"Yes, you forgot to tell me you showed a quarter in it."

Allie smiled and said:

"It must have slipped my six year old mind."

Mr. Pevensie laughed then Allie heard a voice:

"Wow look at my sport!"

She turned and saw a boy with shaggy brown hair and green eyes. She didn't even know her body was moving till she was hugging her brother. He picked her up and hugged her while spinning her.

"You have grown so much."Kyle said

Then he whispered in her ear:

"Aslan took care of both of us it looks like."

Allie laughed and said:

"welcome home."

Peter didn't who it was till Edmund walked over with Ashley's hand in his.

"That's Kyle. Allie's older brother."Ashley said

"That's Allie's older brother?"Edmund asked

"Yes, he is way older then both of you!"Ashley said

Peter walked over to them.

"Ah, you must be Peter."Kyle said then whispered "King I should add."

Peter looked shocked and Allie replied:

"He knows about Narnia."

"Have you been?"Peter asked

"I can sadly say , I can imagine it in my head threw my sisters stories."Kyle said

Allie smiled and grabbed Peter's hand.

"It's amazing how she can do that."Peter said.

"Well Peter. I can't wait till you are part of this family in Britain and in Narnia."Kyle said

Allie blushed and Peter did to. kyle smiled and said:

"Allie me and you are going to tour the world. Of course we need your sister and brother."

Ashley and Danile beamed. That was there worst nightmare for Allie to be take away from them. But, now they couldn't wait.

For the next three weeks, Peter and Allie and Edmund and Ashley spent all the time together they could. Daniel spent time with Lucy and Susan learning more about Narnia. Then on the fourth week on a monday Peter said goodbye once more to Allie.

"I don't think I can say goodbye."Peter said to Allie

Allie smiled and said:

"Then don't this is not goodbye. It is see you later."

Peter knew no one was around that would think bad about what he was about to do. He grabbed Allie into his arms and kissed her like they did in Narnia. When they parted Allie smiled and said:

"When I come back I want a better one."

Peter smiled and said:

"You can count on it."

Ashley hated to leave Edmund. She had just found him.

"Can I write you?"Edmund asked

"Sure silly."Ashley said

Edmund smiled. He had finally found her again there was no way he was going to lose her again then he realized something.

"Is that your wedding ring?"Edmund asked

Ashley pulled the chair that was sitting around her neck closer to her.

"Yes, Allie and I deiced to wear them. It makes us feel closer to you two."Ashley said

Edmund smiled and kissed Ashley on the cheek.

"You missed."Ashley said

"What?"Edmund asked

"I said you missed."Ashley replied

Edmund smiled and kissed her full on the lips.

Daniel was standing with Susan and Lucy.

"Well can we not do that please."Daniel asked

"of course not goodbye Daniel."Susan said

Susan ran to hug Ashley and Allie. Lucy outstretched her hand then she hugged Daniel.

"May Aslan have grace on your journey."Lucy said

Daniel smiled and said:

"Lucy..listen I want to know if anything goes wrong while I am gone okay!"Daniel said

"Alright."Lucy said

The two younger children walked over to the oldest. All the Pevensie's said there goodbyes and Allie,Ashley,Daniel, and Kyle got on their train. The children and even Kyle heard a deep roar go threw the air.

"What was that?"Kyle asked

"Yes, it makes me feel like I am alive and makes my bones shake at the same time."Daniel said

"That is Aslan.."Ashley said

"He is watching over us always."Allie said "We are never alone."

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