There aren't many perks to his job, but every now and again …

Of course, I would never use a challenge word like 'massage' as a sordid excuse to objectify the man. I admire him solely for his intellect and his wit …

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Candlelight danced around the darkened room as slender hands roamed hungrily over the planes and contours of the sculpted, tawny back beneath them.

Eagerly tracing the curves of his ribs, the manicured fingertips skilfully explored the ridges of his spine. They paused briefly, as his back rose over a blissful sigh, before returning to their work, massaging the muscular junction of his neck and shoulders, and teasing the short, spiky hair at his nape.

Dean's eyes closed as he inhaled deeply of the scents of lavender and sandalwood.

Yeah, most of their job was crap; but these succubus hunts sure had their perks!