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Chapter one – Calling in a favor

Bella never saw it coming. Even if she had, she probably would have been too shocked to do anything about it.
Her father had never hit her before. Never, no matter what she had done. Sure, he was a crazy son of a bitch but he had never raised a hand on one of his kids before…. Until now.
"Get out of my house." He simply said, that cold voice sending chills down her spine. Bella felt the tears running down her face but her father didn't even seem to notice.
"Dad, it's been 10 years already, you have to realize that Tommy is gone." She saw her father flinch at the mention of his dead son's name and started moving towards her.
"He's gone and he's never coming back, dad!" Bella yelled, the tears wetting the reddening skin of her beaten cheek as the other one received an even harder punch.
"Don't you talk about my son!" He screamed as he kept bringing the fists to his only daughter's face, madness in his eyes and anger in his voice.
"I lost him too, you know!" Bella yelled back, not even frightened of the pain that continued spreading across her poor face. "But you never cared, did you? Even when mom left you didn't care! All you ever thought about was yourself!"
At this Tommy Hatcher said nothing. He got up from the floor where his beaten child laid before him, the madness evaporating from his veins but the cold never leaving his eyes.
"I want you out of my house, and out of my town." He said, staring down at Bella. He turned around to walk into the livingroom but stopped in the door. "You are no daughter of mine anymore."

15 minutes later Bella was sitting on the tube, her entire life hurriedly stuffed into a suitcase as she leaned her beaten face against the window. People gave her weird looks and whispered behind her but she paid them no attention.
Her tears had stopped the moment she had left the house, the cold night-air reminding her of the fact that she was now on her own. Thrown out of her childhood home, all alone without anyone to turn to… Unless…
She looked down on the small piece of paper in her hand, an address hurriedly scribbled down. She had wished she'd never have to use it but her otherwise so rational brain seemed to have shut down, and so she was heading to the one place where she might be able to find some help.

Steve Dunham was sitting at his desk, almost done with tonight's work when his secretary gently knocked on his door, causing him to look up from the document in his hands.
"I'm sorry, sir, but there is someone insisting on seeing you." She said, an apologetic look on her pretty face.
Steve glanced down at the Rollex-watch around his wrist, who could it be this late?
"Did you get the name?" He asked. He was after all almost finished for the night and most visitors tended to take a long time.
"No, sir, but she looks pretty beat up."
His secretary, Carol, knew about his little brother's business and so she most likely assumed that the girl had something to do with Pete. Not that Steve, at that moment, thought anything different either.
"Show her in." He simply said, putting the document aside.

"This way, miss." Carol showed the girl in with a gentle hand on her back, after all, the girl's face might not be the only part of her injured.
"Isabella?" Steve didn't believe his own eyes, what was the only living child of Tommy Hatcher doing in his office, at this time of the night, with a beaten and bruised face. "What are you doing here?"
He stood up and walked over to where she was standing, her legs seeming a bit shaky as he helped her to a chair across from his desk.
"You know I would never ask you for anything unless I had no other choice, right?" Bella looked straight into the older man's eyes, seeing the hint of surprise in them as he nodded.

"Well, I have no other choice. My old man threw me out and pretty much banished me from Millwall and..." She took a deep breath and let it out with a sigh. "I just didn't know where else to go."

Steve looked at the girl in front of him. He had only seen her cry once before and that was on the day of her brother's funeral 10 years ago, and here she was: Sitting in front of him, the tears trickling down her swollen cheeks.

"So you want me to find you some place to stay?" He asked, just making sure he understood what she was asking from him. He found it best not to ask her to go into any further details until she had had something to eat and a decent night of sleep.

"Just to clarify something, this is not guilt-trip. What happened to my brother all those years ago was not your fault... Trust me, I don't blame you." Bella hurried to say as she saw that Steve was about to interrupt her. "I don't want you to help me because you feel bad about what happened, because if that's the only reason you're willing to listen to me then I have no reason to be here."

She knew that she was acting bossy but she meant every word that came across her lips. Not once had she blamed him for what had happened to Tommy, and she didn't want him to feel obligated to help her because of it.

"I got it." Steve chuckled a little and threw a glance down at his wrist-watch before looking up at the girl again. "You can stay at my place until you've found something else."

Bella looked at him with such thankful eyes, Steve almost felt uncomfortable.

"Really? But won't that be kind of awkward for you?" She asked, she might be a pushy-kind of person but she never liked causing trouble for good people.

"Nah, it's only me and my son now so the house is pretty big for just the two of us. Besides, I think Ben will enjoy the company."

"You have a son?" Bella really loved kids and being able to live in the same house as one sounded like a sweet deal. "How old is he?"

"He's turning five next week, time sure flies." Steve mused with a smile as he passed the framed picture of him and Ben to Bella.

"He looks like you." Bella smiled. How she would have wished for a dad like Steve Dunham growing up, his eyes glittered with love as he spoke of his son...

"Just give me 30 minutes and I'll drive you home, alright? Oh, and ask Carol if she could fix you something to eat, you look starving." He smiled at her and it was a brightly smiling, or as brightly as she could smile with half of her face numb from the bruises, Isabella that exited his office.

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