Author's note: Alright this is just going to be a simple one-shot in celebration of my getting my first laptop. I got this idea when I was saving and renaming my files, I don't know if this will be any good. I think I'll dedicate this to, well, since this story is totally random, I guess I'll dedicate it to my most random fanfiction buddy, Percabeth and Thalico 4eva. I hope you guys don't want to shoot me after reading this story.

Forever Fifteen

I love being with the hunters, I really do, it's just, sometimes, I wonder if I made the right choice. Immortality, one more day, and I would have been sixteen, one more day, and I would have had to be the hero. But I never did turn sixteen, I knew the time wasn't right. I left Percy to be the hero, and he saved the world, he succeeded where I would have failed. So why do I feel as if I made the wrong choice.

I would never turn sixteen, an age that so many kids would die to be. I would never get my driver's license, I probably wouldn't ever be allowed to drive again, after what happened with the sun chariot.

I gave up boys. It seemed like nothing at the time, Luke was evil, and I had never had any interest in other guys. But I still wonder what it would be like, to find love, to have someone hold you, and feel like you're the only people in the world. I used to scoff at all the Aphrodite kid's talk of love and romance. But now, I envied them. They knew how love felt, they could have it. I had never known love, and now, I never could.

I regret the day I joined the hunt. I regret my choice to give up love. I will always regret the moment, the made me forever fifteen.

Author's note: Yeah, I know, that was too short and really bad. I just wanted to get something up before I leave for the day. Please tell me what you think. I'd love to hear from you. I don't care if you flame, or give me some criticism, I would just like to hear your opinion. I'm grateful to anyone even reading this, you guys mean everything to me. Love ya!