Four long torturous months - That's how long it had been since Kyou had left. Noone knew where he had gone, all his possessions were still at Shigure's house but then Kyou was never one to feel attached but they all thought he would have said goodbye to Tohru.

His departure had had more affect on the family then they ever would have realised.

Yuki was the most surprising, for the first month he would go out searching for the lost cat for hours – always, he would come back alone.

Tohru was inconsolable and she worked harder than ever; she didn't want to let Kyou down.

Shigure wasn't as crude as usual and he didn't have a single bad thing to say about the cat.

Me? I realised my true love for him. Every night I pray for him to come back to us. Every day my hope dwindles a little bit more. Soon, I fear, I will give up on him entirely.

o) o (o

'Haru it's time for breakfast' Tohru's sickly sweet voice made its way to my ears. I groaned and put the pillow over my head signalling that I was not getting up anytime soon

'Oh Haru! Did you stay up late again? You're really not getting enough sleep or eating enough, you can talk to me about anything you know that right?' She walked over to my bed and placed her small hand on my shoulder.

Black was tempted to shove her away and tell her to leave me alone, but white reasoned that Kyou would kill him if he did that. So instead he mumbled a throaty 'I'm fine' and told her he'd be down soon for breakfast.

'Okay if you're sure you don't want to talk about anything...' she stood up and gently closed the door behind her.

I moaned and pushed myself out of my bed. My bed. It wasn't mine it was Kyou's I had been staying here since he left. The downsides were no more lie-ins but it felt like I was with him in some way.

I picked my way across the floor to the dresser. I fished out one of Kyou's abandoned shirts and pulled it to my face. I sniffed it and tears slowly fell down my face. Sinking to the floor I didn't even bother to hide my loud sobs. Anyone could have heard me for all I cared.