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It was a treacherous journey back to Shigure's; I didn't really think through balancing an ordinary bike on a motorbike. Every time I rounded a corner both bikes tottered precariously and people around were giving me strange looks. However, I managed to avoid all forms of the police and made it back with only a few narrow-misses of near fatal accidents.

I propped Arisa's bike up against a tree so that it was mostly hidden from sight and then set about finding my kitten. Where else was there to look but the roof? Sure enough he was lounging legs crossed, and arms folded behind his head just letting the wind whoosh over him. His left foot was tapping to an imaginary rhythm. His eyes were closed, his entire face entirely relaxed with no worries.

'Hey kitten,' I whispered softly. His eyes opened slowly adjusting to the light, before his hand reached up and cupped my face.

'Missed you...' he murmured softly.

'Missed you too,' I swooped down to give him a soft kiss before placing myself beside him.

Kyou rolled over onto his side and looked longingly into my eyes, 'where did you go this morning?'

'it's a surprise for later,' I winked at him and a scowl threatened his features, ' don't worry you won't have to wait long. I just want to enjoy this moment with you for a little while.' My arm flopped down to the side as an invitation to come closer. After looking hesitant for a moment, Kyou lay his head down on my arm and began to play with the buttons on my shirt.

I smiled softly, 'just like a little kitten,' I breathed and planted an affectionate kiss on the top of his velvety hair. He batted me slowly and I caught the hand and kissed that too. We looked at each other with play-anger and we chuckled quietly.

Closing his eyes and resting his head once more, Kyou sighed, 'I wish we could be like this forever,'

'we could be, if you wanted,' I suddenly felt uneasy and I didn't know why but my anxiety grew when Kyou froze ever so slightly. 'Kyou what's wrong?' I sat up bringing him with me. I looked into his eyes deliberately and gingerly tugged a stray bit of hair behind his ear.

'Haru, what would you do if I wasn't here anymore?' Kyou wasn't looking away shyly, he was staring me down with an intense seriousness. The conversation wasn't just making me anxious anymore, my stomach was feeling heavy with fear.

'Kyou what do you mean?' I did not like the unfamiliar waver in my voice

'Just answer my question Haru,' it wasn't harsh, his tone, just pensive.

'Well I don't think it's very likely to happen Kyou, I always want to be with you, always!'

He was looking at me sadly, that same sad expression he had when I had gone black and nearly attacked me. It was filled with utter devotion and love, like he would never leave me by choice. I should feel consoled but I didn't, I was still on edge.

'Kyou please you're... you're scaring me,' I felt torn open, completely vulnerable.

'I'm so sorry Haru,' his eyes were shining, tragedy of the future burning bright.

'Are you going away, are you in trouble? I'll protect you Kyou, no matter what!' I clasped his hand and brought it close to my chest. 'You feel that Kyou? That strong beat? Every one of those beats belongs to you! My whole heart, body, soul belongs to you! It's yours!'

He chuckled thickly, 'you're going mushy Haru,'

'I'm serious!' I exploded. 'Why won't you tell me what's going on Kyou?'

'I can't,' he whispered.

'Why not?' I felt like a desperate poor wretched creature, wearing his heart on his sleeve.

He looked away finally, 'I've already said to much,'

Ready to shout again, something stopped me. 'Kyou your nose...' I saw his hand reach up and when he brought it away it was covered in scarlet.

'Oh dear,' he laughed, 'I better go clean this up,' he started for the ladder,

'Kyou,' I whispered helplessly.

'Don't worry Haru,' he turned around to face me again, 'I love you, more than anything in the world, and when the time comes I will tell you what's going on.' Smiling at me he sighed, 'until that moment you just have to trust me,'

He left the roof, and I was left alone. It's a dreadful feeling, desperation. Love really can hurt you more than anything else. You want to clasp it so tight until you nearly suffocate it and never let it go, it's a wonderful feeling but sometimes it feels like your chasing it and you will never catch it.

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