Cold Start

E/O Drabble Challenge, word: Massage

Added Musketeer Challenge: Smoke

Set: In the good old times

Summary: Why was it that he had to save countless people but no one protected him ever from utter embarrassment?

A/N: Barb, honey, this one's for you! Thanks for being such an awesome friend and Musketeer fellow and sister in mind :-)

His whole body prickled like floating in a sea of tiny needles and he moaned, when long fingers started to massage their way from his toes over the length of his thigh towards a place where he wished them to linger on.

"Rise-and-shine-time, dumbass?"

He opened dazed eyes, frantically taking snap-shots from his surroundings:

Little brother, smirking...

Wet clothes, smoking on top of the Impalas heater...

Himself, laying in the plaid-covered backseat, naked...

"What the..."

"Avalanche! Remember shooting that rabid yeti? Right under a snow-covered sequoia?"


"Exactly. Lucky I had a shovel..."

"Lucky I've still got all my limbs..."

A/N 2: Yep (*sheepishly grinning*). My little gift to all you wonderful people out there. Hope you enjoyed. Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year (and more happy-brother-moments in 2011) :-)


xxx Kate