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It was times like this that I really hated being a vampire. Don't get me wrong I loved the speed, the beauty, the awesome powers. But having to live in constant rain that bothered me. It ruined my clothes! Gucci, Jimmy Choo, Prada all worn once because of this horrible weather. I walked quickly, keeping my gate and speed to that of a human. Jazzy walked with me easily keeping up, his legs were so much longer than mine.

"We have more than enough money, and you'd never wear the clothes twice anyway, I don't see why a little bit of rain bothers you so much," Edward mumbled to low for the surrounding humans to hear. I rolled my eyes. It's not just a little bit, it's a constant pour. He nodded ever so slightly. I smirked. Besides, it's not just that it's my hair, and my makeup too. He excused himself, choosing not to listen to me and sit around until first period started.

"What's got him all grumpy," Rose asked amused. I giggled. Jasper let a small smile grace his handsome face. The amusement was palpable.

"Just my thoughts on fashion," I told her. She grinned wickedly. Several boys near by stopped to stare at Rose. Of course she was gorgeous to them, stunningly so. Emmett made himself known. Throwing intimidating glares at all that dared look at his Rosie. It would actually be really scary, Emmett was big with lots of muscled, and he had mastered the she's mine back off glare. But when you see him in his Superman boxers while holding a stuffed bear named Patrick, the intimidation factor drops. The bell rang and I sighed, Jazzy squeezed my hand. I pecked him affectionately.

"See you second period," I whispered. He nodded. I made my way to English with Ms. Elis.

Today we were recapping on our essays that were due in two class periods. They were supposed to be about some famous authors and why they influenced literature, mine was already done sitting inside a little sparkly pink flash drive. She also mentioned we'd be having a new student in a few days, Isabella Swan latest talk of the town. The room shifted the whiteboard and posters fading away, in it's place were images. There was a girl, petite, with brown wavy hair, and brown eyes. She was beautiful. She was sitting on our couch laughing. Hugging us all. Pouring out her soul with Edward on the computer. Emmett demanding a rematch after she schooled him on Mario kart. Esme cooking a storm in the kitchen. Rose braiding her hair while gossiping about the bitches at school. Carlisle fixing up a cut. Jasper helping her with a history assignment and finally Isabella smiling her eyes ruby red, her skin flawless and sparkling. She was going to become one of us.

More images flashed showing just how important she was to our future. Our futures were intertwined. We needed to have a family meeting, now, school could wait another day. I texted Rose, Emmett, and Jasper, they were seniors and could check themselves out. I sent a message to Carlisle and Esme saying we needed to hold a family meeting ASAP. Finally I texted Edward letting him know we'd be checked out. My phone lit up, I checked the messages looking up at Ms. Elis when she glanced to my side of the room. I put on my innocent face. She went back to the overhead pointing out more sentences and grammar. Esme was on her way, Carlisle was getting off work. Emmett was excited to skip school, Rose and Edward wanted to know what was going on. Jasper just said okay, after many years he'd learned not to question me.

Ms. Elis's phone rang she glanced at me.

"Miss Cullen you're being checked out," that's Mrs., I added mentally. I gathered my things and breezed out of the room.

When I got to the parking lot everyone exchanged looks of confusion no doubt wondering what the hell was going on. I gave them a knowing smiled.

"All in good time," I looked pointedly at Edward. And just to make it fair, I'm keeping you out. He groaned while I recited Party in the USA in German. Jazzy and I rode with Esme, Edward took Emmett and Rose in the Volvo.

When we got back Carlisle was already in the dining room sitting at the head of the table. I took my seat next to Jazzy he held my hand sending me bubbly feelings. Everyone turned to me expectantly.

"Today I had a rather interesting compilation of visions," I managed to keep my mind guarded. Edward gave me an exasperated look.

"You've all heard of the new girl, Isabella Swan, Chief's daughter. She's a part of our future. I've seen her become a friend, a sister, and a daughter," Esme, Emmett, and Carlisle's attentions were hooked, now I just needed to convince the other three. Of course Jazzy was an easy win.

"She'll be fine with what we are, and won't tell a soul. I don't know how she finds out, but she does and she still loves us the same, if not more. I see sleepovers, and makeovers with Rose and I," Rose is now hooked on the idea. Ha, "she's quite the little competitor never backs down from a challenge, she loves the classics, movies, books even her music, she's quite clumsy been in and out of the hospital with injuries, she loves to help people, she's so kind, and selfless, and the best part is…" oh this is gold, they're hanging onto every word I'm saying.

"She's so interlocked with our family, she's going to become like us. She wants to be a part of this family," I let them stew mulling over what'd I'd told them so far. Emmett was the first to respond.

"This little human sounds like fun, when can we meet her?" Rose smiled softly but her face was guarded.

"Are you sure? You've said so yourself your visions are subjective, I'd hate for this to be wrong and have us all exposed," I smiled.

"This is going to work out, trust me," I advised.

"Another daughter would be nice, we're kind of overrun with males here, another female would even things out," Esme said, Rose smirked as did I, now are numbers were even.

"It sounds like you've thought everything out Alice," Carlisle mused, I nodded. "It would be interesting to see how everything turns out," Jasper grabbed my hand squeezing it gently.

"Being around a human all the time won't be easy, but if she's around so much I'll be able to desensitize myself, besides family isn't food," I beamed at kissed his cheek. I turned my attention to Edward. Well…? He sighed.

"I've seen the visions, she's so at ease, so trusting, so loving. Everyone's just going to love her. How can I take away that happiness?" I showed him more visions of the piano sessions they'd have. He smiled a little bit, though his eyes voiced his concern. He'd see it'll all work out.

"Then it's decided, we befriend her, let her in on our secret and let things play out," now how to approach her?

"An excellent question," Edward said quietly. I spaced out letting the vision play.

Isabella was moving her boxes into the house.

"I can give you a ride to school," Isabella had a horrified look on her face she glanced at the cruiser.

"Is there any other way I can get to school?" The phone rang.

"Hello," "Carlisle?" Chief answered. "I swear your psychic you have some timing…"


"Carlisle, get you phone out you're going to make a call to Chief Swan. Say you've heard the town gossip and want to know if Bella wants a ride because we are offering," I pointed to Edward and myself. Emmett bounced in his chair.

"I want to come too!" I rolled my eyes and giggled.

"Okay us three," Carlisle dialed the number.

"Hello?" Charlie answered.

"Hello Chief Swan it's Carlisle,"


"I've heard from a few nurses that you're daughter's moving in. I was just wondering if she wanted a ride, Alice and Edward are in the same grade and they're offering,"

"I swear your psychic you have some timing, Bella and I were just talking about that,"

"They'll be over at 7:30," Carlisle replied.

"Thanks Carlisle, Bella really needs some friends, new student and all your kids know how it is,"

"No problem Chief," they hung up.

"Alright Edward, Alice you know what to do," Carlisle turned a fathering gaze to Emmett.

"Try not to scare you off," he stated. Emmett pouted.

"Sheesh you people have no faith in me,"

"Come on Jazzy lets go for a hunt," we all split up to do our own separate activities.

"Don't doubt yourself Jazz, you'll be able to handle her blood," I kissed him fully on the lips.

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