A/N: What is this? Me? Writing a Percabeth fic rated T? MADNESS! Set after TLO, probably after TLH too.

I'm not sure why I wrote this. I've been writing far more lately than I should. I got inspired somehow while emptying the dishwasher when I was wondering what Artemis would say to Annabeth…Well, you'll see.

Enjoy, and if you did, let me know!

"Wow," I said, feeling Annabeth cuddle into my shoulder, "That…Wow."

I could hear Annabeth giggle quietly. "I'm glad you…had…fun?"

I nodded. "I'm not sure if fun is the right way to put it," I said, reveling in the memory, "But incredible is close enough."

Annabeth snuggled into my side, "You know," she said, looking up into my eyes, "I'm now glad that you got that Dunkin' Donuts job. Otherwise we wouldn't have been able to come here."

I gave her a kiss on the forehead. "Another reason I'm glad we live in the city," I said, looking around the hotel room we had rented for the afternoon, "It's not hard to get a hotel room for a night."

"And can you imagine how awkward it would have been if we had done this in a cabin, and Chiron or someone might have walked in?" she shuddered, "I do not want to think about that."

The two of us lay there, cuddling and laughing.

And I, for one, was reliving the previous few moments. Short, admittedly, they were, but practice makes perfect.

"Are you okay?" I asked, remembering the look of her wincing. I hated remembering how I'd hurt her, but she'd told me that it was normal and had to happen.

As usual, the intellectual Annabeth had done far too much research on the topic before even discussing it with me. It's what I loved about her.

"Yeah," she said, "It's a necessary evil."

"Ooh," I said, "Like trigonometry?"

She punched me lightly in the shoulder, "You're such a nerd."

"I'm the nerd?" I said, sitting up on my elbow and looking her in her gorgeous gray eyes, "Me? Really."

Annabeth poked me in the stomach, and I pretended to fall over and pass out.

"You've killed me," I choked, "Dead. Death. Murder. I'm dead. Goodnight."

"Oh, shut up," she said appearing over me and giving me a light kiss. I rolled her over until I was on top of her, and I gave her a kiss again. "Besides," she said, running her hands down my spine and stopping to flutter her fingers across the one spot on my body that could be harmed. The electricity still made me weak, "That's the only place that I could actually do anything to you."

"Physically, maybe," I said, breathing deeply. "Hormonally? Mentally? Emotionally? You can do a lot of things with those."

"Hmm," said Annabeth, closing her eyes and letting a little smile play across her lips, "Yes, those things I can mess with without much effort at all."

The kissing began again, heating up slowly as it always did, when suddenly we heard someone say, "I SWEAR TO GOD I'M NOT LOOKING."

Immediately, Annabeth shoved me sideways off the bed, holding on to the blanket.

I tried not to think of the fact that I was face down, naked, on the floor, and my pale butt was sticking up in the air.


"Thalia!" screamed Annabeth, throwing me my boxers from the chair to the other side of the bed, "What the Hades are you doing here?"

I pulled on the boxers, grabbed my shirt for Annabeth, and sat on the bed.

"You need to explain, Thalia," said Annabeth, pulling the shirt over her head, "And now. This is not okay."

"Can I move my hands?"
I looked over at Annabeth, who was under a blanket. She shrugged. "Yeah," I said, "Go ahead."

Tentatively, Thalia moved her hands, opened her eyes, and promptly made a face like she'd just sniffed poo.

"Please don't make me think about what you were just doing to Annabeth," said Thalia, glaring at me, "Is there anywhere safe to sit?"

"What do you mean?" asked Annabeth.

"Anywhere where you two haven't…" She let her sentence trail off.

I glared at her. "We're not sex crazed bunnies, Pinecone Head."

Thalia rolled her eyes and went to sit in a chair.

"NOT THERE," Annabeth and I shouted at the same time. Thalia looked at the chair as if it asked to see her naked, and leaned against the wall.

"Why the HELL are you here?" Annabeth asked.

"Artemis made me."

I looked at her suspiciously. "Artemis made you…?" I asked.

Thalia nodded, a pained look all over her face. "She…She knows whenever she loses a maiden. And…Well, when that maiden has ever once considered being a Hunter, she orders another Hunter to inform them of their loss of possible membership to the Hunters."

Annabeth, fuming already, glared at Thalia. "And she had to send the girl who is pretty much my older sister to do it?"

Thalia threw her hands up, "Look, I fought against that. I told her, 'Hey, I don't want to see what they're up to. She's like a sister. Would you like to see Apollo doing something like that?' And then she started drawing her bow and I said okay and here I was. And trust me," said Thalia, her eyes darting over to me, "Staring at your pale, white, butt was not on my list of 'awesome things to do today,' I can assure you."

"His butt is wonderful," muttered Annabeth.

"Oh," I said, oddly touched, "Thanks."

"You weren't supposed to hear that," said Annabeth, blushing slightly.

"Eh," I said, wrapping my arm around her shoulder, "It was cute."

Annabeth started laughing, "Thalia, I never really wanted to join the Hunters."
"Yes, you did, shut up," said Thalia. I felt like someone had just whacked me upside the head, which Annabeth usually did but this was different.

"Wait," I said, "You did?"

Annabeth shrugged, "Not seriously. But a little bit when you were not talking to anyone, and right after we kissed at the forges…But it wasn't real. You were too important to me to give up that easily."

Thalia mimed hurling. "You two," she said, "Are disgusting."

"Yeah," I said, looking at Annabeth, "I could see that."

"If you look through the perspective of a lonely, deprived old maid!"

"BAM!" I said to Annabeth. I gave her a high five, and the two of us looked over at Thalia, who had this weird look on her face.

"I…I can't deal with this. Let's pretend all I said was this: Artemis informs you that you are no longer eligible for membership to the Hunters. Now I'm leaving to go bleach my brain."

And with that, Thalia disappeared, and Annabeth stared at me.

"Why did she have to do that?" I asked, the embarrassment of the situation and the possibility of Thalia telling, well, everyone sinking in.

"I don't know," Annabeth said, pulling her hair back into a ponytail, "But I feel like it killed the mood."

I tried to force back a grumble.

I was a teenage boy.

No mood was killed unless I said it was.

But Annabeth pulled off my shirt – win – and then put on her clothing – not a win. A loss, really.

"Oh, quit pouting," she said rolling her eyes, "We'll see each other soon."

"But," I said, "But no."

Annabeth came over, placed a hand on my shoulder, and gave me a light kiss. "Come on," she said, taking my hand, "Put your clothes on."

Begrudgingly, I did just that, and she and I left the hotel room.

"What?" asked Annabeth as we walked down the street to Annabeth's school.

"What what?"

"You were staring at me. What's wrong?"
I shrugged. I hadn't even realized I was looking at her. "Nothing. Just thinking."

Annabeth laughed, "Don't hurt yourself, Seaweed Brain."

I pushed her lightly. "Oh, shut up. Just – when you pushed me off the bed, I was worried it was your mom barging in on us and that she would have castrated me or something."

Annabeth's eyes went wide. "Oh gods, that would have been horrible."

Another thought hit me. "If Artemis knows…"


Annabeth took my hand again, and she started to laugh.

"WHY in Poseidon's name are you laughing?" I asked, bewildered, running behind Annabeth as she dragged me in the opposite direction, back to the hotel room.

"If we're going to get killed," she said with a devilish grin on her face, "We might as well make the best of our last few moments."

I stumbled after her.

Easily the best girlfriend in the world.

Even if her mother wanted to kill me.

A/N2: So…I've realized that older Annabeth and Percy in my head are like Marshall and Lily from How I Met Your Mother. Without the depressing breakup. Hence, the high five part.

Hope you liked it!