A Second Chance


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Chapter 1-Picture Perfect

There is blood everywhere, my stomach is in pain and I am falling. Suddenly I am engulfed by darkness, a darkness that was light. A chill that burnt. One final flutter of my eyelids, barely a movement, impossible tiring. And then, in the lovely watery darkness of the river, as all must do when the grim reaper calls, I died.

I jolt out of bed in a cold sweat and breathing heavily. As quickly as possible, I run into the bathroom and throw some water onto my face while taking deep breaths. I look at my reflection and splash more water on my face.

"Snap out of it Matt," I tell myself, "it was just a dream. I am here alive, not dead." Only now that I am thinking about it what was the dream about anyway? All I remember is darkness and death, but there has to be more, right?

I glance at the clock, it is only 4:00, and I still have time to sleep. So, quietly walk downstairs, grab a midnight snack before I get back into bed, and fall asleep.

The next time I wake up it is because my Mom is yelling at me to get up and get ready for school. I groan at her, but that just causes her to physically get me out of bed.


"Sorry Matt but the bus will be here in half an hour and you can't be late."


"No mister get up now!"

"Fucking school," I mumble so Mom will not hear me, but I get out of bed anyway and go into the bathroom to brush my teeth. I walk into the bathroom and look at the sink, its wet. Just then, my dream comes rushing back to me and I shiver. Oh, well if I do die today then at least I can get out of my math test.

After I'm dressed, I come running down the stairs and almost trip on Fluffy, our cat. She hisses at me and bites my toe. I kick her and she runs away. Dumb cat! She hates me! I told Dad I wanted a pet wolf or at least a dog instead of a cat, but no we get Fluffy, the world's nicest cat until she sees me. The feeling of hatred is mutual.

I walk into the kitchen where Dad is reading the paper and Mom is making Sarah her breakfast. Sarah is my little 9-year-old sister. She annoys me like crazy, but I love her anyway.

Sarah is sitting there giggling when she sees me and then suddenly stops.

"Sarah what did you do?" I ask.

"Nothing! Why would you think I did anything?"

"You have that look on your face."

"I pinky promise I didn't do anything! Mom make him stop," she cries.

"Matt make your breakfast and go wait outside before something bad happens, okay?"

"Whatever" I make myself a piece of toast and a pickled tomato, grab my backpack and run out the door. When I get outside, I eat my breakfast. The bus pulls up and I walk on eating my tomato.

I go and sit next to my friend Sam. "Hey," I greet him

"Hey, I see you are still eating that shit."

"There not shit! Pickled tomatoes are amazing, "I defend myself. "At least I don't eat gallons of pistachio ice-cream"

"Pistachio ice cream is the ice cream of kings so shut the fuck up!" He takes a fake swing at me and I easily block him. We both start cracking up and laugh most of the ride to school.

A few minutes later, the bus pulls up to Roosevelt High School home of the fighting Boars or as I like to call it the place of my death. I am 14, a freshman here and am dreading having to go here for another 3 ½ years!

It is not that I mind school that much; it is just that school not so much fun and all. But hey, my grades are okay, I have a 3.6 GPA. And I am captain of the JV football team and I am going to tryout for wrestling. Actually, tryouts are later today.

The bell rings and I walk into biology where Mr. Smith begins to talk about random crap on the digestive system. I do not really pay attention.

After that, I have math where we have a test. Math and English are my only two subjects I struggle with

Seriously why do I need to know the square root of -129!

Luckily, after I failed that test I have gym with my friends Anna and Sam. I get into the locker room where Sam is opening my locker.

"Sam get the hell put of my locker!"

"Bite me."

"Gladly!" I go up to him and position my teeth at his jugular when Coach Pearson (the football coach) yells at us. I move my head away and Coach smiles. All three of us laugh.

Sam pulls my deodorant out of my locker, "I was going to switch it with jasmine scented!"

"Dick," I hit him.

We change and walk outside onto the field when I hear someone coming up behind me and it is Anna.

"I see you Anna."

"Come on Matt let me scare you once!" she whines. I laugh.

"Then be stealthier."

"Hey you surprised me," Sam chimed in.

"Yeah Matt you just have like super hearing or something," Anna complains.

"It's more of a feeling then hearing."

Our teacher calls us over and we break up into teams for soccer. I am captain along with Brian.

Brian is this huge 7-foot senior who hates me. He is also my friend Lindsay's brother. Brian has a delusion that I am in love with Lindsay. This is ridiculous because Lindsay is going out with my friend Dylan.

After gym, I walk out smiling because my team won.

My next class is my favorite class, history! History is amazing because right now we are discussing wars. War is absolutely my favorite thing to study! Just hearing about how people kill each other and the motives behind it is so fun to learn. Does that make me a nerd?

We are all talking when Mr. Morno walks in and quiets us down. "Okay class today you guys are all going to get assigned a partner and have 2 weeks to turn in a project on any history topic you want and must present it to the class.

Luckily, my partner is Dylan so I should do great and thankfully am not stuck with some loser like Gertrude.

Lunch comes and goes too quickly. I end up playing football for the majority of it.

My afternoon classes pass by in a flash and the next thing I know I am in the locker room changing for wrestling tryouts.