This is a collaboration between myself and Dayraider (fanfiction dot net slash ~dayraider). We love the pairing and the concept behind it, so we're taking it and running with it!
Warning: contains fluff, yaoi and smokin' hot neko action! Thou hast been warned, so either enjoy or hit Back!

Nine Lives
Chapter 1


The last star slowly faded in the sky as the morning sun grew brighter. It cast long shadows across the rolling hills and began to warm the crisp morning air, drying the dew that coated the tall grass. A large chestnut horse lazily munched on some wildflowers, casually ignoring the sounds emanating from a tent that had been pitched nearby.

"Faster Link…faster!" Pit breathed lustfully as he stared up at the Hylian above him. He pulled his legs up and locked his ankles behind Link's back. He moaned deeply as his lover obliged his request.

"Oh Pit…" Link whispered as he looked down into the angel's brilliant blue eyes. "I love you so much." He punctuated this by leaning down and delivering a sweet kiss to his boyfriend.

Pit wrapped his arms around Link's neck, pulling him even closer. He parted his lips and snaked out his tongue, immediately meeting Link's. The feelings and emotions coursing through him were like a drug, he couldn't get enough of them…he couldn't get enough of Link.

The two had been lovers for just a few weeks and had decided that a mini vacation from the training and contests of the Smash Mansion was just what they needed. It would give them time to cast everything aside and concentrate on each other, and since then, they had fallen even deeper in love with one another, something that neither of them thought possible.

"Link…" Pit softly panted, breaking off the kiss. "You feel…so good."

Looking into Pit's mesmerizing eyes, Link could only chuckle. "You're amazing," he whispered as he started thrusting a little harder, this resulting in slight grunts from the youth beneath him. He felt Pit's slender fingers weave through his long, blond hair and moaned.

Sex with Pit was unlike anything that he had experienced before. Not only was the angel incredibly beautiful and sexy beyond compare, he had a way of holding off his orgasm until Link reached his. This simultaneous release would take the already incredible to new heights, often leaving them exhausted and sometimes even on the verge of passing out.

Panting now, Pit whimpered as Link slowly pulled out. "What…?" He started to say before he felt Link's hands on his backside, slowly pushing him over. Smiling broadly, he rolled onto his stomach and instantly felt Link's hands on his hips, raising them slightly into the air.

"I love making love to you like this," Link whispered as he got into position. He then slowly pushed himself back into the youth, resulting in a slight gasp from Pit. "You're so beautiful." Before him were two long and slender wings, brilliantly white and incredibly soft. He laid down against Pit's back as he began thrusting, feeling the downy feathers stroke his chest.

Pit grasped the sleeping bag tightly and moaned loudly. The angle that Link was now at caused him to hit the sensitive spot deep within him with each thrust. "Link…wow…" was all he could manage as he too got closer. He felt Link gently nibble on his ear, causing him to whimper. "Link…"

"Almost there Pit…almost…" Suddenly Link tensed up and cried out, hugging Pit tightly against him as he was plunged into unbelievable ecstasy. "Pit!" He yelled as he began flooding Pit with his seed, trembling from the sensations as he held his love. Slowly, he regained his senses and realized that Pit was beneath him, shaking slightly. "You didn't…?" he asked, somewhat surprised.

Pit was panting and trembling. "I was hoping…you could do it the other way," he breathed.

Link smiled broadly. He knew that Pit immensely enjoyed to be orally pleasured, so he slowly pulled out and carefully rolled his lover onto his back. "Of course, I'll do anything for you," whispered Link as he scooted down. Before him was the angel's straining erection, begging for attention.

With his arms submissively above his head and his legs splayed, Pit moaned loudly as Link slowly went down on his hardness. His eyes rolled back and slid closed as he felt the warmth of his lover's mouth caress him tenderly, making him moan. "Oh Link!" he gasped as his lover began to slowly bob his head. It didn't take long until he found himself with his fingers again running through Link's hair, moaning and whimpering deeply as his wings began to twitch. Eventually, he stiffened up and gasped loudly as he started releasing into Link's mouth.

Link slowed as he felt Pit reach climax. Feeling the angel's body writhe in pleasure was wonderful, and knowing that he'd been able to give the one he loved above all so much pleasure made him proud. He collected Pit's seed in his mouth, enjoying the sweet taste of every drop. Once his lover had finished, Link slowly pulled off the twitching member. He looked up to see Pit's rapidly rising and falling chest, the angel enjoying a blissful afterglow. With a smile on his face, he slowly climbed over Pit and gently laid down on him. Leaning in, he kissed the angel sweetly on the lips. "I love you," he whispered.

Pit closed his already half-lidded eyes and wrapped his arms tightly around Link, nuzzling against his face. "I love you too Link. I love you more than life itself." He breathed in his lover's scent as he basked in the heat of their bodies so close together. Climax took him away from the world, to a place where only he and his lover existed. Link was his anchor, the constant, the only thing he needed to hold onto.

The two remained silent in each other's arms for a while, simply enjoying the other's warmth. Eventually, Link sighed and rose to his knees. "As much as I'd like staying here and holding you, we really need to set off," he said as he watched Pit slowly sitting up and fluffing up his feathers. He quickly ran through their journey so far in his head, working out where they were and where they needed to reach. "We'll be in the mountains soon and should hit Kakariko by nightfall."

"I'm so glad you chose to bring me to Hyrule on our vacation," Pit said as he pulled his black shorts on. "It truly is a wonderful place."

Link pulled on his tunic and underwear. He smiled at Pit who was now pulling on one of his sandals. "Hyrule is a great place, but a few days ago, it became the best place in existence."

"Oh really?" Pit asked, looking up. "How's that?"

Crawling over, Link gave his boyfriend a gentle kiss on the cheek. "Because you entered its realm," he whispered.

Pit blushed brightly red. He loved when Link talked so sweetly. Taking Link's face in his hands, he leaned forward and gave his boyfriend a sweet kiss on the lips. He then chuckled as he pulled up and clasped his chiton.

Link continued to get dressed as well before crawling out of the tent with Pit behind him. "Ah…" Link sighed as he stood, taking a deep breath. "What a wonderful scent in the air."

Pit too took a deep breath and smiled. "What is that?" he asked, looking at Link.

"There's a small pine forest at the foot of the mountains," Link said, smiling back at his lover. "We should reach them around noon." He then walked over to Epona and greeted her.

Opening his wings, Pit flapped a few times before he was airborne. Flying a little above the treetops, he saw tall trees in the distance with looming mountains behind them. It felt good to stretch his wings, especially after a session of passionate lovemaking, so he performed a few loops and rolls before landing.

Staring from the ground, Link stood in awe at the angel's aerobatics. He watched Pit's every move, every turn and twist. Eventually, he followed Pit to the ground as the angel made a graceful landing. "I'm forever amazed how beautiful you look while flying," he said with a broad grin.

Pit skipped over to Link, his wings still gently flapping behind him, and hugged him tightly. "And I'm always amazed at your grace on a horse, or knowledge of the woods," he said, kissing Link's cheek.

The two then packed the tent and affixed it behind's Epona's saddle. Then, with a little help from Link, Pit climbed into the saddle, soon to be joined by Link behind him. Being such a large and strong horse, Epona had no difficulty with the added burden of the lightweight angel. She had bonded with Pit the first time she had met him, unusual for her as she did not trust easily, and Link surmised she knew in her own way that the angel was Link's nearest and dearest. With a gentle nudge from Link, Epona set out toward the forest.


It was around noon that they came to a stop beside a gentle flowing stream. The trees around them were tall pines, some easily over a hundred feet tall. Initially, Pit had been a little tense, not liking the enclosed feeling, but Link's reassurance was all it took for him to relax and enjoy the wonders of the forest.

Pit gracefully dismounted and looked around. "I never thought a forest could be so beautiful," he said, turning in circles, but still slightly wary of the looming branches above.

"I have always liked pine forests," Link said as he too dismounted. He then led Epona to the stream for some water and retrieved their lunch from one of the saddlebags.

The two ate, exchanging small talk and simply enjoying each other. Link showed Pit about how pine needles could be woven into things and how pine sap was one of the stickiest things around. He was enjoying satisfying the angel's never-ending curiosity but sadly realized that they would have to continue their trek west if they were to reach Kakariko by nightfall. Reluctantly, they got onto Epona and headed off.

It was about an hour later that Pit spied a movement in the undergrowth off to the side of the path. "Link," he whispered, pointing. "What's that?"

Link cautiously reined in Epona. "Probably an animal…" Just then, a large, gray tabby walked across the path in front of them. "… a cat!" He finished in surprise.

"A cat? In the forest?" Pit asked, looking over his shoulder. He then giggled as he noticed Link's confused look.

"Yeah," Link replied. "That's exactly what I'm wondering. What is a cat doing in the forest…" He then looked up and saw two more cats in a nearby tree, watching him. "This is strange. I've never known cats to stray from the villages."

Still giggling, Pit leaned down and patted Epona's neck. "He hasn't got a clue, has he?" He whispered, getting a playful neigh from the horse.

It was just a few minutes later that Link spied something off the path that looked like an old hut. "Strange, I don't remember that house being there the last time I was here," he said, pulling Epona to a stop. He then saw a few more cats in the trees and the plants around the road. "This is weird."

"What's so weird about it?" Pit asked, looking over his shoulder. Link's lingering confusion was starting to unnerve him.

Link was about to answer when he saw a beautiful woman with long, blond hair walk out the door of the hut. She looked at him and smiled, beckoning him. For some reason, he felt drawn to her, like he really needed to talk with her…needed to be with her. Without warning, he hopped off of Epona and started walking trance-like up the small path toward the hut.

"Link?" Pit said, surprised that Link was going to see the woman without explanation. "Who's she?"

Not answering and keeping his eyes trained upon her beauty, Link kept walking toward the woman. Pit hopped down from Epona's back and hurried after him. "Link?" He was nervous now. Link had been right; something wasn't right about the situation.

By now, Link was within a few feet of the woman. She was smiling at him warmly and then, when she saw Pit running up, her smile grew. Without warning, she threw her hands forwards and beams of light burst out from her palms. Both Link and Pit were instantly enveloped in a nimbus of swirling colors. The clouds around Pit, however, seemed not to take hold; they shimmered and quickly vanished, leaving him momentarily disorientated.

Pit stumbled, holding his head for a moment before his vision steadied. He looked at Link and saw that he seemed to be frozen, a look of fear on his face behind a translucent shell of multi-coloured clouds. "Let him go!" Pit ordered as he quickly drew his swords and advanced on the woman.

The mystery woman stared at him in shock and surprised. "You…you escaped!" she exclaimed in a scratchy voice. "How did you…"

"Let him go!" Pit yelled, quickly fastening the pommels of his swords to form his blessed bow and drawing an arrow of light.

"Impossible! How did you…" the woman began but was hit in the chest with the arrow. She reeled back, breaking the beam of light, and stumbled. The look on her face was amazement and confusion; she was clearly stunned that her spell hadn't affected the angel.

Pit glanced over and saw that Link was still surrounded by the nimbus of shimmering clouds, his face still frozen in fear. "Let him go!" He yelled at her.

An evil grin appeared on the woman's face. "It's too late!" she exclaimed, starting to laugh. "The spell has already started."

"Spell? What spell?" Pit asked as he drew another arrow, glancing at Link.

"He's going to slowly transform and if the spell is not broken by the next full moon, he will stay like that forever." She cackled.

The woman's appearance shimmered, and Pit recognised it as an illusion. Choosing not to see the blonde, the illusion collapsed and he saw that she was, instead, a knarly old hag. He glanced at Link and then back to the hag. "Free him now or die!" he yelled, taking aim.

The woman continued to laugh. "He's as good as mine…another kitty for my collection." She raised her hands toward Link, as though to cast another spell.

"He's mine, you won't have him!" Pit yelled as he fired another powerful bolt at the woman, hitting her square in the chest.

The hag's eyes grew. "No!" she shrieked as the light in her chest started to grow. "NO!" The light quickly spread from her chest to her arms and legs. Her face held an expression of fear and shock, as though she had never known defeat before. The light now consumed her and in a final flash, she vanished.

Pit immediately looked to Link, who had fallen to the ground, the clouds now gone. He rushed to Link's side, then became aware that there were now dozens of people around them, all looking around in surprise. "What's going on?" he demanded of nobody in particular. He then quickly knelt by Link, who moaned and rolled over onto his back.

Link rubbed his forehead and sat up. He scrunched up his eyes and clutched at his head, as though victim of a headache. "What happened?" he groaned, looking around. He then cracked open his eyes and saw Pit, who had a shocked look upon his face. "What?" he asked, confused. "Is it my hair?" He asked playfully.

Staring blankly at his lover, Pit slowly raised an arm are reached out. His fingers made contact with something on Link's head that made him shudder. "Link…you have…ears!" he softly exclaimed.

Link chuckled and looked around. "Of course I have ears. Where did all of these people come from?"

By now the people had began to recognizing each other and group around. One of them, an elderly man, approached. "You freed us," he said to Pit.

Pit ignored him, still staring at Link. "No…I mean…you have CAT ears!" he said.

Link's eyes grew. His hands shot to his head where he felt large, triangular ears, clearly shaped like a cat's. He then looked at the elderly man. "What do you mean, he freed you?"

The elderly man smiled as he looked down at Pit. "This winged boy destroyed the evil witch that had been luring us away from our home village. She had been turning us all into cats. When she was killed, her curse was broken."

"Then why do I have cat ears?" Link asked, slowly getting to his feet. His head then shot to Pit who had gasped loudly. Looking down answered his question…he had a tail. He also noticed that he was a full head shorter than Pit.

The elderly man stared at Link as well. "I don't know why the spell on you wasn't broken. Perhaps it had something to do with the fact that you were still being transformed when she was killed."

Pit slowly stood and walked around his lover, his face flitting between surprise and shock. "Link…you're half Hylian, half cat!"