Wind-Up Dolls

Summary: They say that sakura blossoms fade the fastest. But I wasn't the first to die. He told me once that I could be something, but there's no getting away from here. AU Homeless SasuSaku

Song listened to: 'All I Want for Christmas is You' sung by My Chemical Romance.

There are so many. They're like white snowflakes or rain pellets poured out on the counter and she pops them into her mouth two or three or four at a time. Whatever fits down her throat. She downs each with a mouthful of vodka.

Us? We're free. But them, they're nothing but Wind-Up Dolls.


Kiba keeps groaning about how it smells like piss. Sakura wants him to be quiet because Hinata has a fever, but he is a mean drunk she wouldn't dare talk back to.

She's too cold, even when huddled inside of her sleeping bag and the weather makes her nose dribble. She keeps having to wipe her face on the corner of the ripped up fleece to keep the snot from dripping into her hair. She can't smell what Kiba smells, but she's sure he stinks just as bad.

Naruto went down to the square to see the giant tree all lit up and sparkling before she and Hinata came back from food scavenging with empty hands. Hinata was sick earlier, but not so bad. Now she is whimpering, moaning for Naruto in her delirium.

"It's so cold!" she sobs, her tears leaving pale lines on her face where they've left trails through the grime. She's a mess of wet, was too tired and too sick to go out into the bushes to relieve herself before she peed in her sleeping bag.

"Hinata, come on, I'll share," Sakura offers, her voice muddy with mucus. But Hinata only moans Naruto's name again. Sakura wonders if by morning the girl's sleeping bag will be a frozen coffin.

She wishes she could have gone with Naruto to see the lights, and maybe she could have gone after him, but she would have felt bad about leaving Hinata with Kiba while he's this inebriated. He normally took good care of her, but right now he's just spitting in the grass and talking about the difference between us and them.

And maybe she was secretly hoping she would see Sai tonight. She'd thought homeless kids were the ideal contestants for Christmas miracles, but she supposes maybe that only applies to the special ones who might do something with their lives. Someone like Naruto.

She drifts asleep for just a little while, dreaming about glowing lights and snow that's fun instead of just cold.

Sakura just watches from the doorway as the pills vanish fivesixseveneightnineten.

Momma? She asks. She's scared. She just wants to be told everything will be alright. But her momma just cries.

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A/N: I don't know. I was eating a hotdog and decided I wanted to write a scenario in which they are homeless.

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