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The POV was supposed to alternate between Harry and Draco from chapter to chapter, however, Draco doesn't half go on, so its mostly Draco's POV with a few Harry chapters thrown in for good measure!

Warnings: A sprinkling of angst followed by some serious fluffiness of the slash variety with a large side of citrusy goodness. A little OOC in places too, but not overly so. Rated M for a reason

The Come and Go Room

Chapter 1 - Harry's POV

Harry's return to school on the 1st of September was not quite the joyous occasion he had once anticipated. On the one hand, he was happy to be back, and even happier at the thought of seeing Malfoy again. But on the other, Malfoy was now avoiding him.

Stupid though it may be, Harry missed the way it had once been between them. Being ignored was far worse than any curse Malfoy had ever sent at him, even Crucio, Harry thought bitterly.

Somewhat irritatingly, it seemed that Ron had finally grown out of his own hatred of Malfoy. He still didn't like the Slytherin, but he was happy enough to leave the other boy be.

Unable to count on Ron to start an argument with Malfoy, Harry suddenly found himself trying to come up with reasons to fight with the blond, growing more and more frustrated when the other boy refused to rise to his constant baiting.

Finally giving in to Hermione's constant lectures, Harry gave up trying. Instead he turned to the Marauder's map. Every chance he got, Harry found himself hastily checking the map, but not once did he see Malfoy alone outside of his common room.

For weeks Harry waited, until finally he spotted Malfoy walking along the seventh floor corridor alone. His heart pounded; this was his chance. Stuffing the map into his bag, Harry lurched to his feet, heading out of the great hall, where he had just finished lunch. He was down the corridor and halfway up the stairs before he realised he was being followed.

"Harry? Where are you going? We've got Herbology now."

Harry froze.

"I… left my book in the common room. You go on ahead."

Hermione gave him a look, as though trying to work out if he was telling the truth, before evidently deciding it wasn't worth yet another argument. As soon as Hermione's back was turned, Harry raced up the stairs taking them two at a time.

As soon as Harry reached the seventh floor he broke into a flat out sprint. He was so focussed on reaching the corridor before Malfoy moved on elsewhere, he didn't notice the figure coming towards him until it was almost too late.

As it was, he couldn't stop himself from slamming straight into… Malfoy.

"At least try and watch where you're going, Potter."

Harry said nothing, totally out of breath from the exertion of running up seven flights of stairs.

Malfoy spared him one final sneer before stepping back. At least, he would have stepped back if Harry's hands hadn't been firmly gripping the front of the Slytherin's robes.

Before Harry could think it through he leaned forward and brushed his lips lightly over Malfoy's.

When the Slytherin's fist suddenly slammed into Harry's jaw, it was the last thing Harry had been expecting. His fingers automatically released Malfoy's robes and the Slytherin wasted no time in spinning on his heal and storming off.

Harry leaned shakily against the wall, still panting heavily, watching Malfoy's retreating figure. He lifted a hand to touch his smarting jaw.

Part of him still couldn't believe Malfoy had actually hit him, while another part of him wasn't really surprised. A third part, however, was just happy that he had finally gotten a reaction from the Slytherin.

That evening, Harry lay awake long into the night, unable to sleep. He couldn't get the memory of Malfoy's soft lips out of his mind. He knew deep down that Malfoy didn't want him. That whatever he'd felt that night in the summer was long gone. If he'd ever even felt anything at all. Yet somehow Harry just couldn't seem to let it go.

For better or worse, Malfoy had been deeply ingrained in Harry's thoughts for years. It seemed almost inevitable that Harry's feeling had flipped so completely over the months since the end of the war. He had grown up, dealt with far more than any eighteen year old ever should have and now he just wanted to be him, not the damned saviour that everyone still wanted him to be.

With the end of the war, to some extent at least, came the ending of house rivalries and petty feuds. For the first time since Harry had arrived at Hogwarts, he was able to look at Malfoy without the stain of the past. And what he saw gave him pause for thought.

Harry had to admit, that he had always had a somewhat unhealthy fascination with the blond haired Slytherin, but the shift from loathing to lust had been far easier than Harry expected. Unfortunately, it didn't appear that Malfoy felt the same.

With a sullen sigh, Harry buried his face in his pillow, hoping to stifle the remembered sensation of Malfoy's lips. He sighed again rolling onto his back, the softness of the pillow serving only to recall that Malfoy's lips were even softer. He ran a hand ruefully through his hair, it was going to be a long night.


For almost two weeks Harry watched the map helplessly as Draco visited the seventh floor corridor more and more often, alone every time. But whilst Draco clearly had free periods at these times, Harry did not. And Hermione was already far too suspicious.

She had, unsurprisingly noticed his increasing use of the map. And though she didn't comment, she continually shot him concerned looks that she clearly hoped would prompt him to confide in her whatever was on his mind.

Things finally came to a head when several things happened at once. Their Herbology lesson was cancelled due to a minor incident in Greenhouse Three and Ron blushingly asked Harry if he could borrow the map before promptly stealing Hermione away for an hour of 'alone time'.

As soon as they were gone, Harry pulled out his invisibility cloak, throwing it over himself. Without thinking about what he was doing, Harry rushed up to the seventh floor, praying that Malfoy would be there.

Turning the last corner, Harry stumbled to a halt at the sight of Draco Malfoy sat on the floor leaning against the tapestry opposite the room of requirement. Pulling off his invisibility cloak, Harry edged cautiously forward.

"I was hoping you'd be here."

Malfoy's head snapped up at the sound of Harry's voice. For a moment he glared at Harry, his gaze fierier than it had been in weeks. Harry's heart leapt, before plunging down into his shoes as Malfoy got gracefully to his feet and began walking away.

"Malfoy, wait."

He kept walking.

"Malfoy, please."

Without thinking, Harry ran after him, reaching out to grab Malfoy's arm to stop him from leaving.

"What the fuck do you want?"

Harry suddenly found himself shoved roughly against the wall, Malfoy's pale fingers twisted in his robes.

And Harry couldn't help it; he moaned.

Without giving Malfoy the chance to pull away, Harry's fingers reached up and tangled in platinum strands, yanking Malfoy's head down and forcing their lips together.

For just a fraction of a second, Malfoy let Harry kiss him, before wrenching away as though burnt.

"You never could take no for an answer, could you, Potter."

"Is that really what you want, Malfoy? You kissed me back."

"No, I..."

"You did. Back in the summer. You kissed me back."

Harry waited, but evidently Malfoy had nothing to say to that. He took a step forward.

"If you can honestly say you feel nothing when I do this..."

Harry reached up a hand to lightly stroke Malfoy's jaw.

"That it doesn't send a shiver down your spine when I do this..."

He brushed his lips over Malfoy's, barely touching him.

"That you don't long for more when I do this..."

Harry dropped his hand to cup Malfoy through his trousers. He squeezed slightly before letting go.

"Then I'll leave you alone."

Malfoy said nothing, though his gaze drilled into Harry's with an intensity that burned.

"I'll leave you alone." Harry repeated, before turning away.


After their encounter, Harry took to spending all his free time sat on the floor opposite the Room of Requirement. When he didn't need Hermione's help, which to be fair wasn't often, he even did his homework there.

It was just over a week later when Harry finally saw Malfoy there again. He had come straight from Quidditch practice and his hair was still wet from the shower. The Slytherin was sat in Harry's usual place, gazing at the blank wall ahead of him as though he thought if he stared hard enough, he would be able to see through to the other side.

"Have you tried to get in?"

Malfoy didn't look up and for a moment Harry thought he was going to be ignored.

"And why would I have done that?"

"You seem to spend a lot of time here."

Harry dropped to the floor beside Malfoy, being careful not to touch him. For whatever reason, Malfoy hadn't bolted the second he noticed Harry's presence. He was not going to push the Slytherin.

"Pot, cauldron, Potter."

Harry started. So Malfoy knew Harry was spending time here. He wondered what to make of that, if anything. Did it mean Malfoy came, then left again when he saw Harry was already there?

"I want to try." Harry finally admitted, pushing aside his other thoughts. "I think I'm just scared of what I might find."

"The great Harry Potter, scared of a room?" Malfoy laughed, though there was no humour in it.

Harry got to his feet again and began to slowly walk up and down in front of the room.

"What the hell do you think you're doing?" Malfoy was on his feet in a second, backing away, a look of pure horror on his face.

Harry stopped, halfway through his second pass.

"I'm sorry. I didn't think."

He stepped forward, hand extended towards Malfoy, who backed away even further.

"I'm sorry." He repeated.

Harry stopped walking, letting his hand drop to his side.

"Please don't go. I won't try, I promise. Please..."

For some reason Harry didn't really understand, he knew that Malfoy's decision would have greater repercussions than simply whether he stayed or left. Harry's heart pounded as he sat back down, praying to every deity he had ever heard of that Malfoy would join him.