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Good Night kisses

It had become hard to breath for the red masked ninja, sweat all over his body, his head twitched to and fro, and his hands clawed in the sheets. It was very rare that Raphael had nightmares but he had been having many problems when bed time came recently. His whole mind was being haunted by unimaginable and horrible situations; he could feel the coldness in the wind, the sweat drops on his skin and a cold… freezing cold.

In the middle of his nightmare he felt a little weight on his forehead, something warm and comfortable. Immediately, his nightmare disappeared. He couldn't see the monsters and the darkness surrounding him anymore, he could breathe normally and the cold seemed to have disappeared too. Raph sighed in relief, his eyes still closed.

In his room, the purple masked ninja was having the same problem. The fear had taken control of his mind; he was having a different nightmare but it was still horrible. He wanted to scream his lungs out but he couldn't, the monster in his nightmare seemed to have shut him up. His breaths became faster by the minute; then, a warm sensation on his forehead and the nightmare was over. He could feel the blankets he dropped being placed again on his body. Don smiled in his sleep slowing his breaths.

The orange masked ninja wasn't doing so good either. The monster in his nightmare had broken his body and spirit. Mikey could feel the tears in his cheeks mixed with his sweat, soft sobs and mumbled words like "stay away", "please, stop" and "it hurts" were the only ones that the youngest ninja could say. When everything seemed to be lost, a warm sensation on his forehead made the fear disappear; his tears stopped and the nightmare was gone at last.

The rest of the night, the three ninjas slept in peace. But the doubt was present: what was that soothing warmth which made their fear disappear?

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