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"Well, though is bleeding a little, I think there's not much damage in the wound" Don said as he finished checking the wound.

"Glad to hear it. I can't stand one more stitch on my skin!" Leo said.

"Aww! Too bad to hear it. You're gonna need another one if you keep moving!"

"I know, I know. Don, you think Raph's ok?"

"You just had to mention him" Don rolled his eyes.

"Donnie, you know he was angry and I think I pushed his buttons again"

"And he pushed your wound!" Don replied.

"Donnie, please"

"Leo, stop defending him! He's the reason why all this mess started in the first place" Don said angrily.

"Don, that's kinda rude coming from the most pacifist of us" Leo said kinda shocked for his genius brother's words.

"Sorry Leo, but that's how I feel" Don said crossing arms.

"Ok… if you say so"

"What's his problem? Tell me where's the sin on being tender with your brothers?"

"I guess he's not used to the 'fluffiness' like he says" Leo said.

"I'm curious though, why didn't you tell us?" Don asked.

"Tell you… what?" Leo asked back.

"About you going to our rooms and checking if we were ok"

"And don't forget the good night kiss!" Mikey said as he entered into Don's lab.

"Well, I didn't think it was necessary to tell you guys. I guess I knew something like this was going to happen so… I tried to keep it in a low profile" Leo explained.

"You know what Leo? I don't think that's something to be ashamed for" Mikey said.

"Yeah, remember when we were toddlers and we had nightmares or we got hurt?" Don asked.

"And we run to Splinter, crying?" Mikey continued.

"He always hugged us and comforted us with nice calming words and made us feel good again" Don said smirking.

"Yeah, and what did he do when we went to sleep?" Leo asked looking at his brothers.

"Kissed us good night, yeah… *sigh*… I miss the old times" Mikey said sighing.

"Me too. When did we grow up and forget all those nice things?" Don asked sadly.

"I guess father makes himself the same question" Leo sighed heavily.

It was midnight when Raph arrived to the lair. He went upstairs as silent as he could; the last thing he wanted now was confronting an angry Leo and his well known lectures, but he also wanted to apologize. April's lecture had sense though he hated to admit it, Leo was just being Leo and he had to respect that. All was quiet, even Leo wasn't there waiting for him… at least that's what he thought. As he passed by his brothers' rooms, he heard a little whimper coming from Leo's room. He opened the door slowly and found his blue masked brother sweating and breathing irregularly. Raph moved immediately to his brother's side.

"Leo? Leo!"

"W-wha… Raph?" Leo said with a sleepy voice.

"Hey bro. You ok?"

"Kinda… sorry for not waiting you but I had this annoying fever and…"

"I understand. Wait, did ya say fever?" Raph said as he placed his hand on his brother's forehead.

"It's not so bad I guess"

"Leo, yer burnin'! No wonder ya were makin' all that noise"

"I wasn't…" Leo said but was cut off by Raph.

"If ya weren't then, why I'm here?"

"Eh… good point"

"Wait here, I'm gonna call Don" Raph said as he made his way to the door.

"He's asleep, Raph. I don't wanna bother him"

"He's the only one who knows how to deal with these things!" Raph replied.

"It's just a little fever. Hmmm, maybe some cold water and cloth will help"

"Ok, just wait here"

"I'm not planning to go anywhere, Raph" Leo said with a smirk.


In a couple of minutes Raph appeared in Leo's room with the supplies and now was cooling down his brother's fever.

"So… eh… I wanted to apologize, you know, for the wound thingy and…" Raph said placing the wet cloth on Leo's feverish forehead.

"It's ok, Raph, I understand. I also wanted to apologize"

"For what?" Raph asked with a puzzled face.

"For treating you like a kid, I know you think it's childish and…"

"Leo…" Raph tried to talk but Leo kept talking.

"… I had to respect that, you know? You're different from the others…"

"Leo!" Raph insisted.

"… and if you're not comfortable with that then, I have to understand it…"

"LEO! WOULD YA SHUT UP?" Raph yelled in anger.

"Oh…er…sorry" Leo stopped… finally.

"…*sigh*… Finally! Now, about the 'motherly' thing… I think I just… overreacted. I'd forgotten how many times you took care of us and I never realized that's your way of showing us how much we mean to you, though it's kinda…"


"Yeah. If that's ok with you, keep it goin' but just with Don and Mikey, ok? Ya wanna check if I'm sleepin'? Ok, do it… but without the kissin' thing, got it?" Raph said soaking the cloth and placing it again on his brother's forehead.

"Ok, got it" Leo smirked.

"Uhmmm… Leo, why yer always helpin' us but ya don't ask us for help? Like now with yer fever"

"I'm the eldest here. I'm supposed be there for you and I don't want you guys to be worried for me, I'm able to deal with things like that"

"And April says I'm the silly one. Leo, that's ridiculous! We're bros; we're supposed to be here for each other; don't try to be the hero here! Ya can't be the only one who has to worry about his family. Besides, even leaders need some help once in a while" Raph established.

"Whoa! That was deep coming from you"

"Don't try yer luck, Fearless" Rah said huskily. Leo looked at the clock on his wall; it was 01:00. He didn't want his brother to be sleepy for the training session in a few hours.

"It's late Raph; I think you should go to bed now"

"And let ya here with this fever? No way, Leo. No. Way. In. Shell! " Raph replied as he placed the re-soaked cloth again.

"And you say I'm the one playing mom" Leo teased his brother.

"Well, I think ya'll be fine now. If ya need sumthin' just come to my room" Raph said as he checked his brother's fever had cooled down already.

"Ok" Leo said yawning a little.

"And NO good night kisses!" Raph said as he stood up and made his way out of Leo's room.

"Alright, alright! Night bro" Leo chuckled.

"Night Leo"

Raph slumped heavily on his hammock feeling like he had kicked one thousand Foot Ninjas but he felt relieved knowing his brother was gonna be ok the rest of the night. After a few hours trying to get some sleep without success, he got up and went again to Leo's room. The red masked turtle found him deeply asleep; Raph didn't want to wake up him now he was finally having a decent sleep so he turned around.

"Come in Raph, I know you want" Leo said making Raph jump because of the little scare.

"Yer awake?"

"Kinda… I felt you opening the door, is something the matter?" Leo said rubbing his eyes.

"I… I can't sleep" Raph said sheepishly.



"What is it?"

"Mom didn't kiss me good night" Raph said looking at the floor and then at Leo with a smirk. The blue masked turtle caught the idea immediately.

"We don't have a mom" Leo said smirking.

"I know. Can I bunk here tonight?" Raph asked.

"You sure?"

"It doesn't hurt doin' it once in a while" Raph answered. Leo made some space on his futon.

"Ok, I'll wake you up before the others…"

"Don't need it, if they make any funny commentary that will be the last thing they'll say" Raph said taking his side of the bed.

"Hehe… ok, ok"

"Leo… why have you been kissing us good night lately? I mean, it's kinda normal on you but… you've been doin' it a lot recently" Raph asked in concern. Leo sighed deeply before answering the question.

"I'm not afraid of dead but… the night I got hurt, I was really scared of it. I've been training a lot lately, getting obsessed with my training, living in my own world… that I had forgotten you guys. That night, I thought I was gonna leave you without telling you how much you mean to me. I felt guilty; sometimes I order you more than telling you you're the best brothers ever, I train more than spending some time with you. Even Mikey had asked me to play some video games with him but I always tell him I'm busy" Raph was shocked as he heard his brother had actually said he had felt 'fear'.

"I know I can't turn back time or making you guys to forgive me with all the 'motherly act' but… I guess it's a start"

"Forgive what! Leo, there's nothing to forgive! We all know ya care about us and we respect yer way of life because that's the Leo we all know and love. Sure yer a pain in tha shell sometimes but that's the real you! That's yer job, bein' the leader of this team and the overprotectin' big bro. Ya only need to organize yer time and don't get obessed with yer trainin' too much"

"That's gonna be a challenge for me"

"Don't worry. I'll help ya with that" Raph said.

"Since when you're my time's organizer?" Leo asked raising an eyebrow.

"Since when ya started to be my mom?" Raph asked and doing the same.

"Touché. Ok, we better go back to sleep or Splinter is gonna kill us tomorrow" Leo said as he covered himself with the blankets.

"Ya mean in a few hours" Raph replied looking at the clock in the wall.

"Thanks Din-Don!" Leo said sarcastically.

"Ya've been watchin' Disney movies?" Raph asked knowing that the nickname Leo had given to him was the name of one of the characters in the movie "Beauty and the Beast"

"Mikey likes those movies" Leo answered yawning.

"That kid is a blessing" Raph chuckled.

"Agree, now go back to sleep" Leo insisted.

"Yer forgettin' sumthin'!" Raph said pointing at his forehead and smirking at his brother.

"Alright" Leo bent down and kissed his hotheaded brother good night "Good night, Raph"

"Good night, Leo"

Finally, the red masked turtle understood his brother's point. Leo wasn't corny; he just wasn't ashamed of showing their brothers how much he loved them.

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