Agent of Hell

Chapter 18

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Walking off the field, Naruto listened to the crowd chanting his name, the brutality of the match bringing out their primal instincts. Humans were so fickle, one could preach peace and harmony all they wanted but most would stop to watch a fight, never trying to stop it.

Kyu met him in the hallway.

"Kyu take my place next to the Hokage, inform him that I wish to get this blood cleaned up off of me," he told her simply as he walked off towards the arena bathrooms, which also doubled as a locker room for those who participated in the Ninja games, an event which consisted of obstacle courses, relay races, and other meaningless games where teams would compete for a prize.

Kyu nodded under her hood, "Yes sir," she intoned obediently before turning to leave.

"But before you do, run home for me and pick me up a new pair of pants, these are close to falling off."

She nodded and vanished.

Naruto continued his trek and entered the men's locker room before taking off his now ruined vest, removing the few scrolls it had hidden away in it's pouches before tossing it in the trash before doing the same with his pants and footwear.

That swordsmen was good despite what he had said to piss him off. If it hadn't been for his power that first attack would've killed him, not to mention the amount of shock his body would've endured due to the sudden pain.

He had watched the mans first match too, but the close aura of the stone had distracted him, it's demonic whispering and calls to retrieve it causing him to miss valuable details.

Pulling a bunch of paper towels off the roll attached to the wall, Naruto turned the water on as hot as it could go before wetting the bunched up brown paper.

He wiped his face first, cleaning his mouth and chin as that was where the most had come from. The water started turning a pinkish hue, making it look like a bloody whirlpool as the water swirled down the pipes.

"Want some help with that, Naruto-kun?"

Looking up to the mirror, Naruto saw a red head in blue robes looking at him, "Mizukage-sama, what are you doing here?"

The woman gave him a smile, "Please, call me Mei," she insisted as she walked up to him, the sound of her heels echoing around the room.

Naruto stood in his boxers and watched her approach, never turning to her as she neared and gazed at his back, or the large black pentagram he had tattooed there.

"That's an interesting tattoo,"

"It's what I believe in," Naruto mused cooly, almost coldly, which made her smile fade just a bit.

Not about his beliefs but because he seemed to be immune to her charms.

"Interesting beliefs, I don't think I've ever seen someone who'd openly say that,"

He slowly turned, showing her his pentagram necklace and the other occult tattoo he had, "I wasn't lying when I said that I had died once before, I'm much more inclined to believe in the devil than I am to worship Kami... Now, would you kindly tell me as to why your here? I believe that this could turn out... scandalous if someone knew you were here. After all, you are the Kage of another land and I am a ninja of Konoha, one might see this as an attempt to weaken the village or turn me."

Mei frowned, "No, I'm not here to kill you Naruto-kun, quite the opposite, I had Reizen questioned and he openly admitted to working against us during the civil war, how we didn't catch him before horrifies me to no end," she sighed, "Thank you for exposing him,"

She reached up and ran a finger on the black markings of his evil eye tattoo, "And why would I kill you? We are here for an alliance after all,"

Naruto grabbed her finger, "That may be, but the delegation from Kumo said the same years ago, only to kidnap the heiress of the Hyuuga clan not hours after signing the treaty."

"But we aren't Kumo, I'm the Mizukage," Mei smiled before grabbing his hand which held her finger, rubbing the bare flesh softly. "After-all, killing someone as handsome as you would be a shame... if it's even possible."

Kyu suddenly walked in carrying small bundle, "Naruto-sama, here are your-"

The fox stopped after seeing the Mizukage holding her masters hand.

"Thank you Kyu, now hurry along, the Hokage is waiting," Naruto told her dismissively.

Mei watched her leave, "She your...?" the woman asked, letting the statement hang.

Naruto shook his head, "She is my underling, my charge if you will. She works for me."

Mei let go of him and he let her finger go. "I wasn't aware that the Leaf allowed that."

"They don't, but unlike most, I work through a contract directly for the Hokage,"

Mei watched as he walked around her and retrieved his new pants, shocked that he was immune to her charms and looks. Any other man would've been drooling and humping air at her touch, pining away for more.

Naruto buttoned the black cargo pants and slipped on the boots, a little awkwardly as he hadn't taken the time to untie them.

Mei noticed his lack of equipment and couldn't help but say, "I see your not wearing a belt with a pouch on it,"

Naruto looked back at her out the corner of his eye, "I don't see why that matters... the few I have serve my needs just fine, and if the need arises, I'll take them from my enemy,"

The woman hummed, "Your quite confident in your skills," she mused, "I like that,"

"When you survive death, things tend to seem a bit easier when you compare them. Like looking at a beautiful rose then comparing a weed to it, no matter how you look at it or how much you may like it, the weed loses it's luster."

"You have a way with words," Mei smiled, "Your strong, handsome... witty, too bad your a Leaf ninja. A man like you would be quite the catch for a woman like me,"

"Assuming that one such as you could satisfy one such as me," he smirked, "I'm quite hard to please,"

Mei's voice got husky, "Is that a challenge, are your sure that it's not you who wouldn't meet my expectations?"

Naruto smirked, showing his sharpened teeth, "That would depend on what one expects,"

She grinned harder, backing off and shaking a finger at him, "Your good Namikaze, maybe I should go on and give you your first nickname for the field... Gintan-no-Namikaze."

"How cute," he mused, "The Silver-tongue Namikaze, paints a nice mental image huh?"

They both stopped to hear that the final Iwa ninja was beaten by a Kumo ninja named Yugito Nii.

"I seem to have missed a match Naruto-kun," Mei sighed, "Oh well, I must be going. I can't wait to see you fight next."

Naruto watched as she gave him a once over one last time before walking towards the exit, "I'll be rooting for you... Naruto-kun," she said seductively, drawing out the 'kun' in a lovely and wistful coo.

Alone in the bathroom, Naruto hummed.

"These humans are so strange," came a hiss from behind, making Naruto turn to see Ura slithering out of a broken vent near the top of the wall. "I could smell the pheromones on her sire,"

"Humans tend to want what they can't have," Naruto said back as Ura slithered up to him, the two and a half foot snake climbing up his leg and up to his sholder with ease.

"Master I've found the woman you spoke up, she hides it well but she reeks of angels."

Naruto smirked, "So, the heavenly dog has arrived,"

Ura nodded his head, "Yes, she was sitting up in the top row, on the far side of the ring watching your fights."

"I see... well little serpent, you've done a marvelous job, you may return home and sunbathe to your hearts content,"

The snake made a happy sounding hiss before sliding down and easily climbing back up to the vent and leaving.

He spent a few more minutes getting ready, checking his scrolls and deciding to fight without a shirt, openly displaying his unholy marks to mock the angelic vermin in the stands. Hell, if things progressed in the tournament the way they did he may even have to unseal his unholy sword for the first time in ages, forged by the flames of hell and powerful enough to rip a soul from it's body.


The second round was winding down and now only four ninjas remained. Only he was left for Konoha, it seemed that Anko was beaten by her opponent, the final remaining Mist ninja. Although, she wasn't too mad about it, the ninja was a woman and showed great skill with water jutsu. It seemed that Anko didn't like the fact that some men were sexist and looked down on Konochi.

So besides him and the woman from Mist, Killer Bee and Yugito Nii from Kumo were left in the standing, with Bee fighting the Mist ninja first and him fighting Yugito next in the semifinals.

This was the most competitive matches, each ninja went to the medic-ninjas to get healed completely and to retrieve soldier pills so that they would be at full strength. Although, Naruto openly denied them and refused to be checked, much to the others amusement. He knew that a lot of people were calling him a prideful fool, saying that he was trying to act tough and cool by refusing treatment, but then again, when did he give a fuck about what they thought?

Each competitor weren't allowed to watch the matches, to make the final round as great as possible. He was told to wait in a lounge area with an ANBU guard at the door watching him as he sat.

He took deep meditative breathes as he did, head bowed, eyes closed, elbows on his knees and arms limp as he leaned forward. He ignored the silent masked man as he waited.

"Namikaze-san," The ANBU suddenly spoke after awhile, his hand up to his ear, "It's time for your match."

Naruto opened his eyes, "Finally,"

The ANBU stepped aside and opened the door for him, "Good luck Namikaze-san, your representing all of us here today and I'm honored to be here right now,"

"I always thought that ANBU were serpose to keep their feelings bottled up while they were on duty. Isn't that the rules?"

Naruto was sure that the ANBU was smirking, "Well I've never been one to follow the rules as times like this,"


"Ladies and Gentlemen, Lords and Nobles, may I present the fighters for the second match of the Semifinals, Yugito Nii of Kumo... and Naruto Namikaze!"

As the announcer said their names both appeared on the field.

Yugito had straight blonde hair bound with taut bandages so as to keep it away from her face. She wore the Kumo forehead protector and favored a tight black and white shirt. Her black pants were of standard shinobi style and her kunai holster was tied to her right thigh. She also wore purple fingerless gloves with a long string of seemingly plain red beads are wound around her left arm. Bandages were also wound tight around her arms and she also had a red sash tied around her waist.

But compared to Naruto's new look, he seemed to be turning more heads than her, even though neither were trying to look good. Even she had to fight back a small blush at the wiry frame of his bare chest.


Right from the start Yugito sent a hail of Kuni and throwing stars at him before flashing through some hand seals, which ended up being a jutsu that fired off a large blast of lightning from her fingers which hit the metal weapons and caused them to create a net of electricity that flew towards the male blond.

"A decent strategy," Naruto said while appearing behind her, leaning back to narrowly miss being hit by an elbow strike.

Naruto dodged a few more blows before catching the last, flipping her round and tossing her like a rag doll.

Yugito flipped in the air and landed on her feet with a small smirk, making him frown before looking down to see a explosive note.


The note went off in a large ball of flame releasing a small shock wave that made some of the closer people jump.

"I believe I win," Yugito stated cooly before a loud chuckle came from the smoke.

Naruto walked through the smokescreen with a bit of dirt on his face and a few scratches but no burns, "You'll have to do better than that kitty cat,"

Yugito's eyes widened a bit.

"Come on let's try that again... don't be a pussy,"

Yugito's eye twitched, "The cat jokes are getting really old really fast,"

Naruto smirked, "I could saw the same to you, I'm starting to see wrinkles... oh is that a gray hair in your braid?"

The woman hissed at him.

"Oh, Kittens got claws," he chuckled, "Come on show me what you have,"

The two fought for a minute, Naruto noticed that like him, Yugito seemed to be able to use her demon chakra to harden her nails to that of a claw, using them to swipe at him wildly.

Yugito hissed while swinging at him, she wasn't lost in rage but all the cat jokes were very annoying to her.

"Kitten be careful, I sense something strange about him, I think he can actually feel my presence inside you."

The woman listened to her demon and filed it away for later. Jumping back, she harnessed a bit more of the two tailed cat's chakra and used it to breath out a stream of Nibi's blue fire, setting the ground on fire.

She stopped and looked around, the flames blocked a lot of her sight but she could still see a bit, and she had also hit him point blank.

Suddenly, without warning, the blue flames turned black and flickered slightly before flaring up to massive heights.

"Impossible!" The Nibi yelled from her seal, her eyes wide in shock which matched Yugito's as well as the Raikage and anyone else from Kumo.

'Nibi what just happened?' she asked her inner demon in shock and fear.

"No mortal man can control my fire... only. No... Kitten, he's not human, these are truly the fires of hell, he's far beyond my powers... he a true devil."

'A... Devil?'

"One of Satan's own, and by his level of mastery he's highly ranked in hell."

A figure appeared in the wall of fire, his eyes glowing red along with two horns that seemed to stick out of his forehead and curved up. The figure smiled, teeth sharp and pointed to the limit.

"Kitten, we can not win this, I'm no match for a devil much less a strong one like this,"

"I FORFEIT!" Yugito screamed over the roaring flames, making them vanish until nothing but a smoldering ring of burnt dirt and grass was left around them.

Looking at Naruto, Yugito saw that he looked normal, almost as if what she had seem had just been a genjutsu. If not for the Nibi, whose chakra could easily keep her from being effected, she would've written what she had seen off af an illusion.


Up in the stands, hiding in the shadows and out of sight, two figures in torn and ratty cloaks stood watching the fight.

"Is would seem that Lord Naruto has grown stronger in this realm." the first said in a deep, throaty tone that sounded like a hiss.

If one were looking close enough they would've seen that under the hoods the figures were masked in off-white bandages with strange goggles over their eyes, three shining lenses looking out to the field down below.

"Of course he would get stronger," the other figure said, "As young as he is the only way his power levels have to go is up."

"Should we inform him that we have arrived?"

He shook his cloaked head, "No, I've already sent someone, he'll inform Lord Naruto that we have arrived and that everything is going according to plan."

Suddenly a jounin wearing a mask with a headband over one eye body flickered in, appearing next to another group of jounin not too far away.

"Kakashi, your late," a smoking ninja with a goatee said boredly.

Kakashi scratched his head tiredly, "Sorry, I kinda lost my wallet while I was walking, I had to backtrack all day trying to find it but couldn't."

Everyone was silent, even the civilians and other ninja in the crowd around them.

A woman with red eyes and curly dark hair blinked, "That's... actually a good reason." she said in a soft, surprised voice.

"So did I miss anything good?" the one eyed pervert questioned as he stepped over.

Asuma smirked, "Only the wildest display of skill since the last war, only Naruto and that Jounin from Kumo are left,"


Before the final match, both fighters were given time to recover, seeing as if would give one an unfair advantage over the one who had just finished fighting.

Unlike last time, the ANBU wasn't there so he just retook his place and sat there, waiting silently for the fifteen minute wait to end.

"My lord,"

Naruto's eyes snapped open and he found a figure dressed in a dirty torn cloak kneeling in front of him, his head bowed low.

"So you've arrived," he stated tonelessly.

The figure nodded, "Yes, my team has been observing your battles my Lord, as well as that of the others."

"And what of the other units?"

"They are in this realm and have done as told. Each are awaiting the signals,"

Naruto nodded, "Good, during the treaty negotiations after the tournament, have my orders carried out."

"It will be done my Lord."


"Kyu-san, might I ask where Naruto is?" Hiruzen asked after seeing the blond leave.

The cloaked redhead looked at him, "I believe that he would be meditating, waiting for the final match to begin." she answered.

"Speaking of the Namikaze," Mei said from her seat with a hidden smirk, "I find it hard to believe that Konoha has been able to keep him a secret for so long,"

The Kazekage nodded, "I agree, the treaty we have with the Leaf states that we share major information like this," he said, angered that the Leaf was keeping secrets.

Before the Hokage could continue, Kyu spoke up, "Hokage-sama, if I may?"

At his nod, Kyu continued, "With all due respect, I've seen what's written in that treaty and I do believe that you are in no position to point out that the Leaf has ignored it. After all Kazekage-sama, your youngest child is, in fact, the container of the One-tailed Bijuu and not only that but she is unstable and close to losing control of her demon."

The Kazekage seemed to shrink back in his seat at the looks everyone was now giving him.

"One could see this as an attack on the leaf, after all, you didn't warn us and should she snap, she could level much of the village..."

Even though she let the statement hang, even the untrained Daimyo and their families could feel the accusing undertone that just wasn't there.

The Raikage cleared his throat, "Maybe we should save this kind of talk for the negotiations later today?"

The Daimyo of Cloud nodded, "I agree, let's not ruin today with this kind of hostility."


Cheering priced the air as the massive crowds packed into the seats saw the announcer ninja walk out onto the open field, signaling that the wait was just about over. Civilians and some ninja from all over the elemental nations all shouted out for their favorite fighters despite the fact that they were from another village.

Citizens of Iwa who still held old grudges and Kumo supporters chanted out for Killer Bee to win while Leaf citizens and most of the Mist supporters chanted out for Naruto.

Killer Bee looked very similar to the Raikage, his skin, hair, and body-build easily alerting people that they were family or related in some way. On his right sholder he has a tattoo of the symbol for 'iron' as well as a tattoo of two horns on his left cheek. But unlike his older brother, he had a thin goatee instead of a beard with a small mustache.

Killer Bee wore oval shaped sunglasses over his eyes and a white-coloured forehead protector above them. He also wears a white colored one-strap-over-one-shoulder Flak Jacket of a Kumogakure ninja, with a red rope tied around his waist along with the standard Kumogakure hand and shin guards, shinobi sandals, and a white scarf around his neck. Finally, he was armed with seven short swords on his back, the handles wrapped in red cloth while the end was a dull gold.

Both stood opposite each other, Naruto with his emotionless yet icy gaze while Bee looked a little annoyed.

The announcer called for them to start and vanished, leaving the two standing there.

They stared at each other for a minute before the larger man took a deep breath.


A's eyes widened as he saw this, "Oh Kami please no!"


"Yo I'm in da midst o'my rhymez, y'all iz bustin in on my time, ... an' now I gotta spit my line, fools, ya fools!"


The Raikage's face darkened and he slid the Kages hat over his face to hide his shame.

Mei looked over with a large sweat drop on her head, "Isn't he your brother?"

A nodded sadly, "Yes,"


Naruto's eyes twitched, "That... was... pathetic," he said slowly, "And for that, I'm now going to kick your ass twice as hard."

Bee jumped into a stance, "Da only one who gets to dig me is me, yo. Cuz I float like a butterfly an' sting like a Bee, so, stand back an' stay back, or you'll get whack, ya fool!" he sang making the how village sweat drop.


Every Kage looked at A who groaned, "Can this get any worse?"


Naruto's eye twitched harder, "I find your musical talent lacking, listening to you butcher your words and make an idiot of yourself does not amuse me in the slightest... fool,"

A vein popped up on Bee's forehead, "HEY DON'T BE DISSIN MA RHYMES!" he roared in anger.

Naruto ignored him, "I've seen murderers before but never before have I seen someone who could murder music in such a brutal manner."

"You bastard, dissin my rap is like dissin my bro. Only I can do it and that's fo sho," Bee rapped before disappearing in a burst of speed.

For such a big man, Naruto had to admit that Bee was fast, skilled too as those swords he had weren't idle.

Naruto was ducking and weaving for all he had, dodging the two swords that Bee was using as well as any of the other attacks he threw.

Finally, Bee overshot a lunge, giving Naruto the best opportunity to knee him in the midsection and roundhouse kick him away.

"I must admit, for what you lack in musical talent you make up for it in speed and skill." Naruto said while reaching down and taking out a scroll from his pocket, unrolling it quickly and breaking the seal inside.

Bee saw the large burst of smoke and drew his other five blades, holding one in his mouth, one in both of his elbow joints, one in his left armpit, one held in the joint of his neck, one in the joint of his right leg which was raised up, and the final on between the raised thigh and his stomach.

"Seven Swords Dance," he called out from around the handle while pumping his lightning chakra through the blades, making them vibrate at a high frequency. He then started spinning like a buzz saw and attacked the cloud.

A series of loud clangs and flying sparks followed as the cloud was forcibly dissipated to show the still spinning Bee attacking a successfully defending Naruto, who held a large two handed monstrosity that frightened and sickened the crowd.

In his grasp was a large executioners blade almost seven inches thick on the backside and five feet long. It was covered in thick fleshy veins with a large fleshy bulge just above the handle that seemed to move slightly.

Swinging the massive sword, Naruto easily shattered one sword before forcibly stopping the spinning Ninja, making him stop with his face just feet away from the fleshy budge of his blade.

"What the-" Bee started only for Naruto to chuckle darkly.

"Show me your sin, show me your soul!" Naruto hissed out with an insane grin before the budge started twitching harder.

Bee watched in horror as it split open to reveal a large moving eye that wildly looked around before locking onto him and staring into his eyes, making everything freeze and lose color.

He heard the voice of his former best friend Motoi yelling at him, calling him a monster and trying to kill him for holding the demon that murdered his father. He heard the prejudice ramblings of the villagers from his youth followed by the sounds of him and Motoi fighting. He was forced to listen to Motoi explain why he wanted to kill him then to himself as he forgave him and said that he didn't hold it against him.

All those memories from over thirty years ago.

"W-what?" Naruto said in shock as he too saw and heard everything, "A shinobi... with a p-pure heart and good soul?"

He forced Bee back while he was still reeling from the past and hit him as hard as he could, sending the dark-skinned man sailing into the wall and into unconsciousness with the six remaining swords littering the ground.

'Impossible!' The blonde said in his mind, 'Even after all that, he still has a good soul?'

Naruto suddenly was full of an emotion that he had long since forgotten... fear.

Fear of what that man could do.

Naruto wasn't stupid, he was a monster and only one who was truly pure of heart and soul could kill him. Killer Bee, that Kumo shinobi... could he really be the one who could end him and stop his plans?

His eyes narrowed.

Not if he could stop it...


Yes Naruto's sword is the Soul-edge, which I do not own.

Also, the Soul-edge is a weapon capable of changeing shape so don't complain it I change it later.

To be continued...