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Through the years we all will be together and
If the fates allow
Hang a shining star upon the highest bough
And have yourself a merry little Christmas now


One year later…

You sneak into the kitchen and you look around, checking if she is here. You smirk when you see that she is not in sight and you slowly walk to the big plate full of cookies that is on top of the kitchen island.

She just took them out of the oven and the whole house smells like cookies. Of course she told you not to touch them, that they are for tonight but now that she is not here you have your opportunity to grab some.

The moment you reach out to take one though she appears out of nowhere and she slaps your hand away.

"Hey! Why did you do that for? And where did you come from?" you exclaim.

"I told you that these are for tonight. And I came from the bathroom." She replies.

"But they are yummy, I want to eat some now!" you whine childishly making her chuckle.

"You ate the cookie dough and half the first batch." She states, crossing her arms over her chest.

"That doesn't count." You tell her, mimicking her stance.

"Too bad because you are not eating any now."

"Pleaaaaaase!" you drag out, clasping your hands together and looking at her with your best puppy dog eyes.

She rests her hands on your hips and she smiles.

"You are such a big baby." She teases and stands on her tip-toes and presses a kiss on your lips.

You wrap your arms around her waist and you smirk.

"You knew that when you agreed to move in with me." You say, the smirk never leaving your lips.

"Yeap, I did." Her soft smile tells you that she doesn't really mind about it.

You slowly turn around so that her back is against the counter and you capture her lips with yours in a gentle kiss. Her eyes close involuntarily and her hands come to rest on your chest. Your hands rest on the counter o either side of her body and you lean into her so that your bodies are pressed together.

When you end the kiss she lets out a contented sigh and you smile.

"So, what will you give me in order for me to be a good boy tonight?" you ask with a frown.

"I have presents. It's Christmas after all." She points out and you grin goofily.

"How many presents?" you ask eagerly.

She laughs upon seeing the look on your face and she wraps her arms around your waist.

"I can't tell you, it's a surprise."

"And who is going to be here?" you raise an eyebrow questioningly.

"Well, my brother with my nephew and James with Lisa. My parents will be here for New Year's Eve." She replies.

"Your sister in law?"

"She is working today. And you have to be a good boy because if not there won't be any presents for you tonight." She smirks and you groan.

"But I've been a good boy the whole year!"

"Yeah, I know. One more day won't harm you." She takes your hands in hers and she smiles knowingly at you. Damn, she got you.

She takes the cookie from your hand and you try to look as innocent as you can. She just shakes her head in amusement and she takes a bite from the cookie.

"Hey!" you protest but before you can say anything else she offers you the rest of the cookie which you gladly take.

"The last batch is even better." You comment while chewing the cookie.

She kisses your cheek and she pulls away from you taking the plate with the cookies with her.

"Where are you going?" you shout trying to sound as dramatic as you can.

"I'm going to put them on the dining table. And they better stay there." She says pointedly and walks away from you.

Damn… now you'll have to find another opportunity to grab some of those delicious cookies. You take your cane and you head to the living room to plot.


"Greg can you get the door?" she calls from the kitchen.

"If you let me get a cookie!" you shout from your spot on the couch.

"Just one!" you smirk and you head straight to the dining table.

You look at the plate and you tilt your head to the right. One, two… what's the difference really? You take two and then you make your way to the door. When you open it you see her brother, William, standing on the other side, a Santa hat on his head, with a sleeping Liam in his carrier and an oversized bag over his shoulder.

"Hey look it's Santa! I don't think I asked for a baby though, what else do you have in that bag of yours?" Williams just smirks and walks inside the house.

"Merry Christmas to you too Greg." He greets.

You close the door behind him and you follow him to the living room.

"Allison, your brother is here!" you inform her and a few moments later she emerges from the kitchen and walks straight to William who gives her a big hug and a kiss on the cheek.

"Merry Christmas Allie." He says with a wide smile.

"Merry Christmas to you too!" she replies, returning the smile and then she turns her attention to the baby in the carrier.

She gently caresses the baby's soft hair and she smoothes the blanket that covers his body.

"He's getting bigger." She says looking at her brother who grins proudly.

"You should see him smiling! That photos I sent you last week are nothing compared to the real thing. One smile and he makes my whole day!" he tells her and she chuckles.

"Guess I'll find out today. Want anything to drink?"

"Nope, I'm good." He sits down on the couch, placing Liam's carrier next to him.

"Please tell me that he is not going to start crying any time soon." You say dreading the answer.

William looks at his watch and smiles sheepishly.

"I wouldn't bet on that." You groan and you turn your attention to the TV.

"Does he cry a lot?" you ask, your eyes locked on the screen.

"It depends." He says cryptically and you look at him in alarm.

Upon seeing the look on your face he bursts out laughing.

"I'm kidding, he doesn't cry a lot. But you should have seen your face." He says through laughter.

You grab one of the pillows from the couch and you hit him on the head but he just laughs even harder.

"Shhh, you are going to wake him up!" you hiss.

He covers his mouth, trying to stop laughing but when he sees that he can't he stands up and he heads to the bathroom. You throw the pillow at him as he goes and it hits him on the back but he continues walking.

You glance at the baby in the carrier and you see him sleeping peacefully. Thank God for that! You grab the remote in your hand and you start surfing through the channels when a soft whimper catches your attention.

"Allison!" you call out.

"I'm a little busy!"

"William!" no answer from him.

What are you supposed to do now? You look at Liam who rubs his little fists over his eyes and that's when he drops his pacifier and starts crying softly.

"Kid you have the worst timing ever." You tell him and you grab his pacifier in order to give it to him again but he spits it out.

"Your father is going to pay for this…" you mutter and you reach out and gently take the crying baby in your arms.

You settle him in the crook of your elbow and you rub his back with your hand in what you hope is a soothing manner. You try to give him the pacifier again and this time he accepts it and he calms down immediately.

"You really don't cry a lot…" he just blinks up at you and waits for you to talk again.

You find the opportunity to look at the baby closely. You observe his grey-blue eyes, his light brown hair, his round baby-cheeks and the way he looks at you. He really is a beautiful baby, you can't deny that. And too calm… you wonder if Allison was as calm as he is when she was a baby and then you shake your head. Where did that come from?

The door bell interrupts your thoughts and you stand up, Liam still in your arms. You grab your cane and you head to the door and when you open it your see your best friend with your boss standing there, their hands full of presents.

James smiles in amusement the moment he sees you with the baby in your arms and you roll your eyes.

"Just a mix up with the presents, Santa got confused and instead of bringing me the hooker I asked for he brought him." You tell them and you urge them inside.

"And you are still here? How come you didn't travel to the North Pole to sort this out?" Lisa asks with a smirk.

"I'm waiting for Rudolph to come and pick me up." You reply sarcastically.

Allison appears from the kitchen at that moment and she frowns when she sees you with Liam.

"He was crying." You explain and hand the baby to her.

"And I was wondering why he was holding a baby." James says.

"Merry Christmas you guys." She tells them with a wide smile.

"Merry Christmas Allison. Where should I put these?" James asks, showing her the presents.

"Just put them under the tree with the rest. I'm going to give Liam his milk."

"Your nephew is just adorable." Lisa comments making you roll your eyes.

"Here we go again…" you mutter.

"Are you jealous of a baby?" she tells you with a teasing smirk and you snort.

"Yeah, right…" she doesn't stop smirking even when you turn your back and walk away from them.

Allison and Lisa fuss over the baby for the next minutes and you take a sit on the couch with your best friend who keeps on looking at them and smiling.

"Don't tell me you got baby-fever…" you mumble, looking at him.

"Would that be bad?" he asks and you groan.

"Extremely." He just chuckles and looks at Lisa who is holding Liam in her arms.

"I'll take my chances." He says with a small smile.

"William, your son has ruined my best friend!" you shout when you spot him walking towards you.

He looks at you questioningly and James just laughs.

"You are unbelievable." He shakes his head and William smirks.

"Don't we all know that?" he comments, taking a sit in the armchair.

You cross your arms in front of your chest and you pout.

"I'm not talking to you two."


"Are you gonna play?" James asks in irritation when he sees you checking your cards for the hundredth time.

You look up from your cards and you cast a glance at your best friend. Then you look at the other two who are sited around the coffee table.

"I'll call."

"Finally! Was it that hard?" he asks

"No, but it was so entertaining agitating you." You smirk making William chuckle and Lisa try to hide her smile.

James just rolls his eyes and then he shows you his cards. You can't help but grin in triumph.

"What now?" he asks when he sees the look on your face and you reveal your cards too.

"A royal flush? Are you kidding me?" he exclaims.

"Do you have anything in your sleeve or something?" William asks, grabbing one of your wrists.

"What can I say, I'm on fire tonight." You shrug and you wink at Allison who looks at you in amusement from her spot on the couch.

"I swear if you come up with a flush or a full house again tonight I won't play with you again." You quirk an eyebrow and you study your best friend and then you grab your glass of bourbon and you stand up.

"Ok, time for a break for me then!" he sighs and you walk towards the couch and you take a sit next to Allison.

She presses a soft kiss on your lips and you smile.

"Good game." She comments and you grin.

"I really am on fire tonight and I don't just say it about the game." You waggle your eyebrows suggestively making her chuckle at your antics.

"Later." She whispers and the grin on your face widens even more.

"Can I kick them out?" you ask with your best puppy dog eyes.

"Nope, my time to play." She replies standing up and heading to sit next to William. "Keep an eye on Liam please."

"What?" you ask incredulously but before you can object James has already dealt the cards and you are stack with a sleeping baby.

"We're right here you know, you won't have to do anything just tell us if he wakes up." She tells you, checking her cards.

Her face remains neutral and you try to understand what she got. You lean forward and you rest your elbows on your knees as you observe her face closely. When she looks up and her eyes find yours she gives you a little wink that no one else notices and you smirk. Poor James…

You lean back again, you clasp your hands together behind your head and you turn your attention to the TV. A Christmas story… great… you are too bored to get up for the remote so you settle for that.

"You too? Come on! I'm not playing anymore!" James exclaims suddenly making you turn to look at him.

Your eyes fall on Allison who is grinning mischievously and then you notice her cards. Straight flush. You shake your head and you smile.

"Jimmy boy, it's not your lucky day today."

"I'm not playing anymore!" he states and stands up.

The other three smile in amusement and get up as well.

"Coffee anyone?" Allison asks, already heading for the kitchen.

"Coffee? Isn't it a little late?" you say pointedly, looking in her eyes.

"Subtle House." James comments with a smirk.

"Don't listen to him." Allison tells them.

"It's alright Allison, we know him. And, anyway, Hallie will be home in a while." William replies with a knowing smile.

"We should go too, it is getting kind of late. New Year's at our place ok?" Lisa says.

"See? They agree with me." You say innocently making her roll her eyes but at the same time she tries to hide a smile.

Lisa and James grab their coats and the presents you took for them and William prepares Liam who is still fast asleep in his carrier.

"You've been civil tonight." James comments with a smirk as you walk towards the door.

"Don't worry snoockums, I'll be my usual self from tomorrow. I was promised gifts to be a good boy today." You reply with a smirk of your own.

"Is there a way to convince you to do your clinic hours too?" Lisa asks hopefully but you snort.

"That is never gonna happen." You state seriously and she sighs.

"Don't forget about New Year's." James reminds you as they walk out.

"Allison won't let me forget, don't worry!" you say and she slaps your arm playfully.

"Hey!" you protest.

She ignores you and hugs everyone goodnight. She kisses her nephew's forehead and after the door closes behind them she turns to you.

"Time for my presents?" you ask, waggling your eyebrows and making her chuckle.

"Yeah, I think you've been a very good boy today so I can give them to you." She replies with a smile.

"Ok, I get to choose what to open first though and I think I want to start from you." You grab her wrist and you pull her to you.

Your arms wrap around her small waist and you drop a soft kiss on her lips. She willingly responds and her hands come to rest on your chest.

"Bedroom is the other way…" she mumbles against your lips when you start guiding her towards the living room.

"Yeah but it's Christmas, I was thinking you'd like to make love in front of the fireplace, under the Christmas tree." You tell her.

"Yeah, because it has to be Christmas for us to make love in front of the fireplace." She teases, reminding you of last week's exploits.

"That's beyond the point." You state, slowly taking off her top.

She cooperates off course and she helps you out of your clothes as well. Thank God you remembered to turn up the heating. In no time you are both out of your clothes and you are lying in front of the fireplace, covered with the quilt from the back of the couch.

You both know each other's bodies by heart but every time you make love it's different and better than the last time. It still amazes you how good it feels being with her like this.

You've given up on the idea of analyzing this connection you two share. You've learnt to accept it the hard way and you don't want to risk losing it by overanalyzing everything. She has shown you that sometimes it's ok to accept things without questioning them.

She kisses you tenderly, pouring all the love she feels for you in that simple kiss and you return it with the same amount of tenderness, showing her that she is not the only one feeling that way.

You let her control everything tonight so she takes the opportunity and rolls you on your back. She straddles your hips and her eyes connect with yours. She smiles down at you and you can't help but smile back. God she is breathtaking…

You don't have the time to think because she sinks down on you, engulfing you completely in her ready warmth. Your hands drop on her hips and you don't break your eye lock as you help her move on top of you.

She moves slowly, in a rhythm you have perfected, and you don't rush her at all. You enjoy the view immensely but you really need to kiss her. You sit up and you capture her lips with yours and your rhythm starts increasing steadily.

She moans against your lips and a low growl escapes you as she moves faster. Your hands find their way to her breasts and she drops her head against your shoulder, never stopping her movements.

"So good baby, so good…" you mumble, placing open mouthed kisses all over her neck and shoulders.

Her movements are frantic now and you know she is close. Your left arm wraps around her waist and your free hand travels between your joined bodies, helping her reach her climax. She pulls back and looks deeply into your eyes and a few moments later she screams your name and you feel her juices coating your hard member as she climaxes.

A few more hard thrusts and you give in too, coming inside her body, your eyes always on hers.

"God I love you…" you mumble breathlessly, dropping your forehead against hers.

"Merry Christmas Greg…" she tells you with a smile.

"Merry Christmas Allison…" you kiss the tip of her nose and her smile widens.

"See? It was a good idea making love in front of the fireplace." You say and you reach out and grab one of the presents.

"Easier access to the presents." You point out making her laugh.

"You do have a point." She agrees and brushes her lips over yours.

You groan at the loss of contact when she pulls away from you and she walks towards the bedroom, not bothering to cover herself. As you watch her walk down the hall you can't help but wonder what you did to deserve her.

You remember last Christmas, how low you had fallen before she came to help you. You don't know what you would have done if she hadn't returned to your place, you don't even want to think about it. You would probably have ended up overdosing on something…

But she did come, she took care of you, you let her into your house and into your heart and it was probably the best thing you've ever done in your whole life. And now you can't imagine your life without her in it.

You must admit that the month that followed those Christmas wasn't easy at all. You did take the deal and rehab was one of the most difficult things you've done but she was there, with you, every step of the way and it seemed easier with her by your side. You managed to pull through though and with her help and some physiotherapy your condition improved a lot.

There are times you don't even need the cane anymore. The pain will never leave completely but you feel better and that's what matters. You are still off the Vicodin, something you still can't quite believe. There are times you think this is all a dream but she is always there to remind you that it is real and that you've really accomplished all those things.

"A penny for your thoughts." She says upon seeing the look on your face.

You look up and you see her standing next to the Christmas tree, dressed in her pajama bottoms and a pink sweater. She hands you your clothes too but you only wear your pajama bottoms and a t-shirt.

You sit back down in front of the fireplace and you pat the spot between your parted thighs. She smiles saucily at you and she sits down, her back against your chest. Your arms wrap around her body and she rests her hands on your thighs.

"I think this beats last Christmas." You comment casually.

"Yeah... I think so too." She mumbles turning her head to place a kiss on your cheek. "No drama." You chuckle at that.

"Don't you want to open the presents?" she asks while her hands run up and down your thighs.

"They'll be there later." She smiles knowingly at you and she leans back in your embrace.

You drape the quilt over your lower bodies and you drop your chin on her shoulder. And as you sit there, in front of the fireplace, you know you are both thinking the same thing.

Best Christmas ever! Well… maybe until the next one…

The end


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