Title: Merry Awesome Christmas (1/1)
: moi
Rating: G-ish
Characters: Bruce, Damian, Dick
Spoilers: Recent comic events (also you may want to read last year's Christmas fic… "The Relevance of Christmas." . )
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Beta: Charlene
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Summary: Dick has an awesome Christmas planned.

Dick kept typing away at the computer in his bunker, not really acknowledging Bruce's presence. Which really hadn't made Bruce all that happy—Dick was the one who'd called him there, after all.

Bruce folded his arms over his chest, glaring at the young man through the blinking glow of the completely excessive holiday lights strewn up around the oversized computer, and throughout the entire room. "So what am I doing here, exactly?"

"You're about to witness awesomeness."

"Am I?"

Dick clicked a few things with the mouse, saved his file and exited. "Oh yeah. I need to have an audience for this level of epic win."

"You've found out where Two Face is keeping the arms shipment?"

"This is FAR superior to-"

"Grayson!" a high pitched, yet somehow growling voice hollered from the uniform lockers. "I will kill you where you sleep!"

"I'd like to see you try!" Dick yelled back, entirely contented with the world.

"What was that?"

Dick grinned—that same smile he used to give when he was a teenager and messing with Batgirl. "Oh, well, since you've been gone, we've started some new holiday traditions. I put peanut butter in Damian's shoes… he tries to electrocute me while I'm in the shower. Y'know… boy stuff."

Bruce stared at him blankly for a moment. "What happens after that."

"Cookies. That's what happens next."

Dick had dragged him here to see that? It really wasn't—

In another room, a large crash rang out, followed by a minor explosion. "Grayson! I will feed you your lungs!"

And with that, Dick's grin somehow widened. "THAT is the awesomeness."

Bruce rolled his eyes. "If anyone needs me, I'll be with the Kents' for Christmas."