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Chapter One: Life Goes On

You perceive life as an everyday occurrence, basically taking life one day at a time, not really caring what's going to happen, just living. Until one day, you're dead.

I was never a bad kid, I just happened to do bad things. I wasn't nice but I wasn't mean either. But I guess everything catches up to you sooner or later.

It was an ordinary day, didn't think much of it. I remember my death real clearly like it was just yesterday. I was invited to a party, so being the person I was, I accepted. I had the time of my life. Isn't it ironic?

Ladies and Gentlemen of the jury, please note that it went downhill from this point.

There was lots of drinking; blue drinks, clear drinks, sweet drinks and bitter drinks, you name it.

And I, I drank myself to an oblivion. I was handed this and that left and right. I should've (emphasis on the: should)stopped when I couldn't walk in a straight line, but I didn't. At one point, I was offered a hit. Being in the state that I was, I didn't refuse.

I didn't even have a clue as to what I was getting shot up with; all I cared was that it took me to a high that I just didn't want to fall off. I was on cloud nine. I snorted some white powder, which felt nice too.

Now, don't be looking at me like that; at the time, it didn't seem as much. But looking at it now, I looked like a suicidal chick on a rampage.

I was very sleepy, I was so tired, and all I wanted to do was sleep. So I rested my head on the arm rest of the couch I was sitting at and I fell asleep.

I never woke up again.

Okay, I lied. In a way, I did wake up; But not alive. Stay with me one moment; I woke up to a dead me. It was as if I was looking from the outside, in.

What hurt the most was that life went on living. No one cared, they just kept on doing what they were doing. I tried will all my might to draw someone's attention, but no one listened.

And them, I discovered I wasn't alone.

"No one can hear you, you know." A statement, not a question. Scared out of my mind, I slowly turned around to be greeted with a beautiful woman in white.

"Who… Who are you?"

"I'm Esme. Welcome to Limbo." She had the nerve to smile!

"I must be dreaming." I mumbled to myself, feeling out of breath. But wasn't I dead?

"This is most certainly is not a dream; you are in Limbo, the place where one goes if it still needs to be decided if you enter heaven or hell."

"But How…?"

"Bella dear,"

"How do you know my name?"

"I'm your assigned Elder; I have to know your name."

"You're my what?"

"You must have a lot of questions my dear," Esme said as she held out her hand to me. "Your answers will all be answered in a matter of time." Grabbing onto her hand, she transported us to a huge conference room with I'm guessing was the eight other Elders.

This was the last time I saw myself laying unconscious as the party went on; I guess it was better that way.

But I never did know what happened to the likes of me, or what happened to my family for that matter. Life goes on living as I trek into Limbo.