AN: This story will change from character's points of view


Ichigo Kurasaki pulled his phone out of his pocket and glanced at it. The luminous screen showed that it was 8.20pm.

'That git is 20 minutes late!' Ichigo scowled and shoved the offending item into his jeans. He looked around the street again and saw no one. He had agreed to meet up with his long time friend Renji Abarai at 8 for a "guys night out". Ichigo sighed and looked up at the street lamp he was standing under. It had only been three months since he had confessed his feelings to his best friend, but much to Ichigo's surprise, Renji was already dating. Another man to be precise. Ever since then, Renji had inisisted on taking Ichigo out in the town to bring him out of his shell.

A loud honking broke Ichigo's train of thought and he looked up the street again to see a beat up car speed down the road towards where Ichigo was standing. The car's breaks squealed as it stopped mere inches from where the orange haired youth was standing. A flash of red hair poked out of the driver's side window and shouted at him.

"Hey! Get in here now!" Renji smild his arrogant smile and motioned to the back seat with his thumb. Ichigo dashed around the side and threw himself into the back seat. He had just barely shut the door when Renji revved the engine and sped off again.

"So, do I want to know why you were late?" Ichigo looked over to the front passenger seat to where Renji's current lover sat, Byakuya Kuchiki. His long black hair was pulled into a loose ponytail and he was wearing what he would refer to as casual. "Hi again, Byakuya."

"Ichigo. Always a pleasure." Byakuya replied in his usual frosty tone.

The car stopped suddenly at a set of red lights and Renji laughed as he turned to Ichigo.

"I'm sure ya would love to know, but yer ears aren't ready for that grasshopper!" The lights turned green and the car sped off, again.

"So, where exactly are you taking me?" Ichigo looked out at the blurred city, not really sure where he was.

"Ah! It's a great place!" Renji shouted over the engine. "It's called Grimm Desires and it's one of the best gay clubs around!"

Ichigo paled a little, his experience with nightclubs was lacking.

"I see yer expression. It'll be fine, you'll like it!" The car sped around one more corner and pulled into a dark car park. The trio of men got out the car and started towards the club. A neon blue sign proclaimed it to be Grimm Desires. As they approached the door and bouncer stopped them and stamped their hands, Ichigo smiled at the man and followed Renji and Byakuya in. Ichigo was expecting loud, thumping music and a sea of scantily men dancing. He was pleasantly surprised as they walked into the main area, a large selection of tables and chairs were set up, about half of them were filled with groups of men and women. Byakuya left to secure a table while Renji and Ichigo went to the bar.

"Well?" Renji turned to smile at Ichigo. "It's not what ya were expecting at all is it?" Renji ordered their round of drinks and paid the bartender.

"No, to be honest. It seems nice." Ichigo sipped his drink then nearly spat it out when he saw a pole gleaming on the stage.

"Wha- is that…is this a strip club?"

"What? No…well sort of." Renji headed towards the table. "Think of it as a show."

Ichigo followed Renji and sat down. He stared into his drink.

"Ichigo, calm down will ya!" He took a hold of Ichigo's hand and looked him in the eye. "The reason I brought ya is that this is a nice place to meet people and the dancers are gorgeous and not trashy at all." He turned to face Byakuya. "Not as gorgeous as you of course." He kissed the older man on the cheek. Ichigo looked at the couple and sighed. He did want that. To love and be loved by someone. But maybe it didn't hurt to play the field a bit. He looked up at the stage as the lights dimmed and a spot light focused on the stage. A soft, sultry music started playing and two dancers appeared on the stage. They were both young men with black hair, one slightly shorter than the other. They were wearing similar outfits, shirts with the top few buttons left open, tight, black shorts and white stockings pulled up past their knees with plain black boots. They both started to move in time with the music. Slowly, sensually, their bodies close but not touching.

"Hey." Renji whispered into Ichigo's ear. "I know those two, the taller one is Ulquiorra and the shorter is Luppi."

"They're really good." Ichigo whispered back, watching as the dance turned into a choreographed fight. Luppi tried to get away from Ulquiorra. The taller man grabbed his wrists and pulled him back, twirling him around and forcing him to his knees. The music faded out and a slow steady beat started. The lights moved from the two dark haired and focused on the curtain behind them. The volume increased and the curtains moved to reveal another man.

Ichigo couldn't look away from the stage as the man stepped forward. He was taller than the other two and his dark hair fell in two sections, framing his flawless face. He was wearing artistically ripped leather trousers and a tight, sleeveless leather shirt. His glasses gleamed in the bright light. He brought forward a dark, polished cane and flicked it at the other two men to separate them.

Renji leaned towards Ichigo and poked him in the arm.

"Hey, ya' still in there?" Ichigo shook his head and reluctantly looked away from the stage.


Renji's face split into a victorious grin. "So, seen something ya' like?" Renji gestured towards stage with his head. "That's Uryuu Ishida, he's the number one act here."