Ichigo padded up the stairs quietly towards his room, his father, Isshin, didn't mind Ichigo coming home late; he just didn't want him waking anyone up. The orange haired youth opened and closed his door without a sound and started to undress for bed. He quickly brushed his teeth and fell into bed with a sigh.

"Uryuu Ishida, huh?" He murmured to the stuffed lion on his bed. Ichigo couldn't help but wonder why he was working as a stripper.

Maybe he needs the money for school or a family member.

Ichigo turned onto his back and looked at the shadows on the ceiling. His heart jumped at the thought of going back on Saturday.

The only way to get a word with the dark haired dancer will be to get a private show with him. Fuck it, I'll do it. I got nothing to lose.

Ichigo smiled at his inner monologue.


Uryuu pulled into his driveway and turned the engine off. He let his head fall softly onto the steering wheel and tried to collect his thoughts.

It was a one-time thing, it'll never happen again.

The young man sighed as he opened the car door and headed towards his front door. His father, Ryuuken, was an extremely busy man, the most sought after surgeon in Japan. He was rarely home so Uryuu never had to worry about being found out. The car actually belonged to Uryuu, but it was such an expensive car, he lied and people it was his father's. It had been bought as a guilt present for his last birthday. Uryuu opened the door and walked into the spacious hallway, ignoring the mail on the side and not bothering to turn on any lights. He hurried straight up to his room and locked himself in. Once inside, he turned on the light and stripped off his tshirt in front of the mirror.

Damn, no wonder he gave me tomorrow off.

Uryuu's neck and shoulders and covered in marks, courtesy of Szayel and Grimmjow. The young man shivered as he remembered all the little nips and bites. He couldn't lie and say he didn't enjoy it, his body was betraying him now with only the memory, and as much as he tried to ignore the pain, his lower back was killing him. Ignoring his budding erection, he headed quickly to his en suit bathroom and turned on the taps to his bath. The hot water was gushing out quickly as he added some rose scented bubble bath. Once the bath was full enough, he turned off the taps, stripped off the rest of his clothing and climbed him, he hissed slightly at feel of hot water on his aching limbs, but that soon subsided and he fell under the calming influence of the smell of roses.

~ x ~ x ~ x ~ x ~ x ~ x ~

Saturday Night

"Good set tonight Ishida!"

"Yeah, ya own that pole!"

Uryuu smiled and nodded and compliments thrown his way as he finished getting ready for the private shows. He was wearing a plain black fitted vest with tight fitting navy blue trousers and black, polished shoes. He removed his glasses and slipped in some contacts, as much people loved his glasses, they could sometimes be a pain. Running the brush through his hair again, Uryuu headed towards the door leading to the private rooms. He wasn't alone, about two seconds after opening the door he heard a voice.

"Oi! Ishida!" Uryuu inwardly groaned as he recognised the voice. "What Nnoi?"

"Eh? Wha's with da hostility ne?" The tall man stopped as he reached door, gesturing Uryuu to continue walking. "I only wanted ta say hi."

"Really?" Uryuu looked over his shoulder. "Every time you wanted to say hi, it involved you trying sweet talk me into sucking your dick."

"Nah nah. Not this time." Nnoi held up a hand in mock surrender. "Those days are behin' me now. Ya remember the new kid that started on Thursay?"

"Eh!" Uryuu stopped, causing Nnoitra to bump into him. "Christ Nnoi, you work faster then I thought."

"No! It's not like that. We didn' even fuck. He said no repeatedly. But he eventually agreed ta meet me fer coffee yesterday."

"Really?" Uryuu started walking again, but listened intently to what Nnoi was saying.

"Yeah. So we met up, chatted a bit. Before I knew it, da whole day had passed with just us talking." Nnoitra grabbed Uryuu and spun him around. "Ishida! I've never done this before. He gave a me kiss goodnight when we parted an' agreed to a second date!" Nnoitra's eyes widened at the thought. Uryuu sighed and held onto Nnoitra's hands, looking him in the eye.

"This is what we call 'getting to know someone before you fuck them'. I'm happy for you Nnoi, I really am but don't fuck this up. From what you've said, it sounds like you could have something good here." Uryuu let go. "Nnoi, I really have to get going. You going to be ok?"

"Uh yeah. I'm just really happy, but freaked at the same time. Ya know?" Nnoitra pushed back his hair and smiled at Uryuu. "Yer good people Ishida." With that, he hurried the other way and left Uryuu to muse over what had just happened.

"Wow." He whispered and continued walking. As soon as he reached Szayel's desk, the pink haired man looked at him, his honey coloured eyes darting over Uryuu's body. He tried not to let it show, but it felt as is Szayel was undressing him with his eyes.

"Uryuu." Honey eyes finally met navy blue. "How are we this evening?"

"I'm fine thank you." Uryuu's voice coming stiff to mask how nervous he was. Szayel continued smiling as he leafed though his papers.

"You have a new one tonight, Ichigo Kurosaki, same age as you." Szayel handed him the paper. Uryuu skimmed the info.

Twenty two, Japanese, local, single.

"Hmm, the requests section is blank." Uryuu handed the form back to Szayel.

"Yes." He sighed. Szayel loved to read what kinky activities customers requested. "Ah well, I'm sure it'll be fine. You're in room three tonight."

"Oh." Uryuu turned to see that room three was practically next to the desk. "Ok then. See you later." Before Szayel could reply, he dashed into room three with out a backwards glance.


"Man! I love it! Yer really getting a private show!" Renji pulled his best friend into bear hug. "My little boy is growing up."

"Get….off…me!" Ichigo struggled against the red head's impressive strength. Renji let him go, smiling like the Cheshire cat.

"I'm just so happy for you, yer finally staring to come outta yer shell." Renji finished spouting rubbish and picked their drinks. Grimmjow had been true to his word and first round had been free. By now they were on their fourth and merry.

"It's not like that." Ichigo mumbled into his drink. "I only wanna talk to him really. Maybe I'll get the show as well, I don't know."

They reached their table with the drinks and sat down. The group was a little bigger than Thursday. Not only was it Ichigo, Renji and Byakuya. But Byakuya's little sister Rukia, little being the operative word. Her friend Rangiku Matsumoto, her cleavage wasted on a group of gay men and Shuuhei Hisagi, a friend of Ichigo's since childhood. He had just recently split with his boyfriend so they invited him out to get his mind of it. Ichigo leaned over and whispered to Renji.

"I'm surprised Byakuya allows his sister to come to places like this."

"Believe me. It would've been crueller to leave her at home. She loves the gay scene." Renji smiled at her. "I was there when Byakuya told her about us, she was over the moon."

Ichigo laughed as a stirrer hit Renji on the head.

"I know you're talking about me Abarai!" Rukia narrowed her eyes dangerously.

"Chill! Ichigo was just asking about you."

"Don't pin this on me!"

"Be quiet!" Rangiku slapped her hand on the table and silence fell, the taller woman held a commanding presence. She smiled sweetly. "That's better."

"Umm, so Matsumo…" Ichigo started to speak but Rangiku cut him off.

"Call me Rangiku."

"Oh, ok. So what did you think of tonight's show?"

"Fantastic. I love dancing and these boys are wonderful. Ahh, I wish Gin would come with me." She sighed and sipped her drink.

"Is Gin your boyfriend?" Ichigo queried, he glanced at his watch, he had ten minutes to spare.

"Husband. We haven't been married long, but I think he's afraid of coming to these types of places." Ichigo gave her a confused look. "Oh he's bisexual. I told him I'm fine if he wants to indulge in some man loving, as long as I can watch." She laughed at Ichigo's expression.

"Oh, wow. Fair enough. Listen guys, I gotta go, but I'll be back soon." Before anyone could ask, Ichigo downed his drink and dashed towards the doors beside the stage. A bouncer asked his name, as Ichigo confirmed it, he opened the doors and told him to go to room three. Ichigo nodded and walked into the dimly lit corridor, the brass numbers shined in the light making it easy to distinguish the numbers. Ichigo unsure of whether to knock or not, knocked once and opened the door and little.

"Come in." A smooth voice floated from the centre of the room. Ichigo swallowed and walked into the room, shutting the door quietly behind him. His eyes widened as he took in the sight before him. The dark haired dancer, Uryuu Ishida, was sitting in a large, high back, leather chair in the middle of the room. He had one, long slender leg crossed over the other, his elbows rested on the arm rests, one hand brought up to his face, his head gently resting on it. The lights on the walls seemed to flicker as though there were candles in them, but Ichigo reasoned they were probably fake.

"Uh…hi." Ichigo walked a bit closer, unsure of what to do. Uryuu chuckled and stood up. Gesturing for Ichigo to take the seat. As soon as the orange haired youth sat, Uryuu was in front of him his hands gripping the arm rests, his face inches away from Ichigo's own.

"So, what can I do for you tonight?" His voice was like velvet, Ichigo's mind seemed to shut off.

"I…umm….you see….." A finger was placed on Ichigo's lips, stilling his voice.

"They said you were new, but they didn't say you were so cute." Uryuu slid one hand up Ichigo's thigh. "There's no need to be nervous."

It took all of Ichigo's will power to grab the slender hand creeping up his thigh.

"Look, I'm sorry, but please listen." Ichigo stood up and faced the dark haired dancer. "I don't want to be one of your customers."

"Excuse me?" Confusion marked Uryuu's face.

"It's nothing against you or your profession, but I really wanted to talk to you and I didn't know of another way where your boss would find out." Ichigo took a deep breath, his sentences were coming out rushed. "Would you meet up with me sometime? I'd really like to get to know you."

Uryuu's just blinked a few times before the question sunk in. "Meet up with you? Are you asking me out?" He cocked an eyebrow and Ichigo nearly melted.

"Ahh, yes. Yes I'm asking you out."

Uryuu was silent for a moment before he answered. "Ok, I don't see the harm. But don't tell anyone. Pass me your phone." Ichigo nearly dropped his phone is excitement as he passed it over. Uryuu entered in his number and passed it back.

"Call me tomorrow at midday, do not call before." His voice was steady and serious.

"O-ok. Thank you." Uryuu smiled at him.

"You'd better leave, I'll tell Szayel you changed your mind. I'll speak to you tomorrow."

"Yes, ok, bye." Ichigo hurried out the room, not seeing the curious look from the pink haired secretary.


"Ahh, yes. Yes I'm asking you out."

Wow, didn't see that coming when I came to work tonight. But he seems sweet, and it has been ages since I last went on a date.

"Ok, I don't see the harm. But don't tell anyone. Pass me your phone." Uryuu quickly typed in his mobile number and passed the phone back. "Call me tomorrow at midday, do not call before."

I can't have anyone knowing about this.

"I'll tell Szayel you changed your mind." He watched the orange haired youth leave the room, he sighed as he sat down in the chair again. All too soon, Szayel walked in, confusion etched on his face.

"What's going on?" He closed the door and stood by it. The dark haired dancer waved his hand nonchalantly.

"Changed his mind. Kid can't be too long out the closet I assume."

"Ohhh, fair enough. We still get paid eithr way." Szayel locked the door and walked towards Uryuu, taking his glasses off and placing on the table by the wall. Uryuu's eyes widened.

"What are you doing?" Although, he had a fairly clear idea what he was going to do.

"Oh, making up for last night." He placed his hands on the chair's arm rests and leaned in. "I didn't want to overwhelm you the other night, but now it's just the two of us here."

Szayel leaned in further and nuzzled the young man's neck, gently running his hands down Uryuu's front. He paused when he felt a hardened nipple beneath the vest.

"Mmmm. You're so responsive Uryuu." Szayel's words came out as a purr and Uryuu's breathing hitched.

No. No I can't become the club's whore.

"S-Szayel!" Uryuu tried to push the taller man away. "Stop. We can't…"

Szayel cut off Uryuu's protests with a searing kiss. Plunging his tongue straight into the other man's mouth. Uryuu couldn't stop the moan rising from his chest. Szayel's velvet tongue danced and entwined with Uryuu's own making his head dizzy. Szayel broke the kiss with a gasp and licked along Uryuu's ear.

"Please indulge me." He whispered. Uryuu couldn't deny he was enjoying the attention. He could feel his cock hardening as he nodded. Szayel lifted his vest and licked a trail around Uryuu's lightly defined abdomen, pausing only to undo his trousers. He gently massaged the younger man's member before pulling down his trousers and boxers. Szayel leaned back a moment to enjoy the sight before him. Uryuu was pushing away hair from his flushed face, his manhood twitching with anticipation. Szayel smiled and looked around, and idea forming in his brilliant mind.

"Uryuu, do me a favour and lay down next to that table." The table in question was the one Szayel had placed his glasses. Unbeknownst to Uryuu, it was nailed to the floor. The dark haired youth nodded and left the chair, pulling up his trousers to aid his walking, he sat down near one of the legs and looked at Szayel, waiting for his move. The pink haired man took off his tie and before Uryuu could protest, Szayel tied his hands to one of the table legs and pulled down his trousers again.

"Szay…" Szayel lips upon his cut him off. He heard a zip and knew it was the other man undoing his trousers. All too soon, the kiss was over, but was rewarded by the sight of Szayel sitting across his lap, sucking his own fingers. The pink haired man kept his honey gaze on Uryuu as he reached around and started preparing his own entrance. Uryuu couldn't take his eyes away, his member twitching with every heartbeat as Szayel moaned. The older man turned around so Uryuu had a clear view of Szayel's fingers sliding in and out of his tight hole.

"Fuck." Uryuu strained his arms in an attempt to get free, but to no avail. "Fuck, Szayel stop teasing me."

He heard a laugh and Szayel withdrew his fingers, without saying a word, he saw facing Uryuu again and quickly impaled himself on the younger man's length.

"Oh shit!" Uryuu felt an intense heat surround him and saw that Szayel was already riding his member. Szayel threw his head back and attempted to stifle his moans as he stroked his own manhood and felt Uryuu's length strike his prostate repeatedly. It wasn't before Uryuu was crying out his release and Szayel followed in suit. The two men were silent as they came down from their high. Szayel stood up and pulled two handkerchiefs from his sleeve, he threw one onto Uryuu and cleaned himself up as best he could. He zipped up is own trousers and untied Uryuu's arms. The younger man stretched his arms and cleaned up. He scowled at Szayel.

"You planned this." It wasn't a question. The pink haired man looked back and smiled.

"Well, I certainly didn't plan on you being free so soon. Speaking of which, your next customer will be here in ten minutes, a Mister Izuru Kira." Szayel replaced his glasses and went to leave.

"You're a real bastard, you know that?"

The older man said nothing as he left the room.

~ x ~ x ~ x ~ x ~ x ~ x ~

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