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"Where are they?" Fin asked, looking around the room. "You sure you saw them come in?"

Melinda blinked. "They didn't show up together, Fin. She was already here, he came in, found her, said something to her, I haven't seen them since."

Fin scanned the crowd. "It's not gonna be good if they miss all the toasts, especially Cragen's."

"Well, this place is huge, Fin," Melinda shrugged, annoyed. "You wanna go looking for them?"

"No," Fin said, shaking his head. "I just hop, wherever they are, they know they only have an hour before they need to be back in this room, or people will start looking."

Melinda watched Fin walk back toward the bar, then checked her watch. Where the hell did they go?

"Fuck," she seethed as her back hit the wall. She blinked and smirked at him, staring into his eyes.

"Sorry," he said, his teeth clamped down on a cloth covered nipple. His hands trailed over her legs, though they were kicking, trying to get her shoes off. He placed his hands on her hips, stopping her movements, and looked her in the eyes. He dropped to the floor, to his knees, still holding her gaze. His hands lifted her right foot off of the ground and he pulled the stiletto hell away from her body and tossed it to the side.

She watched as he repeated the action with her left foot, and he slowly rose, kissing and nipping at her body along the way. "El, please," she panted, her eyes fluttering closed.

He was taking her dress with him, too, and he pulled it over her head. He gazed down at her body and shook her head. "So much different like this," he said, biting his lip.

"Like what?" she asked, her breath coming in quick bursts.

He shook his head and grabbed her panties, wrapping his fist around the material and yanking. He chuckled as they ripped clear away from her. "Naked," he mumbled before slamming his lips back into hers.

Her hands fumbled quickly for his belt buckle, trying desperately to remove the only clothing he had left on, his pants. She grunted in frustration, finally shoving the fabric over his hips, pushing his boxers down as well. When her hands touched the tight, bare skin of his ass, she moaned.

He'd waited too long, he thought, for foreplay. This was going to be hard, fast, rough. Pure animalism. And he knew she liked it that way. He grabbed a fistful of her hair and pulled her head back. He looked right at her as he smirked, finding it hard to breathe, and he whispered, "I have to watch you. Don't close your eyes. Don't even blink."

She shook her head, the nerves seeping into her body, and she didn't close her eyes at all. The opposite, actually. Her eyes widened and watered as he hurled himself inward, one thrust of hips sheathing the entirety of his manhood within her, stretching and molding her around him. "Oh, my God," she gasped, refusing to blink and letting a tear roll down out of her open eyes.

He kissed the droplet away, and he whispered, "You feel so incredible, baby. I'm sorry for the speed, I thought if..."

"Rip off the band-aid," she said, nodding, understanding. She had dig her nails into his back and was still rigid with tension, knowing he had remained still to let her adjust before he even thought about moving.

He heard her moan, her voice low, and he slid out slowly, then pushed back in even slower. He grunted, a noise she had never heard him make before, and his head dropped to her shoulder briefly. His lips puckered and he kissed the skin between her neck and shoulder.

She tried desperately to move with him, but he was pressed too tightly against her and holding her against the wall. With her legs wrapped around his waist and crossed at the ankles, movement was impossible. That was what he wanted, though. To own her, to make her helplessly his.

He moved faster, drawing his face back up to meet hers, watching her eyes. He saw everything swirling in them. Pain, pleasure, love, rage, passion, fear, more love. Everything he, himself, was feeling right now. It was like looking into a magical mirror. He made sure he had a good grip on her and moved, taking two steps and hurling them onto the bed.

She moaned when her back hit the mattress, he thrust inward at the same moment, her body was wracked with confusion. Her hands skimmed over his shoulder and down his back, finally settling on grabbing his ass, feeling the power in his muscles as he moved so deep within her.

"Baby," he whispered, his eyes watering now, too, as the reality of what was happening hit him and the fantasy faded. Moving to the bed made it all too real, all too perfect. "Baby," he repeated, burying his head in the crook of her neck as he moaned and said a few foul things to God.

She smirked, knowing only she could make him completely incoherent and sacrilegious. "El," she moaned, her hips rising to meet his. "El, baby, this is..."

"Shit, baby," he seethed, his head flying upward and back. He looked like a majestic but violent creature, some sort of sorcerer or dragon, the way he moved. He moaned her name as he moved his head again to look at her, the pierce of his blue eyes almost burning a hold right through her. "What do you want?" he asked. He bent his head to kiss her, nipping at her bottom lip before kissing her fully and deeply. "Tell me what you need."

"You know what I want," she moaned, the first ripples of her approaching climax flying upward from her core. "You know what I need," she told him, her hands squeezing the flesh of his body.

He smirked, letting out a chuckle, and he said, "I do. I always have. I'm the only one who's gonna be giving it to you from now on. Everything you want, or need, baby. It's my job now."

She moaned as her body heated and tensed. "Always was," she mumbled, her eyes rolling into her head. "God, El," she cried.

"Fuck, baby," he said, seething again. He wasn't prepared for how tight she'd be, or how hard she would clamp around him. "So fucking amazing," he hissed, trying to pull and push through her clenching.

"El," she gasped, feeling at all so greatly. "Oh, El." Her hands flew to the back of his head and she frantically tried to hold on, not really sure what her body was doing. She was feeling things she had never felt before, and wasn't sure if she'd survive.

"God, Liv," he moaned, his hips moving faster, hitting into her harder, his breath coming quicker. "Liv, baby, just...God damn it," he mumbled, grunting, moaning.

Their moans were now nothing more than fast, loud, short noises. Her voice, with whatever noises it was making, was inching up the scale, getting higher as it got louder. Their bodies moved together faster, still harder. Hands gripped and pulled and tugged at skin and muscle as their lips clashed and tongues danced frenetically.

He couldn't hold on much longer, and it was clear to him that she'd already came at least twice and was rapidly approaching her third. He now had very good reason to be arrogant around her, and he grinned with male pride as he dropped a hand from her nipple to her slit.

"Oh, shit, El," she said as her head flew back, feeling his fingers make contact with her swollen clit. He thrust hard as he pinched and rolled the bundle of nerves, and when she yelped, he chuckled.

He moved his hand, now stroking over and over with his thumb, flicking it rapidly as he kissed her, catching her short, high-pitched whimpers. He felt her clamp hard again as she moaned loudly into his mouth.

Her back arched painfully as she wrapped her arms around him, holding him down and keeping him inside of her as she milked him. She heard him grunt, felt him thrust four hard times before he stilled, his hot seed coating her inner walls, finally.

"Oh, my God," he gasped, trying to catch his breath. He pulled himself up the tiniest bit. "Are you okay?" he asked, his eyes wide. He swore that he hurt her, he felt himself hurting her. "Baby, God," he muttered, kissing her in short, sweet pecks, reaching her lips, forehead, cheeks, neck.

"El," she moaned. "El, I'm fine. I'm perfect."

He rolled off of her, then pulled her on top of him, still kissing her as he tried to calm his body. "I love you," he said to her.

She nodded, kissing him. "I love you, too," she said with a chuckle. "That's why we're here."

He smiled, remember that a little over an hour ago, he walked into the party downstairs, found her, and whispered, "Happy New Year, baby." He'd held up his ring-free left hand and said, "It's officially over." His eyes sparkled, showing her his choice was made, he had finally pulled the plug on his dying marriage and let it all go. For her.

She'd kept herself from leaping into his arms right then and there, and looked around before pulling him by the hand up to one of the bedrooms. As soon as the door was closed, he attacked her. It led to the most amazing, incredible sex either had ever experienced. Peering down at him now, she smiled. She kissed him, slowly, letting her lips hover over his teasingly before satisfying his need for her.

He ran his hands through her hair, looking up at her. He smiled and kissed her again, sadly saying, "We should..."

"Yeah," she agreed with a disapproving sigh.

"Seriously," Fin said, swigging back a sip of beer. "It's five to midnight. Where the hell are they?"

Melinda shrugged and looked around. "We have other guests, honey. Maybe they went home, ya know, his divorce was finalized today. Maybe he just needed to talk to her alone. He's grieving."

Fin scoffed. "Babe, he ain't grieving. He was more than happy to see Kathy walk out of his life for good."

"Yeah, I was," Elliot said, stepping over to them. He had a smug grin on his face, a beer in his hand, and Olivia at his side.

Melinda looked at Olivia, a smirk gracing her lips. "Where were you two?"

Olivia sipped her champagne. "Making our resolutions," she said, glancing at Elliot.

Fin raised an eyebrow. "And they would be..."

Elliot took another swig of his beer. "We made them," he said. "And already kept them." He took Olivia's hand, winked at Melinda, and led his lover to the living room where everyone had gathered around the television.

Fin looked at his wife. "Mel, you don't think they were up..."

"Happy New Year, baby," Melinda interrupted, kissing him once before joining her guests in the living room.

Fin sighed, and he followed along. They all watched the screen as the ball began to fall, leaving little more than twenty seconds remaining until the new year officially began.

Elliot's arms wound themselves around Olivia's waist, and he pulled her against him. "I wanna make another resolution," he whispered to her.

"Now?" she asked, raising an eyebrow and wiggling her bottom against his growing hardness.

He chuckled. "I promise, Liv, that I will never break your heart. I won't give you any reason to think this is a mistake, and I won't do anything to make you run."

She turned around, wrapped her own arms around his neck, and said, "You already made that promise." She nuzzled his nose lightly, and she whispered, "Six months ago when you told me you were getting divorced, and we kissed, and I told you..."

"Nothing could happen until I could be yours, just yours," he said, remembering. "I told you I would be, 'cross my heart.' But I'm promising you again, baby. I'm serious."

She heard the crowd chanting, they'd made it to "eight" without her even noticing. "I love you, Elliot," she said, her forehead dropping to his. "And as long as your mine, I promise to stay right where I am. I'm not gonna run from you. I haven't yet, have I?"

"Nine years," he laughed. "I've pulled some pretty crazy shit and you're still here."

She blinked, hearing "Three...two..." and when the people around her reached "one," her lips slanted over his. His hands pressed her further into him, holding her tight.

They knew they were being watched, that half the precinct was witnessing this kiss in the middle of Fin and Melinda's living room, but they also knew they didn't care. Not anymore.

"I'm still here," Olivia whispered. "And I'm not going anywhere."

He smiled at her. "Promise?" he asked, kissing the end of her nose.

"Cross my heart," she said to him. Their lips met one more time, their first real kiss of the new year, and they knew they would have no problem keeping their resolutions. Again.

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