Chapter 1: This it's going to be a long summer

Random click.

Random click.

Random Click.

"Congratulations!" I blinked at the computer screen. Oh. Fuck. What the hell did I just do? "Thank you for ordering your first unit. It will arrive in 3 days."

"Unit?" I tilted my head to the side. "What Unit?"

"Hey, Kara!" I turned my head around to the so called mother. I sighed as I got up and went to the front door. She was all packed and ready to go to god knows where. My mom handed me her credit card and . . . . . . 1000 dollars. "Okay, let's see. I'll be gone for a while, so make sure you take care of yourself. Don't get yourself into any trouble. If you need any help I'll have my cellphone on me. But just in case I don't pick up . . .

"Go to one of the neighbors." I sighed. "I know mom, we've been through this before."

"Right. Okay." She kissed me on the cheek and walked out the door. "Be good!"

"Yeah, sure." She closed the door. She got into her taxi cab and waved a last goodbye. I waved and closed the curtains. After I heard the car drive away, I shrieked. "FINALLY THAT BITCH IS GOOOOOOOOOOOONE!"

I went to my room and blared up the music. By then I completely forgot about the things I ordered. Oh how I wished I knew what was in store for me.

3 days later

Knock-knock-knock. Knock-knock-knock. I turned to my side.

"Who the hell could that be at this hour?" I yawned. I tried to go back to sleep but then a loud 'BOOM!' made me get up. "I'm coming you mother fucking bastard!"

I yawned but I got up against my will as I walked to the door. I looked through my peep hole and see a huge box behind a delivery guy. He was wearing a blue shirt with . . . a flying bunny with wings. The words on the bottom was too small for me to read through the peephole. I yelled a random yes.

"The unit you ordered is here."

"WHAT?" I opened the door and hit the guy in the head. I just stared at the huge box. The delivery guy put a clipboard and pen in my face. "What the . . . Oh, I gotta sign, right?"


I looked down at the guy who had a big mark on his head. I shrugged and signed the clipboard and said "Kara Maribelle" in the process.

"Well Ms. Maribelle." The delivery guy got to his feet. I handed him back his clipboard. "I wish you luck on your new Hetalia Unit."

"Hetalia, as in the anime show?" I asked. Oh, did I mention that I'm a huge, like ultimate big time otaku and I love Hetalia? No I didn't. Oops. The delivery guy didn't hear me and went to his truck that reads Flying Mint Bunny Express Shipping. "The hell?"

The delivery guy came back with one of those wheel thingys and got the box inside. Then he handed me an envelope.

"You will get your second unit within a week or so." He said. "Good luck."

Then he drove away into his truck of the flying mint bunny. I laughed as I opened the envelope. Through my laughing tears I read the thing inside.

YONG-SOO IM: User Guide and Manual

My eyes went wide. I closed the door and leaned against the wall. Then I shrieked. Out of all the characters, I had to get Korea? I opened the manual and quickly read the whole thing.

"I'll go with option 2." I really don't feel like getting groped, even though Korea is my all time favorite character from Hetalia. I grabbed the CD from the box that was on top of the where Korea was in. I searched through the box until I found the "Arirang" CD. I went to my computer and popped in the CD. "Click, click, Play."

As the manual said, I heard humming from the box. I grabbed a chair and climbed up to open the top. And sure enough, Korea was singing. I hopped down the chair and reread the manual in case I missed anything. It was until it got to bathing that I start to worry.

"Bathing. . ." I doubt I will ever take a bath with him. No, I will never take a bath with, mostly because I'm a girl and he's a guy. I sighed and went to my computer to only realize the music stopped playing. I looked at the box.

"Annyeong haseyo!" Korea smiled. "My name is Im Yong Soo, daze!"

"I'm Kara." I smiled. Korea got out of the box. Then he went to the kitchen. "Uhhhhh, are you hungry?"

"That was made in Korea." I sighed. "If you would come with me, I'll show you to your room.

I turned around.

"Your breasts belong to me, daze!" Then Korea groped me. I shrieked. I stomped on his foot and he let me go. I ran to the living room with my arms across my chest. "That hurt daze~."

"Sorry but you deserve it." I said darkly. "I'll still show you to your room though."

"Fine, daze~." I walked up the stairs and heard Yong-Soo follow. I turned around occasionally to make sure he wouldn't grope me again. We stopped at the door across from my room. I opened my door and went to the very left corner where a box lies. I searched through the box until I found on of those dry erase board. I handed it to Yong-Soo. "What's this, daze?"

"Can you be so kind as to write your name?" I asked. "Sometimes I confuse rooms for mine so I have these around." I pointed to the one I have on my door. "When you're done, we can eat."

"Food?" I sighed. "This groper is so happy-go-lucky attitude that it's adorable. "Can we have kimchi daze?"

"Please not all of it." I asked. I turned around to head down stairs. "I think 1/4 of a jar is fine."

"Your breasts belong to me daze!" He groped me again. I shrieked again. I elbowed his stomach. He fell to the floor automatically.

"I'm sorry." I sighed. "But you deserve it."

"That still hurts daze."

Why did my summer vacation have to start now? WHY?