Summary: Sam has one hell of a dream. Rated M for Sexy!Sammy. Sammy girls, you're welcome ; )

E/O Challenge WOW: Massage

Word Count: 100

Sweet Dreams are Made of This

He moaned, fingers clenching leather. Head thrown back, sweat dripping down his bare chest and face, hair damp. Sam gasped as hands massaged his chest, biting his lower lip.

Eyes closed, throat bared and vulnerable. Lips took advantage of the position. He keened, hips jerking off the recliner, muscles taut. The woman rubbed his shoulders, nails grazing his back. He shivered, his nails biting the arms of the chair.

His arms were flexed so tightly his veins were bulging, chest heaving. The hands ran down his slick stomach. He shuddered, whimpering.



He snapped awake.

Dean laughed. "Sweet dreams?"