"Fuck," I said under my breaths as I changed back into my street clothes. I was not in the most pleasant of moods right now. My triple threat match with Beth and Mickie had not gone the way I had wanted it to at all. I had gone in it to win it and I had lost. I got my face smashed into the mat courtesy of the Glam Slam and then I had gotten pinned by Mickie. So yeah, my mood was just in the shitter.

"You got screwed," Tyson said, trying to be comforting but annoying me because he kept rubbing my back and shit. Our on again, off again relationship was off again, although he didn't want it to be. He had wanted to stay together but I had felt like it was time to move on. He had stopped making me happy and I spent more time wanting to be away from him than actually wanting to be around him.

Dave shook his head as I only grunted. He knew better than to try and say anything to make me feel better. When I was in this kind of mood, it was better to just let me calm down on my own.

Tyson sighed and realized that his efforts were futile so he just decided to stop trying. They just both shut up and let me finished get dressed before simply getting up and leaving the room. I didn't even bother to grab my stuff. David and Tyson would grab them for me when they were ready to go to the hotel. Right now, I couldn't stay in the arena and I wasn't ready to go back to the hotel yet anyway. I just needed to go outside and clear my head.

I blew past everyone in my path, ignoring them all even as they all stared at me. Michelle and Layla were both standing right in the middle of the hallway talking about whatever nonsense it was they liked to discuss between themselves and I plowed right through both of them, nearly knocking them on their skinny asses. That earned me some nasty childish insult but I ignored that too and didn't stop until I was outside and I could take a giant breath of fresh air. It was really chilly and I didn't have a coat or anything but I just folded my arms across my chest and decided to just deal with it.

"How's your face?"

I spun around and saw that Beth was out there, sitting on the hood of her car and staring at me. "It's fine," I replied, annoyed that my attempt to be alone had just failed.

She cocked an eyebrow at me. "You sound upset."

"Yeah well tonight has not been one of my better nights."

She shook her head. "If anyone here has a reason to be upset it's me. I had that match won and that stupid little bitch Mickie-"

"What is the deal between you guys anyway?" I couldn't help but ask that. Beth had come to the WWE all high on getting revenge on Mickie but I had never heard what it was about. All I knew was the cryptic shit they said on TV and then Beth got her jaw broken by Victoria and I never heard another word about the whole issue. I had asked a couple people who had been there in the beginning of it about it but they hadn't known what the story was either.

"We don't like each other," Beth replied, keeping that nice and cryptic. "That's all you and anyone else needs to know." Just the way she said it told me that there was much much more to the story than what she was willing to share. "She and LayCool can tear each other apart for all I care."

I nodded along to that. I didn't have a personal problem with Mickie; to me she was only competition and competition was something I thrived on. LayCool however, was another story. I couldn't stand either one of them, although I personally hated Michelle more than Layla. She did nothing to deny the rumors of her and Mark fucking around because it got her opportunities that she wouldn't have gotten otherwise and if that wasn't enough to piss me off, the fact that I was deep in on Team Lawson was.

"So…this fresh air helping you at all?"

I shrugged. "It's not hurting. It's not the miracle cure I was hoping it would be but it's not hurting."

"Oh yeah?" Beth hopped off her car and pulled her keys out of her pocket. "Well I'm freezing. You want to go and get drinks? Consolation prize for losing to the psycho bitch?"

"I think she's just going by Piggie now."

She snorted loudly. "If she's the pig then you and me would probably be considered whales."

"Nah. We'd be guys."

"We would."

"Yeah." I really did believe that. If LayCool wanted to start saying shit about us, they'd pull the guy card. It was annoying to think about really but whatever. Them saying that wouldn't change the fact that both Beth and I could kick the crap out of them if we so well pleased. Anorexic annoying Barbie dolls didn't have shit on us.

"Wonderful." She jerked her head back towards her car. "You didn't answer my question you know."

"What was the question again?"

"You, me, drinks…wanna go?"

"…Okay." I wasn't one for really going out and drinking all that much. I was always the responsible one that was driving David's or Tyson's or Cooper's drunk asses home but what the hell? A few drinks couldn't hurt.

"You know, I wish I could have been a diva years ago," Beth told me as we downed another round of whiskey. We were in a good old fashioned bar where fist fights were a plenty and the entire place reeked of cigarette smoke. As much as I hated that smell, I was glad we were here instead of some club. I would take cigarette smoke and guys needing a punch to the face over stupid music and drunk guys trying to grind up on me while I made futile attempts to resist the urge to punch them in the face.

"I mean, back in the day, it was fantastic" she went on, grabbing the bottle of Old Crow and pouring us another shot. "They had the talent AND the company treated it seriously. But then Trish left and then Lita left and it all started falling apart on us. We've got talented girls sure but talent is no longer really respected. I mean let's take that battle royal at Wrestlemania as example! So much could have been done with that but no, it was a vehicle for a stupid Santino schtick."

I nodded along to that. Diva Wrestlemania moments had been going down hill in recent years. Miss Wrestlemania was just meant for "Santina" and was never meant to be taken seriously. The Bunnymania match was just a way to get Santino, Snoop Dogg and Playboy all involved and Ashley vs. Melina was just ugly considering the fact that Ashley couldn't wrestle for shit. "The bookers just don't care," I said. "Which sucks. You, me, Mickie, Melina, Gail and Jillian are the most talented girls there but do they care?"

"They don't. Vince likes McCool, Maryse and Kelly. Shows you what he's thinking with."

I snorted and downed yet another shot. I had a pretty good tolerance but usually I didn't drink this much this fast so I was really starting to get a good buzz. "So what the hell do we do then?"

"Be thankful we're not on Raw. At least on Smackdown we usually get more than two minute matches and stupid segments with the guest hosts."

"Oh Lord…" I hiccupped and just grabbed the bottle of whiskey and drank straight from it. That was not a pleasant thought. I wasn't given nearly as many matches as I wanted since WWE was more content with using me as David and Tyson's valet but I would take that over being the guest host arm candy. "Don't even say that. I don't want to be jinxed."

"Nah, I think you're safe for the most part," Beth assured me.

"Oh yeah? Why is that? Am I not pretty enough to be arm candy?"

"Nah, it's not that. You're plenty pretty to be eye candy. But I don't even Vince is stupid enough to regulate you to that."

"Hmmm…maybe you're right. Maybe I'll just become a jobber instead." That wouldn't be surprising to me at all. Victoria and Jillian had been put to that and they were way more talented than over half the girls they had been forced to lose to. Victoria at least got to have some career highs although that made what she eventually became all the more sad. Then again, Jillian never really got a truly fair chance at becoming all she could be and that was pretty sad within itself.

"God I hope not," Beth muttered. "You're too good for that." She downed another shot before waving her hands around. "You know what would be cool?"


"Me versus you at Wrestlemania."

I thought about that, nodding along to it as it processed through my drunk brain. "I'd beat you," I declared.

"Oh yeah?"

"Yeah. I'd make you tap."

"You sound so sure about that."

"I am sure about that."

"Well I'm sure I'd get you with the Glam Slam just like I did tonight only there wouldn't be a Mickie to take away my pinfall."

I sneered and got up to my feet. "Oh yeah?"

"Yeah baby."

"That's my line." I took one last drink before pointing to the door. "And we can take this to the parking lot. We don't gotta wait for Wrestlemania."

She grinned and got up to her feet as well. "Okay. You wanna go, we'll go." She nearly knocked the chair over as she shoved it out of the way and the two of us stumbled out of the bar and went out to a secluded spot in the parking lot. "Pinfall, submission, knockout…" Her words were slurring together a bit as she named off those rules. "No hair pulling."

"We don't got a ref," I pointed out. "How we gonna pin with no ref?"

She just shrugged. "Fuck if I know. Now ding ding bitch."

I smirked and locked up with her, the two of us trying to shove the other one away to show off our power. The test of strength went to a standstill though and I quickly switched it up to putting her in a headlock. She tried to wiggle out of it but I tightened my grip, causing her to hit me in the stomach to break loose. As I doubled over in pain, she grabbed on to my wrist and began twisting my arm. I quickly stomped on her toe and then begin twisting on her arm, which just made her mad.

"Come here!" she shouted, managing to pick me up and start trying to crush me with a bear hug.

"Fuck!" I tried to get out of it but she wasn't letting go for anything. Going purely on instinct, I wrapped my legs around her waist and countered the bear hug and turned it into a dragon sleeper. I leaned all my weight back and brought her down to her knees, trying my best to keep my shoulders off the ground so she couldn't try to say that she was pinning me.

"Bitch!" She started flailing around desperately, somehow getting out of my sleeper and then trying to hold my shoulders down for three. I tightened the grip that my legs had on her and we started rolling around, doing our very best to get the pin on one another.

I wasn't sure at what point exactly things turned from more than just an innocent wrestling match. Maybe it was when I kept my legs around her waist and wouldn't let go no matter how much we rolled around. Maybe it was when she was practically right on top of me, trying to pin my shoulders down with her hands. Or maybe it was after awhile of me bucking my hips up in order to get myself back on top every time she got on top of me. Whatever the case was, eventually I found myself being pinned down by her with my wrists up above my head and my legs still around her waist. We both were breathing heavily and neither of us were moving another inch. We just stared at each other for the longest time, the tension building up more and more with every passing second.

"I think I've won," she finally said.

"Uh huh." I wasn't inclined to disagree with her. I just stared at her with half lidded eyes, my legs still locked around her waist.



"You think we should get up now?"

I just shrugged. The ground was colder than hell but I personally felt all warm and fuzzy in my current position.

For a couple of minutes we just stared at each other, neither of us really making a move. Finally I just surprised the both of just by moving my head up and kissing her. Her eyes widened in shock but she didn't try to make me stop. Instead she let me kiss her and then very hesitantly she began kissing me back, parting her lips to allow me to glide my tongue into her mouth.

"Whoa! If that's how girls go drinking we gotta start coming along more often!"

Beth and I both stopped and turned our heads to give Tyson a death glare while David smacked him upside the head.

"What?" he said innocently. "What did I say?"