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Edward sighed and sat down on the couch in his apartment. He had been like this ever since Capell had left for college. Capell had been his best friend for a while now... The boy had warmed his cold heart. But ever since the copper-haired man had left, Edward had been... distracted. Hardly slept, barely ate, wasn't able to focus on his studies at /his college at all. If his boss wasn't as kind and sympathetic, he would have long been out of a job. Edward sighed again. He missed Capell. He really did. He frowned a bit. For a while, though only noticing it a week or two ago, his thoughts toward Capell had been... different than they had before. He felt more than just friendly feelings. But last he checked, Capell had Aya. Ed groaned in frustration and went on the computer. The net was vast; surely there would be /something to distract him. Suddenly, a little window popped up.

"C4P3LL08 invited you to chat"

Edward's heart skipped a beat - also new, though he didn't mind much - and accepted the request.

C4P3LL08: Hey Ed!

3DW4RD17: Hey Red. Hows UW treatin u?

C4P3LL08: Coud b better, totly swampd with exams. Me and Aya broke up

Edward stared at the screen in amazement. He felt a bit guilty - being happy about someone else's misfortune - but it truly felt like luck was shining on him.

3DW4RD17: Srsly?

C4P3LL08: Yea

3DW4RD17: ...Y?

C4P3LL08: Cuz she gets mad wen I say I miss u

Edward blushed furiously at this.

3DW4RD17: ... U miss me?

There was a pause before the redhead responded.

C4P3LL08: Yea? ~/~

3DW4RD17: ...

C4P3LL08: Srry, do I sound weird?

3DW4RD17: No... Im strangely happy... =.=

C4P3LL08: lol me 2 its good to chat with u again.

3DW4RD17: yea... shudnt u be back yet? Its xmas eve tomorrow

C4P3LL08: Actully Im on laptop at airport

Edward, again, stared in amazement. Capell was back? Really? For serious?

3DW4RD17: ...It not April 1st yet

C4P3LL08: lol not joking. I b back tomorro... we still housemates? =)

3DW4RD17: ...forgot to get a place again?

C4P3LL08: ...maybe... ~.~"

3DW4RD17: lol fine. wat time ur plane arrive? u need a lift?

C4P3LL08: around 10 am. Ur the best ^^

3DW4RD17: I try

C4P3LL08: Ik ^^ crap plane here gtg cya in 12 hours!

[C4P3LL08 has left the chat]

Edward looked at the ceiling. Capell was coming back. Edward's eyes widened in fear. Capell would be staying with him... now that he... was attracted to the man, it was clear to him it would be painful indeed. He watched movies. Read stuff. He knew how it worked. And as a guy, it would be all the more apparent... Girls had it easier. Wrong as it may sound, they didn't have a big flag sticking out when they were turned on. They could keep it secret, or at least better than men could. He was in trouble.

The next day, he drove to the airport, quite tired. He had failed in his quest to sleep at all the night before. There he was. Copper hair and brown eyes that almost seemed red. There Capell stood in his brown calve-length coat, wearing the olive green muffler Ed had given him, and waving happily at the familiar sight of Ed's car. Edward gulped as Capell loaded into the car.

"Merry Christmas Eve, Eddy!" Capell said, smiling wide. Edward blushed a bit and chuckled.

"And the same to you."

"Edward? I'm starved... Can we go get something to eat?" Capell asked. "Your stomach seems to agree." he added. Edward widened his eyes a bit, realizing that he had completely forgotten to eat. Capell's eyes lit up. "Can we go to that one place?" he asked, hoping Edward could remember the name. Sadly, Edward didn't quite understand to begin with.

"Could you be a little vaguer? That'd be great." he asked with a sort of friendly sarcasm. Capell's face tightened a bit in thought.

"I just can't remember the name. That place we used to go every other Saturday, with the huge portions and stuff. Y'know, the one we always called "the breakfast only Claim Jumper.""

That one rang a bell. "Oh, THAT place! Sure, why not? But wait..." Edward paused and blushed. "We gonna share again?"

Capell frowned in confusion. "Something wrong? If you don't want to..." Edward shook his head.

"No, it's fine. Really." he said. Capell furrowed his brows.

"You okay?" he asked. "Your face is red..." his eyes widened. "Is that why you don't want to share? Are you sick?"

"No! It's... It's nothing, really." Edward said defensively. Capell stared at him for a bit before turning to look out the window, reluctantly deciding to drop the matter for a bit.

By the time they got a table, the raven-haired man was ready to collapse. Finding a parking spot had been hell, and the line for the restaurant itself was worse. He looked at Capell, a bit amazed. The boy had always been optimistic. But...

"How can you not be exhausted after that?"

"After what?"

"We were in the line for almost an hour!"

Capell shrugged, then grinned. "I'm glad to be here with you." he said, causing Edward to blush fiercely.

"...Don't say such stupid things." Edward replied, desperate to hide it. Capell just smiled.

"But I mean it! It's been a long time since we've hung out like this." Edward frowned, still red, and looked down at his drink.

"I guess it has been..." he agreed. But it still isn't the same. I... want you... he thought a bit bitterly. Again, something I yearn for and can't have. First Sigmund, and now...

A woman's voice snapped him out of his thoughts. "Hello, my name is Faina, and I'll be your server. Are you ready to order?" she asked kindly, though her eyes were watching Capell. Edward let out an inaudible growl. Capell looked at the onyx-eyed man.

"The usual?"

"Huh? ...Yeah."

Capell nodded and turned back to the girl. "Mmk, eggs, bacon, and some buttermilk biscuits." he said. Faina giggled, and Edward shivered in slight distaste.

"Alright! It'll be out soon."

Edward scoffed. "The place is packed." Capell frowned worriedly.

"You're being rude...!" he whispered harshly.

"And you're being dense..." he retorted under his breath, both anger and sadness flashing in his eyes. Capell sighed.

"Sorry. We can wait. Thank you." he said, bobbing his head. Faina nodded and smiled warmly before walking off to attend to the other tables. Capell looked at Edward.

"Okay, spit it out. What's up?"

"The sky."

"Don't give me that!" Capell exclaimed in frustration, coming as close to yelling as he could without drawing unneeded attention. Edward looked up and stared at him, slightly startled by the outburst, before looking back down.

"It's nothing."

"My dorm mate's getting a master's degree in psychology, dude. I'm gonna figure it out anyway."

"Then figure it out." Edward replied, slumping down on the table. Capell crossed his arms and groaned.

"Why do you always feel the need to be so stubborn?"

"I like being stubborn." There was an awkward silence before Faina came with the food.

"Here you are!" she said, setting down the plates. Capell's eyes locked on to the biscuits and shined happily. Edward chuckled a bit at the sight.

"Are you a kid?"

"Dude? They're buttermilk biscuits." the copper-haired man replied as if it was common sense. Edward found himself laughing at the pouting boy in front of him. Capell ended up joining in. They stopped and Edward sighed happily.

"Good to have you back."

Capell grinned. "Good to be back. Now, you gonna help me with that or not?" he said, gesturing to the plates.


On the way back to Edward's apartment, it was quiet. Both were content. Edward remembered something he had meant to bring up. "There's this Christmas party tonight that I was invited to. Michelle's throwing it. Wanna go?" he asked, eying Capell for a moment.

"Sure! What time is it?"

"Around 7."

"Cool! Should we get presents for everyone?"

"Capell, have you forgotten how popular she is? The place will probably be packed. I doubt there's a point, I only have so much money." Capell sighed.

"Guess so. So what should we do until then?"

"I got your favorite movies..."

Burnt orange eyes shot open. "You don't mean..."



Edward spent the next four hours trying not to crack up. Capell was incredibly into the movie, and seemed to know every line, and precisely when they were said. "For Narnia, and for Aslaaaan!" Capell yelled along with the TV, jumping off the couch and punching the air above his hand. Edward gave up and burst out laughing. "...What's so funny?"


"Huh, really?"

"Yeah! You're acting like a little kid, and it's hilarious!" Edward said, laughing heartily. Capell smiled.

"I like it when you're happy." he said. Edward went silent. "...Did I say something wrong?" he asked, concerned. "Sorry."

Ed shook his head. "Don't. Anyway, the party is in about an hour. I'm gonna go get ready."

"Okay. I'm just gonna finish this up, then hit the shower." Capell said. Edward walked to his room to get changed, smiling at the occasional outburst from the living room. He took off his black t-shirt and sighed in relief. It was too small and painfully tight... though nobody else minded. He felt both embarrassed and proud at the thought. Lightly tanned skin, broad shoulders and toned muscles. Capell was pretty strong, too, even though he didn't look it. But regardless, he was attractive. Too attractive, Edward thought. He went to the closet and picked out a white shirt and a navy blue zip-up hoodie and put it on. He washed his face and headed out. Nice and simple.

When Capell was out of the shower and dressed, Edward was red as a tomato. There stood the ginger-headed man, wearing a plain, white, button-up dress shirt. On the left sleeve there was a black leather strap, buckled like a belt to serve as a (sexy, Edward thought,) armband. Capell had chosen not to button the first few, so Ed had a clear view of the top of his friend's chest. He gulped. In addition to the shirt, Capell wore a black leather choker around his neck, and some faded black jeans and red sneakers.

Basically, he was major eye candy. And Edward knew it.

"Ready to go?" Capell asked, smiling.

"Huh? ...Oh, yeah! Let's go."


"Edward! I'm glad you could make it! Oh, Capell! When did you get back? It's so good to see you again!" Michelle exclaimed, promptly glomping the two.

"Good to be back. Uhm, it's getting hard to breathe..."

Michelle let go. "Sorry. You haven't changed a bit. I'm glad." she said smiling. She leaned in to whisper in Capell's ear, and his eyes widened.

"Huh? Oh... uh..." Capell stuttered. Edward looked at the two in confusion. "Good luck~" Michelle said in a sing-song voice before walking off.

"So what was that about?"

"Er, nothing worth mentioning. Meanwhile… we have a slight problem."

"Problem?" Edward asked.

"Look up."

Ed did as told and went red.




Ed and Capell looked down to see Rico and Rucha smiling at them. "Hey! This isn't a movie or anything. Can't you watch someone else? Wait, what are you even doing here? There's alcohol and stuff..."

The twins pouted. "We're being good! Besides, alcohol smells bad and dad always said it was bitter, and we hate bitter stuff. We don't wanna have any. Balbagan said we shouldn't, too, even though he drinks it all the time." they said.

Edward groaned. "Can you just go somewhere else for a while?" he asked. Pouting again, they walked off.

"Um..." Edward turned back to Capell. He remembered their situation and went red. "So..." he mumbled. You could actually feel the awkward. Suddenly, without Edward knowing how, Capell was tumbling forward, and found the redhead's lips on his. Unable to react, Edward stared at his friend, watching as both of their faces flushed with color.

"There we go!" he heard someone say before noticing Eugene behind Capell. But what really amazed him was the musician himself. He had not pulled away. Edward felt... happy. His brain finally registered the full situation and he pulled back, running off and leaving a baffled Eugene and Capell.

After nearly an hour, Capell found Ed, on the roof of all places. I guess he really wanted to be alone... I guess I screwed up... Capell climbed up and sat down beside his friend. "Sorry about earlier."

"Don't be." Capell stared for a moment before closing his eyes and smiling in relief. "The moon is beautiful, isn't it?" Capell turned back to Ed. Come to think of it, it was clear out... Capell looked up.

"It... wasn't bad, you know..."

Ed's eyes shot open. "...W-What?"

Capell looked at him seriously. "...You like me, don't you?" Edward looked away.

"...I might."

Capell looked up at the moon. "I can work with that." he thought aloud. A few minutes passed and Capell noticed he was shivering. Next thing he knew, he was hugging Edward.

"Uhm... C-Capell... What are you doing?"

"Well, I'm cold. Cliché as it is, this is a good way to keep warm." he reasoned, tightening his grip on the onyx-haired man. "Do you mind?"

"Honestly? Not really..."

"Good. Hey Ed, what's that over there?" he asked. Edward turned his head to find, once again, Capell's lips on his. He eventually melted into the kiss, both of them holding the other as tightly as they could. After what felt like hours, though was about five minutes, they broke apart, panting. Edward could only think of one word to say.


Capell took his hand and grinned. "I know what I want for Christmas." He said. Edward looked at him questioningly, and the grin grew. "You." he said, pulling Edward into another kiss. Capell smiled happily.

"Merry Christmas to all," he said, smile turning into a seductive smirk, "now let's have ourselves a good night."

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