This song is Pretty Girl by Sugarcult… I was listening to it and just thought of this happening. Oh and Kurt never met Blaine… Anyways Ha-ha anyways read and review please! :D

I watched Kurt saunter to his locker. He looked normal for Kurt. Perfectly put together glowing everso slightly with joy. He was beautiful and I loved him. I Noah Puckerman was in love with Kurt Hummel. I bit my upper lip as Karofsky walked up behind him. I stood ready to interrupt if it got bad.

But instead of violently slamming him into the locker he tapped the fragile shoulder and the other jumped and about ran off if Karofsky hadn't grabbed him.

They exchanged a few words the larger of the two looking around and met my eyes. I glared my stare hardening with fury. How dare he make eye contact with me after what he had done? Damn him. I about walked over but Santana put a hand on my shoulder stopping me. The look on her face was a mixture of warning and concern. She gave me a sad smile and walked off locking pinkies with her best friend and girlfriend Brittany.

I shifted my pack and watched the exchange. Mercedes walked past and stood by me.

"What's going on?"

"He was apologizing for what he did and I think he's asking him out." She answered not looking to happy about it.

"Karofsky the one guy who hasn't backed off bullying him is asking Kurt the fuck out?" he hissed.

"You sound jealous Puck," She said.

"I'm not gonna deny it, I am. And I'm mad at Karofsky. He's sexually harassed and beaten Kurt. Even if he kissed him he's like traumatized him." Mercedes nodded in agreement.

"Boy can do what he wants he's a big kid now and interfering should be last resort so put on that smile because we can't say anything, especially you." She said and patted my back. "I'm sorry Puck. And to be frank; I like you better. You at least stopped bullying and have been nicer." She gave me a last smile and left.

I watched Kurt smile shyly. I narrowed my eyes. I felt like a peeping tom but now I don't care damnit! Karofsky smiled and walked off meeting my eyes. He glared. "Stay off him Puckerman he's mine now." He seethed.

"Wasn't planning on taking him away from you Karofsky." I hissed back.

He jostled my shoulder harshly and left. I was alone in the hallway watching Kurt walk off. His glow seemed to fade even though moments ago he was joking and smiling. I miss his glow.

The bell rang. "Oh shit." I yelled. I was late to Spanish and Schue would kill me if I wasn't there.

"Finn, Finn! FINN!" I yelled and yanked his earphones off his big stupid head. "Finn damnit listen to me!"

"I am! Was! I heard you!"

I glared at him un-amused. "Finn this is a serious matter and I need to talk to you-,"

"Oh my gosh you didn't get Rachael pregnant! Because she never got that far with me and you're an ass so how-."

"Shut up! I didn't get her pregnant she's a prude and to be honest I'm in love with your brother… well step-bro but yeah. Finn Kurt's going out with Karofsky."

"What! Behind my back?" he yelled, thankfully no one was around. Puck slapped his forehead burying his face in his hands.

"No! They have been in front of your face! I was with you when he said he was going on a date with Karofsky!" He whacked Finns arm. The larger teen looked at him with a blank stare. "Anyways! I need your help trying to convince him that it's a bad idea."


"The only way we can reach him. Through song."