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Just a short drabble like thing… PruCan obviously, and involves a blushing embarrassed Canada in a schoolgirl costume…


"I knew this would happen." the Canadian muttered bitterly, staring at the oblivious people in front of him. As usual, no one noticed him, well, no one except for Prussia, his Boyfriend, who was practically devouring him with his gaze.

You see, Matthew had lost a bet to Gilbert. The bet stated that if the Canadian lost, he would have to come to the next world meeting in a schoolgirl costume. All in all, it was a game of strip poker, and Gilbert won, like always.

Now Matthew sat in the meeting room, in a blue and purple schoolgirl costume, glaring at the Prussian man across the table as he worried if, by chance, the other nations would notice him the one time he wished they didn't.

"Who?" Aw hell. Matt looked at the polar bear in horror, and he felt his invisibility wear off, and every single eye turned to him, wide with shock. Matthew turned a dark shade of red, and Prussia grinned wider.

"Is, ... is that America aru!" shouted China, his cheeks turning red, matching the rest of the room.

"No! That's Canada!" shouted France. "America is over... there." Every eye turned to the American who stared at Matthew in shock.

"Mattie! I didn't think you had it in you!" Said his brother. Matthew hid his face in his hands. He looked up cautiously, only to meet Russia's creepy smile.

"One with Russia, da?" Fear shot up Matt's spine, and he ran out the door in a hurry, running towards the door. Just as he almost made it, he ran into Japan. Kiku was just coming in, being a little late, and he turned beet red when he saw the Canadian's clothes.

"I'm so sorry to intrude America-san!" he said.

"I'm CANADA!" Matthew yelled, and ran out the door as fast as his legs would take him. Japan muttered a "sorry..." but Matt was long gone.

Prussia ran after the other, smiling in satisfaction, and giggling as he watched his Boyfriend high tail it out of there, and went strait for his house.

Prussia ran inside after him, and walked into the open bathroom, looking at Matthew through the mirror, and shocking the boy out of his skin.

"Gil, what the HELL where you thinking?" he yelled, and Gilbert just laughed, holding his stomach as he held in his chuckles.

"I was thinking I was going to get my boyfriend's self confidence up, and make his look good at the same time" Canada blushed, and hid his face in his hands a second time.

"Don't worry." continued the Prussian. "I won't ever do it again, I don't think I can stand all those other countries looking at what's mine."